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The Perfect Everyday Summer Outfit | Vintage White Tee + Cut-Offs


TEE: Free People [wearing size small] | SHORTS: Articles of Society [highly recommend- go up a size!] | SANDALS: Jeffrey Campbell | SUNGLASSES: Chloe  [dupes HERE] | HANDBAG: Chanel [XXL Classic Flap Airlines Bag in gold – a new color] | BELT: Gucci [read my blog post all about sizing review HERE] | EARRINGS: Forever 21 | NECKLACE: Jennifer Zeuner | WATCH: Michele | BRACELET: Nadri, The Styled Collection 

Gooooood morning! And happy Friday! I am sitting outside of my friends home on her back patio [in Arizona] drinking coffee and catching up on some work this morning. The weather here is SO nice in the morning. I will add a snap of my view on my IGstory so you all can see actually. My girlfriend is an interior designer and she is very good & she did her backyard design and decor and it is simply incredible! I could sit out here all day. They leave their doors open a lot here in Arizona I have noticed- which is TOTALLY foreign to me! In Oklahoma, that is not a thing! There are so many bugs and critters that would move in, lol! And it is so hot and sticky in the south – it just not the kind of weather where you’d keep doors open!

Any who, I’ve been a little absent on here this week it seems. I flew out Tuesday because I was going to Habit Salon to get my hair done by the ever-so-popular Chrissy on Wednesday and that was an all day event! I am flying home this AM and I am excited to see my Luke Bear & John! I have had a hard time staying caught up on posting here on my blog because I haven’t had my photographer/husband AND this 2 hour time change is kind of killing me.

I wanted to pop in and share this outfit because it is probably one of the more popular outfits I have posted the past few weeks! I have had so many people ask ab my cream, holy vintage pocket tee and I also get asked about these shorts a TON! The tee is kind of a twist on your regular plain, white tee- but it has the holes which give it character. 🙂 Funny how holy things are in demand and cost so much more right now, huh! 🙂 As for the shorts, I have worn them a TON on here & I can not say enough great things. They are high waisted and so cute and under $50! I recommend them over ALL other jean shorts including One Teaspoon/designer brands/Levi’s.

I’ve also had a lot of inquiries about my new Chanel bag. Its the classic flap in the XXL. They can be very hard to get ahold of as they don’t produce many and they sell out quickly. I have wanted this bag for nearly a year.  It is an airline bag – so it is ideal for travel. It holds everything my Neverfull holds AND it connects on to my carry-on/suitcase so that there’s no falling off! I will do a review of it if you all would like. I carry it regularly though – not just for travel. For me personally, I prefer huge bags and now that I am always carrying diapers/snacks for Luke I really love the size.

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14 thoughts on “The Perfect Everyday Summer Outfit | Vintage White Tee + Cut-Offs

  1. Hey emily! i love this post… i love big bags too. with 2 kids its easier to put it all in one esp with diapers and snacks instead of carrying a diaper bag and then your own handbag too much HASSLE i think. lol

    and i love that bag…any time i have a bigger handbag i get made fun of b/c i’m short, and so ppl say the bag is bigger than me ahahha lol but i love them still!

    btw the link for the chanel bag underneath your last pic doesn’t take you directly to the site, but the one linked way at the end be4 ur comments works. just an fyi so you know 🙂

    great post!!!!

  2. This is one of my faaaaav outfits! Love a casual outfits that make the bag say everything!! Pleaaaaaaaaaase do a Bag review on this!!!!!!! And what In ur bag etc. thaaanks xxxxx

  3. Hey Emily,

    I just wanted to leave you a comment letting you know how much I love your blog. I’ve followed you for years and i think you’re one of the most genuine and Honest bloggers. Since you bEcame a mom you never slack in posting or make “mom” exceptions. You Keep it so real and honest and that is what Has kept me following you for so long. From what i can tell you are an amazing mother, wife, and daughter! You’re a huge inspiration to me and whenever someone asks me where i get my Fashion inspiration from i show them your instagram and warn them that They’ll buy everything you post (ESPECIALLY makEup)!


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