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Fall Closet Staples That Are On Sale..


#1 RIBBED PULLOVER SWEATER [on sale for $38]


#3 YELLOW PEPLUM TEE [on sale for $32]

#4 PAVE ROUND STUD EARRINGS [on sale for $64]

#5 LEOPARD POINTY TOED MULES [on sale for $$92]

#6 NUDE BOOTIES [on sale for $89]

#7 KATE SPADE LETTER NECKLACE [on sale for $31]

#8 MICHELE WATCH IN GOLD [on sale for $1300 – its not under $100 but I had to share!]

#9 RUFFLE NECK SWEATER [on sale for $49]

#10 RAW HEM SKINNY JEANS [on sale for $42]

#11 VELVET BAKER BOY CAP [on sale for $25]

#12 TEDDY BEAR JACKET [on sale for $125]

#13 NARS LIP KIT [on sale for $49]

#14 PLAID SHIRT [on sale for $31]

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5 thoughts on “Fall Closet Staples That Are On Sale..

  1. I’m all about sales! My hubby always makes fun of me when I shop sales…says “it would be free if you didnt buy it”. Men…they just DON’T get it! Am I right?! ?

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