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#NSALE Try-On Haul / Full Review || See What I Bought


YAY! I know many of you have been waiting for the sale to go public so I wanted to finish my up “HAUL” or “try-on”. Many of the things I purchased last week didn’t make it to my blog -but most of it is up now! I did add on a few from last weeks post so you can have everything here in one place!

A few posts to check out that are important parts of the sale:

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I announced the winners of the 4 gift cards on yesterdays post! I am going to be doing some really fun giveaways today though- one is with Noodle & Boo and I am also giving away my Tory Burch Bag/Wallet seen in these photos – stay tuned! 🙂

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018, BLANKNYC jeans, #NSALE2018, steve madden booties, BP sweater, emily ann gemma


BP Mock Turtleneck Sweater [$31.90  / regularly $49 – 2 colors- wearing a size small!]

BlankNYC Ripped ‘Rivington’ Jean [$64 regularly $98 – I went up one size]

Steve Madden Ankle Bootie [$86 regularly $136 – Come in 2 colors – I went w/my regular size!]

Michele Watch ‘Caber’ [$1750 regularly $2700 – comes in all gold, all silver, and mixed metals]

Air Heart Cat Eye Toroise Sunglasses[$58 regularly $89]

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018, #NSALE2018, Kut From the Kloth Jeans review, emily ann gemma


Long Sleeve Twist Front Tee [$25, regularly $39 – Wearing size small – Comes in 5 colors!]

Kut From The Kloth Denim w/Released Hem TTS – I am wearing the size 4 which is normal for me but I do think that the 2 would have been great as well as these have some give! [$59.90  / Regularly $89.50]

Franco Sarto ‘Analise’ Sandal [$89 regularly $139 – come in 3 other colors]

ABH Lip Duo [$24, regularly $36]

Michele Watch ‘Caber’ [$1750 regularly $2700 – comes in all gold, all silver, and mixed metals]

Air Heart Cat Eye Toroise Sunglasses[$58 regularly $89]

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018, #NSALE2018, Kut From the Kloth Jeans review, emily ann gemma

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018, #NSALE2018, Kut From the Kloth Jeans review, emily ann gemma

Kut From The Kloth Denim w/Released Hem TTS – I am wearing the size 4 which is normal for me but I do think that the 2 would have been great as well as these have some give! [$59.90  / Regularly $89.50]

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018, #NSALE2018, emily ann gemma, fashion bloggers covering Nordstrom sale


Tie Waist Tee Shirt Dress [$42, wearing a medium – it is a little big – I will exchange for a smaller size- why I didn’t steam it!]

Vince Mules [TTS, also come in black!]

ABH Lip Duo [$24, regularly $36]

Michele Watch ‘Caber’ [$1750 regularly $2700 – comes in all gold, all silver, and mixed metals]

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018, #NSALE2018, emily ann gemma, fashion bloggers covering Nordstrom sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018, #NSALE2018, emily ann gemma, fashion bloggers covering Nordstrom sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018, #NSALE2018, emily ann gemma, fashion bloggers covering Nordstrom sale


Trouve Turtleneck Sweater [ $52, regularly $79 – Comes in 3 colors – I am wearing size small! I love love love this sweater – so perfect for holidays!]

Kut From The Kloth Dark Wash Ankle Length Denim [$59.90  / Regularly $89.50] These run TTS. I am wearing the size 4 which is normal for me but I do think that the 2 would have been great as well as these have some give!

Steve Madden Ankle Bootie [$86 regularly $136 – Come in 2 colors – I went w/my regular size!]

ABH Lip Duo [$24, regularly $36]

Tory Burch Marsden Wallet Crossbody [$151 regularly $228- comes in 4 colors!]

Michele Watch ‘Caber’ [$1750 regularly $2700 – comes in all gold, all silver, and mixed metals]

Air Heart Cat Eye Toroise Sunglasses[$58 regularly $89]

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018, #NSALE2018, emily ann gemma, fashion bloggers covering Nordstrom sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018, #NSALE2018, emily ann gemma, fashion bloggers covering Nordstrom sale


Topshop Sweater [Sold out]

Kut From The Kloth Dark Wash Ankle Length Denim [$59.90  / Regularly $89.50] These run TTS. I am wearing the size 4 which is normal for me but I do think that the 2 would have been great as well as these have some give!

Steve Madden Ankle Bootie [$86 regularly $136 – Come in 2 colors – I went w/my regular size!]

Michele Watch ‘Caber’ [$1750 regularly $2700 – comes in all gold, all silver, and mixed metals]

ABH Lip Duo [$24, regularly $36]

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018, #NSALE2018, emily ann gemma, fashion bloggers covering Nordstrom sale


Wildfox Neon Sweatshirt [I am wearing the size large – I like these over sized tho! Go w/ your regular size if you like a regular sweatshirt fit!]  $64.90 / regularly $98

Zella High Waisted Leggings | I wear XS and Small when pregnant! I wear these all year round and have several pair of them. They are by far the MUST from the sale! [$35 regularly $54]

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018, #NSALE2018, emily ann gemma, fashion bloggers covering Nordstrom sale


BP Hooded Cardigan [$45.9o, regularly $69 – 2 colors available – I am wearing the size small – the sleeves are very fitted and snug but the over all fit is amazing – super soft, long, and cozy!]

Kut From The Kloth Denim w/Released Hem TTS – I am wearing the size 4 which is normal for me but I do think that the 2 would have been great as well as these have some give! [$59.90  / Regularly $89.50]

Lace Trim Cami  [22.90 – regularly $35 – comes in 4 colors – wearing a medium]

Vince Mules [TTS, also come in black!]

Michele Watch ‘Caber’ [$1750 regularly $2700 – comes in all gold, all silver, and mixed metals]

MAC Lipstick Duo

Air Heart Cat Eye Toroise Sunglasses[$58 regularly $89]

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018, #NSALE2018, emily ann gemma, fashion bloggers covering Nordstrom sale


Chelsea28 Oversize Open Cardigan [$60 regularly $89- wearing XS/S – comes in 5 colors]

Lace Trim Cami  [22.90 – regularly $35 – comes in 4 colors – wearing a medium]

AG Skinny Jeans  [149.90 regularly $225]

Franco Sarto ‘Analise’ Sandal [$89 regularly $139 – come in 3 other colors]

Michele Watch ‘Caber’ [$1750 regularly $2700 – comes in all gold, all silver, and mixed metals]

MAC Lipstick Duo

Air Heart Cat Eye Toroise Sunglasses [$58 regularly $89]

Multistrand  Necklace [$25 regularly $39 – comes in silver also!]

Tory Burch Marsden Wallet Crossbody [$151 regularly $228- comes in 4 colors!]

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Topshop Long Cardigan [$49.90 regularly $75 – comes in 4 colors – wearing US4]

Lace Trim Cami  [22.90 – regularly $35 – comes in 4 colors – wearing a medium]

AG Skinny Jeans  [149.90 regularly $225]

Steve Madden ‘Trace” Studded Mule [$49 regularly $80 – come in 5 colors – TTS!]

Michele Watch ‘Caber’ [$1750 regularly $2700 – comes in all gold, all silver, and mixed metals]

MAC Lipstick Duo

Air Heart Cat Eye Toroise Sunglasses [$58 regularly $89]

Multistrand  Necklace [$25 regularly $39 – comes in silver also!]


Vince Mules [TTS, also come in black!]

Michele Watch ‘Caber’ [$1750 regularly $2700 – comes in all gold, all silver, and mixed metals]

BlankNYC Ripped ‘Rivington’ Jean [$64 regularly $98 – I went up one size]

Striped Raw Edge Long Sleeve Top  [$18 regularly $29- wearing size small]

White BP Tee [$11.90 regularly $17 – comes in 10 colors – wearing medium for comfy fit!]

MAC Lipstick Duo

Air Heart Cat Eye Toroise Sunglasses [$58 regularly $89]

Multistrand  Necklace [$25 regularly $39 – comes in silver also!]

Tory Burch Marsden Wallet Crossbody [$151 regularly $228- comes in 4 colors!]

Nordstrom anniversary sale 2018, best womens clothing nordstrom anniversary sale 2018, tory burch nordstrom anniversary sale, franco sarto nordstrom anniversary sale 2018, vince Mules nordstrom anniversary sales, AG jeans nordstrom anniversary sale 2018, emily ann gemma, the sweetest thing


Lace Trim Cami  [22.90 – regularly $35 – comes in 4 colors – wearing a medium]

AG Skinny Jeans  [149.90 regularly $225]

Franco Sarto ‘Analise’ Sandal [$89 regularly $139 – come in 3 other colors]

Leith Cocoon Sweater [$45 – regularly $69 – wearing a medium – comes in 5 colors]

MAC Lipstick Duo

Air Heart Cat Eye Toroise Sunglasses [$58 regularly $89]

Multistrand  Necklace [$25 regularly $39 – comes in silver also!]

Nordstrom anniversary sale 2018, best womens clothing nordstrom anniversary sale 2018, tory burch nordstrom anniversary sale, franco sarto nordstrom anniversary sale 2018, vince Mules nordstrom anniversary sales, BlankNYC nordstrom anniversary sale 2018, emily ann gemma, the sweetest thing


V-Neck Pullover [$25.90 regularly $39- comes in 6 fun colors – wearing a size small]

BlankNYC Ripped ‘Rivington’ Jean [$64 regularly $98 – I went up one size]

Vince Mules [TTS, also come in black!]

Michele Watch ‘Caber’ [$1750 regularly $2700 – comes in all gold, all silver, and mixed metals]

MAC Lipstick Duo

Air Heart Cat Eye Toroise Sunglasses [$58 regularly $89]

Multistrand  Necklace [$25 regularly $39 – comes in silver also!]

Nordstrom anniversary sale 2018, best womens clothing nordstrom anniversary sale 2018, fall fashion pinterest nordstrom anniversary sale 2018 tory burch nordstrom anniversary sale, franco sarto nordstrom anniversary sale 2018, vince Mules nordstrom anniversary sales, BlankNYC nordstrom anniversary sale 2018, emily ann gemma, the sweetest thing


BlankNYC Ripped ‘Rivington’ Jean [$64 regularly $98 – I went up one size]

Camo Top [$24.90 regularly $38 – wearing a medium, runs small – comes in other solid colors]

Vince Mules [TTS, also come in black!]

Michele Watch ‘Caber’ [$1750 regularly $2700 – comes in all gold, all silver, and mixed metals]

MAC Lipstick Duo

Air Heart Cat Eye Toroise Sunglasses[$58 regularly $89]

Nadri Cypher Necklace [$51.90 regularly $78]

WAYF Lace-Up Ruffle Cami [3 colors available, I have the black & emerald. Runs small – I am wearing the size small and it is a bit snug! I would recommend sizing up!] $38.90  / regularly $59

WAYF Wide Leg Pant [TTS – I am wearing size small!] $45.90  / regularly $69

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932 thoughts on “#NSALE Try-On Haul / Full Review || See What I Bought

  1. Love this post!! You have helped me naviagte through the sale! I just bought the Barefoot dreams caRdigan this morning when it went pUblic! Cant wait to get it in and get cozied up!

    Thanks for putting together all the best/your favs.!❤️❤️

    Caitlin @caitash

  2. I absolutely love every outfir you put together! I have orDered a bunch of your recommendations but my fav are the leopard mules, zella leggings and the wubby fleece pullover. I also ordered a bunch of cardigans so that i can mix and match them. Thanks for putting together your posts. They are so helpful!!

  3. Hello!!!! You have soooo mAny cute pieces! A lot of things are sold out, but, i just grabbed a Bp cardi, nike Joggers, and sts black denim! Super eXCiteD! Have a grea weekend!

  4. thank you for your Nsale overhaul!! i have just ordered the raw hem tshirt (obvi) and the gorg baby blue cardigan!!

  5. Love your blog and def loving your Entire Nsale haul! I actually placed two orders! (Lol so bad). Stocked up on sweaters, a few that you have above (esp in green), basic tees and long sleeves, booties and slides, The jcrew wool coat, the black denim mini skirt and a long cardi. Def thinking i may have to go baCk and order a few things you have that i mustve somehow missed! Love the tory wallet- a great pick for a giveaway. Happy NSale! 🙂

  6. I love all of your outfits and items! I am planning on buying the bobbi brown eyeshadow /blush palette. I’m good on clothes since i had early access and went a little crazy! ?

  7. I want to order it all!!! But will stick to the BAsics (tWist front long sleeVe and camo thermal for sUre) and maybe some jeans 🙂
    Love all your looks. I look to you for ouTfit ideas, especIally being a mom to two little girls. Basics are my Life!!!

  8. Woo hOo! Found a lot of great stuff in stores, but had to order my ralph lauren stuff online, my nordys didnt carry Any of it 🙂

  9. Love everything In the sale, sad alot of it is sold out ): i am DefiniteLy buying the steve madden booties and the long sleeve hooded cardigan in this post! Thanks for sharing your buys ? i love getring outfit ideas from you!

  10. Im in love with Everything you pUrchased! I just placed an order for the free people found my friend sweater and a pair of crawler earrings

  11. I ordeded the bp cardigan, zella leggings and strip tshirt. They are out of the brOwn striped one i want ?

  12. Was hoping for the camo thermal (in any color) but sold out! But trying the good american jeans ive heard good things.

  13. I am trying to oRder some basic cardigans but My sIze is sold out so i keep hoping for restock. Ordering basic tees and some athleisure wear! So much good stuff!!! Cant stop ordering! Lol

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  15. Ill be ordering the camo top and reordering the tan striped bp tee (mine is too big) if they wver get restocked!

  16. I am getting the thread aNd supply pullover fleece but also lOoking at Stuff for baby boys because i am due in novEmber with my First!!

  17. I Just purchased a few teeshirts , The V neck pullover sweater, vince beige shoes. Wishing i could purchase that cameo top, the WhIte cartigan and the tory burch bag in tan! But unfortunately theyre all sold oUt! ?

  18. Ive already done my shopping but i think i might sneak back on there today and order sOme more boots! Such good deals!

  19. Love all Of your picKs! Unfortunately i am a lil bIgger than You but youre still my inspo! I ordered all my stuff last wk but the one thing i hesitated on which is now sold out was the leopard barefoot dreams BlankET!

  20. I ordered the TROUve asymmetrical top in black and white, amongst a few other things, but this I’m most excited for.

  21. I Lready ordered 5 pairs of jeans, 2 FlAnnels, and that fUzzy sweater pulLover. I keep looking at the sale wondering if i should buy more.

  22. You are my absolute fav! Thank you for mAking shopping for the NSALE so much easier!!!!!!! Going to grab some of the basics you mentioned! Xoxo

  23. These posts Have definitely inspired my nSale Order!! I ordered kut from the kloth jeans, severalllll cardis, Booties, that camo thermal, and zella leggings that i Get every nsale! Thank You for this!

  24. Gosh this is so frustrating so many things i want are sold out! I really wanted the tie waist tshirt dress in both colors, the camo thermal top, and several other cardigans and sweaters that are no longer available. Theyve been sold out since the first day of the sale ?

  25. love your picks! i’m buying the lace trim cami in a couple of colors and the abh lip duo!

  26. Emily – LOVEEE all your picks!! We have similr style and i love how you paired everything as well. love following you. So much inspiration :-*

  27. Love all the Outfit coMBos! I’m GEtting the topshop white cardigan sweater! It would be sooo cute with thE tory bruch bag/walleT.?

  28. Thank yoU for covering the sale! Next year I have to get a Nordstrom Card so all of my favorites aren’t sold out! I Plan to get the SocialIte TiE dress, allll the sWEaters, lots of basic bp tshirts, and the lace cami if it comes back in stock. Love following you ??

  29. Im definitley buying the tees from BP, whatever color is available. The peep toe shoes are A most! Miami weather doesnt call for alot of sweaters, but there are some that can be wOrn in the heat lol!

  30. I’m ordering some everY day tees, cardigans and jeans! I love this sale, best time of the year!

  31. I am getting the wit and wisdom jeans, cardigan, some bp raw edge tees, booties etc! Would love to win this tory burch!!

  32. Thank you so much for The inspiration ans taking the time to do such A tHorough job!!! I ordered the leith carDigan in grey and the barefoot dreams cardiGan. I cant wait to enjoy both!

  33. Love these looks! I oRdered the Wit and wisdom absolution jeans and a striped dress. I may still
    Order my PerfuMe.

  34. There are so many cute things! I’ll be picking up some sweaters and a cardigan or two for sure. ♥️

  35. love your picks! i’m buying the lace trim cami and the abh lip duo! thanks for the inspiration!

  36. I loved the Franco Sarto shoes on you and made it my forst purchase soon as the sale went public! Your picks are always on point!

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  38. I ordered a ton cant wait to Get some of the same in, the AG jeans, leith cardi, the basic tees in short & long sleeve… so so much! Wish i wouldve got my hands on thAt lace cami but it was gone. Thanks for you inspo girl?

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  40. Buying all the long cardigans from the sale and the easy tees!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  41. Love all your looks and already purchased so many pieces during Early access. Hoping tHey REstock the cami – The website issues happened During my checkout and it was all gone by the time i checked Out. And im loving that twist front long sleeve too

  42. Love all your picks!! Want the whIte
    Top and jeans. I have my fingers crossed they will come back in stock in my size

  43. Love this post, such a great guide to shopping the sAle. I will definitely be ordering a few of the items. Love the basic long sleeved swist top.

  44. UGh you always make me want to buy everything!! ?i will be ordering the cheetah slides, Topshock long sweater and that tshirt dress is a musT!!

  45. I am in love with the camis and the cardigans. I would def love to enter the giveaway. Thank you for your generosity! Xo

  46. Just saw your giveaway post on insta! i Waiting for a restock on the tan colored blanknyc Moto jacket and of The Multistrand necklace that you posted aboUt!

  47. Love all your outfits! Wish i could have Ordered thAt grey dress! But will be Ordering A couple cardigans for fall!

  48. I want the Bp cami and green sweater sooo bad, but theyre both out of stock. Fingers crossed they resTock!!

  49. I Purchased almost everytHing On your first review excEpt jeans, sunnies, the treasure bond neCklace And long sleeve bP tee that i wanted so badly! Love your style and hardly ever purchase anything before checking your blog To get some inspo 🙂

  50. I love stocking Up on basics like the white tee but im also adding that BP pullover sweater, so cute!

  51. Sooo glad youre doing tHis giveAway bc i planned on oderibg this tory! I will be stocking up on pj’s makeup and hopefully thOse light pInk cole haan sNeakers!

  52. I Plan to get the steve madden slides in snAke skin or the socialite camo thermal if Either come Back in stock.

  53. The wrap front dress and v neck sweater, along with some home decor stuff today! Should have irdered theSes items last week during early access! Love your posts aNd coverage of the sale!

  54. I was able to purchase before today a few goodies from the sale. I purchased some cute BP sunnies, new natori bras, a BP hoodie, nike running shoes, definitely grabbed some zella leggings, and several basic Tees. As for gifts, I purchased candle gift sets, cute socks and some some under armour CLOTHING, oh and I got my bff a jewelry box as well. I did good with this years sale!!

  55. Im order the twist tie t shirt dress anD hoping to shrink it, its so cute! I love rhe long gold necklace that you have on in many of your pictures…. Where did that come from? Im also ordering the Mules/booties from the first picture and havent decided which jeans. Off to shop! 🙂

  56. This post was so helpful! Im planning on buying some basic tees, leggings, a moto jacket, and some cardigan pullovers.

  57. I got The Zella Leggings in BLaCk! Since you recommended the leggings, i figured i wOuld try One Of their Sports bras! This is my first nSale, so just a small order this moRninG!

  58. Sooo many good things and so many sold out already! I’m a cardholder so I’ve managed to snag some but waiting and hoping the tall sam edelman boots come back in my size!!

  59. I have a pair of mules in cameL just like the vince ones you got in the sale and i swear tHey are my most
    Worn shoe!! I need a good heavily distressed pair of jeans from the sale for myself and That blacknyc rivington pair looks perfect. Thank you for The sizing advice!!

  60. Love the TopShop sweater! Looks cozy and perfect for fall and winter. Funny story, my brother and I did a sibling trip to New York two years ago, neither of us had heard of or seen a TopShop store. We walked around allll week calling it Tops-Hop rather than Top-Shop. Too Funny!

    Now im shopping for him and my husband in the N Sale:) They have so many good items! Thanks for all you do to show us great content!

  61. I’m definitely ordering the Trouve Turtleneck Sweater annnnnd the wubby fleece pullover from the other post! i’ve always wanted one of those, and finally i’m having it yay!! xx

  62. Love the reviews for the NSale! So helpful…..already Purchased top knot cardi, jeans, and mules!

  63. I love so many things yoU have shared from the Nordstrom selL. I’m oRdering thr topshop long opeN cardigan…. anD hOpefully Other Items as well if My size is still available.

  64. Ordered the Barefoot Dreams cardigan and the zella leggings! Waiting for that adorable cream leopard barefoot dreams throw to come back in stock!!

  65. Definitely Shopping for this tory burch bag! Love how it can be crossbody or a clutcH and The tan color goes with eveRything! Love Shopping your Nordstrom picks!

  66. This is my first time shopping the dale and i loved. It. Buying some kristin cavaLlari split booties

  67. love Everything that you have shown us. The VInce mules are a must have!! Also i need to order the spanx faux leather leggings. Thanks for making it so easy for us to shop.

  68. I love Your instagram and blog from your house, to clothes, to little babe. Love. Love. Love. I just bought three basic short sleeve tees, two long, two cartIgans and a pair of boots! (Overboard for me but you male everything looK so Good) Still hoping the reStock the lace tRim ShIrt.

  69. I absolutely love the blanknyc ripped rivington jeans and the AG skinny jeans- theSe are a must!! I also love the leith cocoon sweater!! So many items so little time lol. Thanks for the post ?

  70. Baref Dreams items, cardigans, nikes for the family, Zella items and spanX moto leggiNgs

  71. Youre the cutest always!!! Thank you for taking the Time and showing Us all the great finds and deals!!!

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  74. I am so sad the green v neck sweater isnt back in stock, i had it in my cart day 1 of the sale and it wouldn’t let me check out, by the time i could it sold out ?. I did snag the zella leggings and they came yesterday and i love them. Got them on tour recomendation so thank You!

  75. I already did a Lot of shopping and purchased two barefoot dream blankets, a pair of jeans, a plaid shirt, a scarf, a nike tank, a jcrew shirt, and two natori items. But, i still have my eye on the simple human mirror, and I am hoping that the lancer scrub pops back in stock soon. I have been stalking the website.

  76. Loved your post! So many cute outfit ideas. I bought almost All of the pieces you posted so now i just cant wait For it to be cool enough to wear!!

  77. I love ordering my booties for the fall during the Nsale! I love how the mules look on you but i feel like i cant pull those off!

  78. I RAN when i saw the free people cardi- i have it in pink and needed it in ivory!! i live in those suckers!!

    also had to grab the bp. joggers since i’m the biggest home body (always in sweats)

    and of course had to splurge for the ag jeans and a barefoot dreams blanket. ??

  79. I’m currebtly preggo, due in November! Im obsessed with cardigans this fall- great pieces to invest in as my little bump grows. I can continue to wear them all winter long. I am partial to the chelsea28 cardigan above aNd will be ordering that!

  80. What a great Post! Thanks For sharing! I really want to snag some adidas items and the tan tory burch wallet. If the top shop sweater wasn’t sold out, i would snag that! I was sUper bummed to see the cRossbody bag sell oUt. Thank you for doing an awesome givewaY! XOxo

  81. Thanks for putting thIs together to make shopping this sale easier! I love those Vince mules and am hoping for a restoCk!! YOUR style is perfection!

  82. I am getting the halogen open front caRdigan, topshop cardIgan, leith easy rib pullover sweater, and cAslon Two pocket knit blazer! ???

  83. I love that top shop sweater!! I hope it comes back in stock. We can be hopeful! 🙂

    Love your Style, thank you for sharing!!

  84. Thank you for covering this sale! Your try on sessions are always the best and easiest to navigate! Im dying for the Blanknyc jeans but will be orering mules and adidas shoes.

  85. My favorites of the Nsale this year have to be the zella leggings. i live in them. so comfortable and flattering. i stock up every year! I also love the tory burch crossbody in the color nut and am regretting not buying it right away because now it is all sold out 🙁 this contest may be my only hope!!

    thanks for covering the nsale so well! Your posts are always so helpful! love your style! thanks for being my favorite blogger!

  86. Loved this post! Thanks for keeping is up to date on all things fashion! You made it so easy to shop the sale!

  87. I love so many of thEse items! Im planning to order the BP t’s in a few different colors. They will make a great staple itEm!

  88. I love the way youve style all of these!! Ive bought so many staples for fall i cant wait to mox and match and style like you!

  89. LOVE this post! I just added the Kut From The Kloth Jeans as well as the multilayer necklace you linked to my cart! Planning on buying several pairs of Zella leggings as well. Will probably end up buying more stuff later today from all of your awesome picks.


  90. I die for those vince mules!!! Part of me is holding oUt for a restock. OtHerwise, i am considering the blanknYc jeaNs, or that wayf tank!

  91. Love hour blog! I had No idea about this sale uNtil you posted about it! I already Ordered a few shirts from gour first blog post! And plan to order the teal sweater (hopefully they have my Color & size ??) and the knot shirt!

  92. My favorite thing of your post that I would lOve to order is the waYf tank! It is soooo cute! I would love to pair with the SPanx faux leather leggings i ordered already and the leaTher jacket i got from the sale last yeAr!

  93. I piCked up some more barefoot dreams cardigans and a blanket – i am obsessed. Perfect for East coast canadian winters! But now i think i need to go look at that beautiful red sweater.

  94. Was excited to pick up the Steve madden snake skin mules. they are going to look so cute with so many things. I also picked up a lot of other things I didn’t need but who didn’t right?

  95. I NEED Those sunnies! I’m also going to order some zella leggings. I’ve never tried them!

  96. So many cute things i’d Love to buy! #teacherproBs I really wanted the lace camis but they’re sold out! I think I’m going with spanx & Zella leggings and maAybe that camo thermal! xo

  97. DEf ordering the twist front long sleeve t and zella leggings! And thAt toRy burch wallet/cRossbody is to die foR ?❤️

  98. Im ordering the mac lip duo and the insulated ted baker straw cup and a couple Sweaters. Hopefully there will be things left that i still like! ??

  99. Already ordered the twist front and striped long sleeves, such great fall basics! Going to ordee those mules and Chelsea open front cardi so cute on you!

  100. Cant wait to purchase A few fall basics! Hubby has me on budget, but the nsale is the best to stock up! Love your post and How you stYled these items ❤️

  101. ORdering the lipstick duo and silk pillows from your post ! Hoping for a restock on the top shop sweater , tie T shirt dress and riVington jeans!

  102. I love and ordered the tory burch marSden wallet crossbody in tan! Its backordered on site! But im willing to wait a month for it!

  103. Seriously everything you picked is amazing and i want it all but I was actually planning on ordering this Tory Burch cross body bag!!! In love with it and also the Steve Madden over the knee boots!

  104. I will most likely be getting the revington jeans!! There so flattering and are perfect for a cute fall outfit! You inspire me so Much and Are beautiful!! ?☀️

  105. The anniversary Sale is the best tIme to stock up on jeans! I have my eyes in a couple pairs of AG jEans!!

  106. Love this post, all the goodies!!! ordering the Steve madden mules, sweaters and I’m sure all the other stuff I need!!!

  107. OmG i need thaT ToRy bag in my life ?. I’m ordering bp tees and cocoon swEater if they are still in stock. Love all of your outfits bTw very chic! ?

  108. Loveeeee how you style everything! I’ve already ordered jeans and Sweaters, but now i think i need That tshirt dress and a couple cardigans! ?

  109. I love all the stuff you bought! I also gOt the Amazing white bp tee, along with other colors, and the bp mock tUrtLeneck! I cant wait to get the steve madden ankle booties and the vince mules!!!

  110. I ordered a bunch of items you posted about during the early access and i’m so happy i did because a lot is already sold out. My favorite Are those sunglasses! ThEy looked so good on you so i had to snag a pair! Love all your posts ?

  111. Love love love all your picks!! I stayed up until 3AM for regular access to open so i could get all the goodies i wanteD!!! Your posts about the #NSAle were so helPful!

  112. Im ordering the trouve red sweater because ive had my eye on it since the Beginning of the sale and it looks darling on you!!

  113. Everything is So cute! I really wanted the vince mules I can’t belive thEy are sold out! I will def Will be ordering the sunglasses and i am obsessed with the top shop loNg cardigAn.

  114. you got the cutes things! I am a little sad that mostly what I wanted is SOLD-OUT 🙁 love The steve mad bootieS no more in my size the same with Franco sarto sandal. ?

  115. Wanted the barefoot Dreams cardi so badly! Will order the leith look alike and hope it comes back in stock 🙁

  116. I just Ordered the free people january tee, and three bP raw edge V necks! (For myself and easy gifts!)

  117. I love everything but the first thing i am going to buy is the steve madden ankle Booties- so universal!

  118. Love everything! I already ordered a pair of quay sUnglasses and adidas edge sneakers. Have more items in my bag to buy bEfore they sell out!

  119. I cant wait for my PURCHASES!!! Tie front dress and great fall cardigans!!! I love your style ! Thank you for the best blog ever. Yiu make shopping easy! Nsale, Tory Burch, ❤

  120. Def stocked up on BP Cardigans, Natori T Shirt Bras, pJ Sets, bp t shirts and sweaters, jeans and revita Lash !! Def ordered more plus for the hubs as well :)!

  121. Definitrly Ordering the green sweater you talked About here-i’m oBsessed! Wish i could order it all!

  122. I wish more of these were still in STock! ??? I woke up at 2am this morning to shop what sale looks I could! Still crossing my fingers my wishlist items come back in stock! I need a few of those $25 sweaters!!!

  123. I Really wanted the steve mAdden trace studded mule – snake skin but they are alReady sold out in my size.

  124. White BP Tee, AG Skinny Jean, GloPro microneedling set, Troupe Turtleneck Sweater, Found My Friend Sweater, and Ribbed Cocoon Sweater ?

  125. You always have the best picks!! I’m going to be stocking up on my Zella leggings this sale!! I am obsessed with them. I’m also hoping to get some good basics for fall.

  126. I LOVE how you styled some of theses pieces. I was on the fence on a few of the items you posted about but now i need them! I’m ordering the bp. Balloon sleeve sweater, calson twist front long sleeve, socialite tie waist dress, and the troUvé fuNnel neck sweater. ❤️

  127. Thanks for recapping the sale! ❤️❤️ Ill be buying all the basiCs for fall, tees, sweaters, and beauty itemS as well!

  128. LOVE your picks! I was up at the crack of 3AM EST to check and see if some adidas sneaks I’ve been lusting over had been restocked… Alas, they hadn’t, but I still came away with some goodies including these cardigans you recommended!

  129. I Have bought so many sweaters and cardigans already. I keep hoping they will restock on the those Blanknyc riVinton jeans.

  130. Was able to snag the basic tee’s in white and black, a few cardigans (cause you can never have too many) and the leggings. Bummed other itEms are sold out but so excited to style my pieces for fall. Thank you so much!! ❤️

  131. I love the nsale! Im looking for some cute tshirt dresses to accent my New baby bump! Maybe even Find some cute baby clothes or accessories!

    Terri // @teacups_hiCcups

  132. Really hoping to snag the camo top in the restock? shopped so much off your early ac posts and ❤️❤️ All of it

  133. Bought the adidas tee in white and vince camUto bootiEs.
    Things i missed out on: camo thermal, zellA patterned leggings, sweater/pUllover v neck ???
    You were PROBABLY the first blogger i have foLlowed, ever! Love your lIl family ? God bless, Amy

  134. Loved your post!! Do you weaR an under shirt under the Bp lace trim cami? I fond the white one to be pretty see through

  135. Obsessed with everything! I want that whole outfit With the topshot cardi, white laCE cami and those stuDded mules! Sooo cute! Thanks for having the best Style?

  136. Love all of these!! Definitely purchasing a few of your picks, but so sad that the tory burch crossbody is sold out again in the tan color! 🙁 hoping it comes back in stock, along with that camo long sleeve!!

  137. Every year i buy new zella leggings because they Are the best! I also bought a Treasure & Bond neCklaCe. So cute! I just had a baby so sadly i am holding off on buying clothes since im not back to my normal size yet.

  138. So fun! I bought two Pair of jeans, a few BP sweaters and shirts, cause duh. Hah and some Zella Leggings ???? Trying to find the Tory Bag in Tan but they dint offer it this go around. So sad!

  139. I woke up at 12, to shop the nordstrom sale and my favorite purcahse was addidas shoEs!!!! I am i college student so i always need comfy Shoes walking around campus!!!

  140. Hey! I love To Follow you on insta and your blog!! You always share the best things and GIve great styling tips!! You have inspired many of My Outfit ideas!! I am definitely shopping the noRDstrom sale and hoping to buy Some great deals!!

  141. Love these staples… truly great pieces that can be dressed up or down multiple ways! Perfect for us girls on a budget! Fingers crossed some of these items get restocked! Thanks for sharing!

  142. I absolutely love everything you have purhased from the Nsale!!! You have made shopping 1000X easier for me this year. I just purchased the zella leggings and a zella Cropped sweatshirt, and i aCtually have the torY burch crossbody in my cart! Cant seem to pull the trigger but love this bag! Thanks for all your fashion inspo and sharing so much with your followers!

  143. 100% buying the zella higH waisted leggings and dome cardigans. A lot of Other thibgs are sold out but thats my fault for not having a nordstrom card!

  144. New basics- jEans & tshirts & maybe some new sunglasses! I liVe in LOUISIANA & it won’t be “cold” here until deceMber so it is really hard to order fall/ winter clothes Right now.

  145. I got some shoes that i really love as Well as a “but noRdstrom first shirt” from the sale. Also thinking of buying some beauty products from your post ?

  146. I would love to buy the whole outfit with the ripped boyfriend jeans and tan striped shirt but its all sold out :(((

  147. I ordered way too much, but stalked the website until that camo thermal came back in stock. I wish they would restock the lace trim caMi!! ???

  148. Love your content! I ordered the steve madden trace mules in gray suede After seeing them on your story. Can’t wait to get them! Ordering the snake print once they are restocked?

  149. Ok so i got basically all of this lol im ESPECIALLY lovinG my zella leggings, My medallion necklace, allll the CARDIGANS and im still waiting on a bunch of sweaters to arrive in the mail! Thanks So much for throwing these looks together girl!!

  150. Love all of your looks! Most of the clothes i wanted were sold out of my size or completely by the time i was able to shop…but i was still able to snag some gorgeous earrings, shoes, and a wallet

  151. Love these staples… So many different ways to mix & match for everyday wear or for the office! After I saw you post these I picked up those Gray WAYF Wide LEgs pants! I think they are perfect for now & they will transition to fall perfect with some ankle booties! I would have never thought to look for something like this until i saw you post it! Can’t wait to get them!!! THANKS 🙂

  152. Lovee your styLe! Stocking up on those basic TEes, Steve Madden booties and leith cocoon sweater!

  153. love all your picks! I have been eyeing the madewell 10′ high rise jeans, i missed out on them in early access, and they didn’t re-stock them 🙁 hoping they will soon!

  154. I am obsessed with all of the BP cardigans! They have the best styles/colors! I also neeed a pair of the zella leggings!

  155. I ordered booties for myself, mini melissa shoes for my daughter, makeup, a sweater and cardigan so far…??. Thank you for all your woNderful recommEndaTions. I know it’s a lot of work but it’s so helpful!! Xo

  156. YOu have the best style!!! I am obsessed with everything and saving it all for when it comes back in stock!

  157. I ordered bp textured pullover and bp lace taNk – obsessed with both. So sad i couldn’t snag the tank in cream, settled for black. Second Order: zella livE-LeggiNgs and treasure & bond layered necklacE! Love all your Blog posts! ??

  158. I really want the tan bp shirt so waiting on that restock. probably ordering another cardi or two.

  159. I ordered all the denim i could get my hands on, i think 8 pairs! Trying good american for the first time!

  160. Thank you so much for making it so easy to shop the sale! This is my second year following your suggestions, but made Sure i did not wait this year. I’m ordering some BP cardigans, a scarf, vincE camUto mUles, and waiting for A fuzzy Pullover to come back in stock 🙂

  161. I bought way too much!! The blanknyc jeans, the toPshop cardigan, the thread and supply wubby fleece, and some awesome booties! Thanks for sharing your picks!! ?

  162. I just love yOur posts! I ordered the brown striped top, the necklace, black adidas sneakers, adidias leggings, the black leggings you recommended, the pillow cases, a red light wrinkle thErapy wand, mac lipstick, Fitbit Versa, contour PalettE you recommeneded and much more! Thanks again for your inspirations!!

  163. I ordered the moto sPaNx leggings!!! As well as wit and wisdom jeana for work! Was too Excited for these items

  164. I have completely stocked up this year. I went for sTaples Like the twist fRont long sleeve shirts, basic tees, multiple different cardigans you listed, Ripped jeans, and tee shirt Dress. I am so sad the Layered necklace was sold out so early on ?

    Thank you for your posts. They make shopping the sale so much Easier.

  165. I bought The leith caRdigan, pjs, zella leggings, and some bp tops. Im ready for fall, especially with this heat wave in TeXas!

  166. ordering the camo top for sure! jeans if they restock! and cardigans! thanks for some much work you put into linking everything!

  167. I am definitely buying the vince mules! I love you blog i watch all your instagram stories! I would love the wallet because i just bought the tory burch purse that exact cOlor in the nordstrom early access sale! 🙂

  168. Hey emily! I really am looking for a good moto jacket this year! I wanted one last year and diDnt end up getting one so this year thats my #1 item! And of course boots and booties!! Thank You for your post and all your hard work! And than you for this giveaway opportunity!!

  169. Love your picks! I got all those basics like that tan stripe long sleeve tee and those snakeskin steve madden slides!

  170. Ahh so many great things i’ve had a hArd time Deciding what to buy!! Definitely gOing to get some fall sweaters and new jeans! Loving the rivington jeans, wish theu weren’t sold out!!! Thanks for all your recommendations in shopping the sale!!

  171. I will be ordering the camp top, lace cami, sweater pull over, & a few cardigans when they come back in stock! ?

  172. Definitely ordering the tory burch sandals in brown(huge discount) and the le labo perfume, I cant wait to smell it for the first time.

  173. This year for the sale I bought a ton of sweaters and a leather jacket. Every year I save my money up and Go wild during the sale. I always look at your bloG first beFore I start buYing. Love your style and you always pick out things for every price point!! 🙂

  174. Thank you for sharing! I imm went to your posts this am For reference when the sale went public. Bought several fall basics! ❤️?

  175. Ahh this is soooo cute. I definiteky beed to get the bp hooded cardigan and the camo top. Thank you for the inspiratIon!!

  176. I’m ordering the leith cardigan and the KUT from the cloth denim (if the smaller SIZEs are restocked) I’ve already ordered a ton of your picks! Thanks for the guidance:)

  177. Love all this. I still really want to buy that cami that you are wearing. Plus ive had mu eye on some paul green shoes!

  178. I REALLY wanted the Tory Burch crossbody but it was sold out in cognac! All i was able to order Were a few shirts and grey booties! HOpefully they restock some!

  179. Love this post!!! Im DefiNitely orDering the white balloon sleeve sweater, A few basic Tees, those waffle knit sweaters and jeans!!!!?

  180. I dtayed up and ordered The bp basic tees a few sweters, cardis and of course the zella leggings. So sad they arent restocking!

  181. Love love all your picks, you are always the best at stYling!! I will be ordering the topsHop long cardigan!

  182. And i also really like the grey dress you tried on with the knot in the Front i feel like that would be a cute everyday Wear!

    But if i were going to really splurg of course i would the michelle watch!!

  183. I shOpped early Access and ordered a bunch of stuff from your first poSt!! Love the blaNknyc distressed denim, the green sweater, topshop cardigAn and Im still waiting on the nike workout Outfit! Thanks for all the insPo ?

  184. I love your looks! I’m ordering the zella leggings! I’m excited to try them. I normally buy lululemon but these are way more affordable.

  185. I ordered: free people studio city booties, gorjana bracelet, bp exposed seamed sweater, vince camudo booties, ugg sneakers, dreamers nubby sweater, nordstrom Cz earrlings, nike free, cameo jacket, converse,

  186. Love your style! I thought i was done with all my #nsale shopping (beauty items, s’well Bottles, Clothing for the kiddos for back to school), but after seeing these casual tops (especially the bp stRiped one), i think i need to place another order!

  187. I wish i could order everything you purchsed! Lol! but i think i am going to order the red sweater!❤️ I also spotted leopard mules that i love!

  188. Love yall of ur Items!! I know this is alot if time tHat you put into this anD i love it, well we all love it!
    LoVe following you!! ?????? read ur post and hopefully i Can be in the running for the tory bUrch purse 🙂 have a great day!!!!

  189. I bought lots of sweaters you recommended, a jacket, tory burch sandals, pjs, a few shirts and couple shirts for my son and husband?❤️??

  190. I desperately want that camel and black striped shirt but It doesnt look like theyre restocking it? I also really like that twist front long sleeve shIrt and thE grey tie front dress, looks so good on you!

  191. Hi! I think i’m definitely grabbing that bp mock neck sweater in that beautiful green color!

  192. I Have pretty much bought eveything i think im going to Get already, as i was able to shop the early access. I am most Excited about the leather jacket you recommended as i needed a new one for fall. I am hoping they will reStock some of thr zella leggings also as i wasnt able to get any before they sold out.

  193. I had to order the zella leggings & the lace caMi! They will be my go to under cardigans this fall and winTer!

  194. Seriously ordering all the simple tees!!!! And jeans, and sweaters ??‍♀️??‍♀️ What a great Buy.

  195. I love that Tory burch Crossbody!! I love that color for fall. I also want to buy those Cat Eye suNglasses! They’re so cute on you!

  196. I ordered THE tan striped top, the v neck pull over in gray and blue, the camo thermal, KUt from cloth jeans, and leith cardigan

  197. Totally love Reading your blog && follow you on liketkit!!! I grabbed a few of the must haves during the early access (maybe even more than needed?) …. i even stayed up late aGain last night waiting for that basic bp top to come back in my sIze ? i can’t complian … i got some great stuff!
    I enjoyed your #nsale post!!! Always cute pics & of course outfits! ?❤️

  198. I’ve been watching the sale happen all around and It’s pumped me up! I’m for sure getting those spanx leggings for my sister as a christmas gift but I’ll prob get myself a pair too lol. Lots of love!

  199. GReat stuff that you have shared for th sale.
    I bOught some shirts, cardIgan, zella leggings, sweater and A cute tote. Some many more on my wish List, like that adorable bag your givINg away.

  200. Hello Emily! I bought almost every color of the BP tees and so many cardiganS. I alSo found so many cute little boy outfits for my little guY as well. Is it Fall yet 🙂

  201. Loved your first try on haul and love this one too! I ordered pretty much all cardigans – i love having a good mix in my closet! I ordered the topshop cardigan you’re wearing in the gray because it was the only color in my size, but LOVE the other colors and want them too haha. I also ordered the Chelsea 28 Cardigan you have in the olive and black colors. Ordered a navy cardigan from treasure and bond and a new barefoot dreams cardi! The only non cardigan items i ordered were the zella leggings and a button up! I reeeeally want the free people Saturday Morning Cardigan in the wine color but it’s sold out in my size so I’m hoping for a restock! Thanks for all your coverage through this sale – I always love your picks!

  202. I am ordering a few cami’s because you can never have to many and a few of the staples you posted of the T-Shirts and long sleeve. I can’t wait. Love your style!

  203. I am a total fan of your blog! You seem so kind and genuine! I Am Purchasing the franco sarto analise saNdal, cheLsea28 Oversized cardigan, camo Top, and blank byc rivington jeans! ❤️

  204. I wanted the white & black Laci cami but its sold Out and the striped raw wdge long sleeve, White tee from BP & those distress “boyfriend” jeans but they are sold out Lol . of all credit cards, i need tO ask my husband if i can get a Nordstrom one so i can totally beat the public sale neXt year . Lol
    But i Snagged an asher Slide Sandal, a ASTR white lace dress, & those treasre & bond wedges.
    Right now im looking at the MAC lipstick duo , a cardigan, sWeater & hopefully a pair oF Jeans With the cut hem that you posted . THank you for getting me into nordstrom ! ?

  205. So EXCITED for today PUBLIC sale i just order zella legginGs before they sell out and im going to shop more later today ???

  206. I’m getting the top shop long caRdi and the Mac dUo!!?? Loooove this Post… super helpful with try on pics! Xx

  207. I love your style so much! always looks casual yet so classy! i cant wait to stock up on cardigans for fall.

  208. On a teacher’s budget during summer, so wont be ordering much, but i absolutely love those distressed jeans!!! May have to just make the purchase

  209. I got the chelsea sweater in green and the zella leggings!!! Had to guess on thr zellas cuz im currently 8 months pregnaNt! Even thiugh i cant wear the leggings now they look amazing!

  210. i want to buy it all. LOL! really hoping for a restock on the rag & bone crossbody!!! 🙂 Love your picks!

  211. So many cute things this year! Thanks for breaking it all down. my favorite item from the sale is the lespec sunglasses! i’ve already received so many compliments!

  212. I Love everything you purchased!! i’m gonna buy the turtleneck sweater and some of those cardigans!

  213. I love everything you purchased! In post 1 i aM defintely purchasing the pullover fluffy warm sweater that looks like a teddy bear! The vince mules are so cute and look comfy with the block heel, those are in my basket. The tie dress looks greT on you! its in my basket! I love the lace camis, great to put under a sweater as You showed! Im in love with the trouve sweater! Im a sweater gal and you can never have too many sweaters!! Thank you for sharing all your purchases

  214. I literally ordered everYthing! Green sweater, ripped Jeans, booties, camo shirt and so much more love love Your style!

  215. Love these kind of posts!!!! I had early acCess and already ordered A bunch of stuff! New jeans, sweaters, booties, flats,etc….also got the lesPec sunnies After seeing them on you and i love them!!!! Thank you!

  216. love all these looks! I think I am going to restock some basics for fall and maybe snag a few beauty items…you know that I just REALLY need 🙂

  217. Ordering some of your cute outfits from the nordstrom sale! AlSo would love to be Put in the running for the giveaway.

    Love you and everything You post about!

  218. Thanks for shAring so many styled pics from the nsale. The zella leggings are in my cart and hoping the restock some of the sweaters in Med.

  219. Hi! I love your style and that you are so down to earth on your stories! Im planning on buying A few of the BP t-shirts and also the BlankNyC leather jacket. Also maybe a pair of the mules you suggested!

  220. Love all your looks! Thanks for making the sale so easy to shop! Love that tory burch crossbody! ?

  221. I have told you this before, but I am always so excited to see your pictures and stories on instagram! I could only dream of having your closet! I ordered the V neck pullover and deciding if i should order the Dark wash jeans you posted today. Love ya always!?

  222. I want to order the CAmi’s and have alreadY ordered the Zella Leggings 🙂 some stuff i wanted (long sleeve v-neck) is out of stOck or i would have snagged a few!

  223. Cute blog post! I love your blog so much! I am going to get the Ankle booties, Bp tees, and top shop cardigan! I cant wait! 🙂

  224. I want everything in the sale! I am LovIng the VInce mules anD i am def getting some Of those BlanknYc jeans!

  225. I need a new pair of jeans for fall! I am going to order the jeans and definitely some of the cute cardis and long sleeved tees.

  226. Loved everyone of your Outfits! Currently buying the zella leggings, Mac lip duo! Vince mules, currently waiting for the basic tees to come back in stock in my sIze! ??

  227. I will Be bUying so many things!!! I already purchased that grey Knot dress and i want to get that cream sweater you have in one of the posts!! @emilyhalbErg lets do a shopping spree!!

  228. I’m ordering the striped raw edge top, steve madden booties, and the BLANKNYC leather hooded jacket that’s on sale! Love all these looks!

  229. BeauTiful!!! Loving thise trouvr sweater and kut from the kloth jeans for the holidays. ???

  230. I love it all!! I’m definitely getting the treasure and bond necklace that you featured last week and the leith ribbed cardigan!

  231. I bought the rag&bone white booties, leith sweater tank, so many leggings and sweaters, and the adidas tank! want to go back in and try on the jeans in this post!

  232. I’ve basically ordered all your suggestions (that aren’t sold out) because your style is perfection!

  233. Emily!! You maKe me broke everytime you post thIs i usually buy Everything you reccomend. This yest financially wasnt there. My husband needed clotHes he pirchased wIth my card bc we have the nordie card. I gOt my kids clothes and i added A lot to the cart. My aUnt just passed away from cAncer and was busy with funeral stuff. OnCe I loOked at my cart yesterday either all sold out or my size isnt available 🙁 i love the bag and everythIng yOu show us. Thank yoU!

  234. I got several of the BP sweaters. They afe so cute! I also think i need that adorable dress with the tie in front. Thanks for sharing all of your great finds.

  235. I am so ExciteD to eNter this gaveAway but im also super excited to revamp my fall/winter wardrobe before I go to college with some cute new boots, sweaters, and jackets!

  236. DEFINITELY trying to Get my hands on a black of green wayf lace up cami, trying to Get my self some boots and booties for fall.

  237. from Fort smiTh, ar! On my way with my mom and sister to shop the sale! Cant wait! Love Everything You post.

  238. I def want to oRder the snake skin mules, vince alora mules and those blank NYC RIOOED JEANS! Also a car seat for my babe! A lot is sold out so im hoping for a restock

  239. I ordered a free people sweater and nike sweatshirt! I set my al a few minu before midn to make sure it didn’T sell out before i woke up. ?Now that i see the tShirt tie dress on you i really want that too!

  240. I LOVE Everything you have here! totally need those steve madden booties. I feel like they woUld go with so much! Thanks for the post and inspiration – love u!!

  241. Im ordering that hooded sweater and the army green long sleeve! I just wish that brown and black long sleeve top was Still in stock! 🙁 thank you for your reviews.. i spent way too much! Haha

  242. If i Had the $ to buy anything from the sale it’d definitely be some of those cute cardigans you listed & the tory burch crossbody. But ya know, broke college student problems ?

  243. I never loved thenmule style before i saw the options in this sale! What a great transition shoE for fall, and i think i need to test out these BP tees everyone raves about!

  244. I want to order the charlotte tiLbury lip set (not that i need more lip products) its so pretty and perfect for every day wear!

  245. Your so sweet and amazing to offer this give away to you followers! I love love love your style! Thank yOu for all the inspiration! ♥️

  246. I seriously want to buy it all!!! But I Have to be real here and I am only ordering a pair of steve madden booties and a couple of tops.

  247. I absolutely love your style! I have been following your blog for over a year anD you are my ABSOLUTE favorite. I bought the franco sarto brown sandals because of your blog post! ❤️

  248. Hi! I have already purchased the sole society mixed plaid scarf in blue multi, gibson cozy fleexe tunic in Grey, adidas grey tennis shoes, madewell ryder cardigan in navy and steven madden snake Print mule (my favoRite purcHase)!! I plan on going in to get zella leggings and maybe some skin care products and the Silk pillow case you are always talking about.

  249. I love love love everything but i am def going for the mock green turtle neck sweater, the twist front tee and the hooded cardigan! We have little boys the same age and comfort is life, right!? 🙂 haha

  250. I pretty much wantb tobbuy ever you have oosted from the sale! Ohh If only i had Unlimited money loL

  251. I neeeeeed those BlankNyc rivington jeans but they’re sold out! 🙁 also want to get the Zella leggings & bp hooded cArdigan! Love your sTyle so much and appreciate how detailed you are in your posts, it makes it so easy to Browse and caLCuate how sad and empty my bank account will be lol.

  252. This post is ???? Love all of these looks! I definitely might need to grab those Vince mules or that bp V-Neck Sweater

  253. I would buy this purse if it was in stock still?? or some of the new free people cardigans!!! Love ya emily!!!

  254. Hi Emily! I love your posts and buy so much of the Same things that you do! Really aporeciate tou posting all of the details, makes iT so easy! I think i ordered everythinG from the nsale ? i Got the green sweater you Have in white and also thr leopard Flats! I also got a few of the tees, a few Pair of jeans, more sweaters and a red wrap dreSs. This was one of my favorite sAles. Thanks for all of your input!

  255. Hey Emily!! I have always been a Nordstrom lover, but your blog DEFINITELY makes shopping there (especially during the ANNIVERSARY sale) way easier. I have already gotten the white BP Tee you reviewed, the Steve Madden studded Loafers and the sherpa jacket you mentioned in your winter post!

  256. Anniversary sale purchases are- Bp V neck t shirTs in 3 colors, bp raw edge long sleeve in the comoL you pUrchased, bp v neck pullover in yellow, vince Alora Mules in black, wit and wisdom black skinny jeans, steve madden flat mules in mustard and snakeskin, zella high waisted black leggings, tresure and bond waist detail tee, caSlon olive green camo aNd grey tee, Caslon drapped utility jacKet, oribe texture spray And dry shampoo duo, mac nUde lip Trio kit, laura mercier illuminating pallette, and gucci square sunglasses. I love EVERYTHING i purcHased and cant wait to receivE! Thank You Miss EmIly for posting The must haves in this years Sale… im off to ban islaNd!!!!

  257. Love your pics! So excited for the sale this year. I cAnt wait to grab some CARDIGANs And boots!

  258. Love all the items you shared!! Kicking myself for not ordering the striped top, sknce it is now sold out!! But i got some basic mom staples, including zella leggings, and wit & wisDom jeans!

  259. I’m buying the bp raw edge scoop neck tee, the alterNative lounge pants, and the era home octagon wall mirror. So glad i had early access last week! Just stocking up on a few more Faves i found!!

  260. I ordered the green bo sweater, stripped bp shirt, layered necklace, leopard slides, a HANDbag that wasn’t on sale. Lol and a few other items. THe try on really helps!

  261. 2 online orders and 3 trips in the atore and i still have Fomo on the items i mossed out on. I still waiting For the addidas And white nikes to come back in stock.

  262. Love your purchase haul posts. As a work mother of 2 i appre all the extRa style tips. I PURCHASED the Nike Air for CONTINUED half training and cant wait for them to come in.


  263. Love all your nsale posts!! ordered the thread and supply fuzzy jacket- i can’t wait to wear it all winter!

  264. Ahhh i seriously love your fashion taste, lifestyle and you are mim goals!! Just putting it out there! lol,i wish i could buy every single iten you posted but you know, i cant lol. I really want the ripped jeans, but the are sold out 🙁 i want the camo top & the fuzzy sweater!!! IT IS A MUST!


  266. I love it all, I seriously want one of everything!!

    I wear more basics on the daily so i definItely plan to sNag the lace trim cami, v neck pull over, and camo toP! Also love the tie waist tee shirt dress (It looks so good on you!)!!

    And of course i have to snag my 15 month old some goodies, him and lUke will be adidas twinsiEs!!?

    Thank you doing these overhual posts, so many things look just blah on the nordstrom website and you make me want to buy it all!

  267. I got a lot of the basic tees and a couple of sweaters you posted! Thanks for the great blog post to help me shop!

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  269. ahhh! love it ALL!! obsessing over the ‘top shop long cardigan’ – purchasing this! too cute for fall!

  270. Love!!! Def getting the BO V neck pullover and multichain necklace! Hopefully they restock some others, i love those blanknyc distressed jeans too! Xo

  271. Love everything!! Defiantly ordering the BP hooded cardigan, Oversize Open Cardigan by
    CHELSEA28 and the abh lip gloss. I would have soo ordered the tb clutch and the tortoise sunglasses if they weren’t out of stock!! Loving Nordstrom and your looks. Can’t wait for the next post.

  272. I love the way you Style things. I got the same green vneck sweater. I love the color. Im buMmed they arent restocking anythiNg. Waiting for my barefoot dreams caRtigan to show up! Im so excited for the giveway!

  273. I will be purchasing all the baSics and athletic wear! Really HopIng that the spanx faUx leather leggings come back in my size and im sure ill snag a few booties while im at it too ? thank you for making it so Easy to shop Some must haves!


  275. In Love with the b.p tees! I’ve ordered a few of them and also the camo thermal. I was going to Get the tory burch Bag but it went out of stock before i had the chanCe! ? your blog gIrl!!

  276. I wanted the mustard colored B.p. Card but it sold out! ? so i think the fp one is next on my list! Love the tory bag!! ?

  277. Definitely ordering the zella leggings you recommend! I ordered a pair last year after seeing you post about them during the sale and i love them!!

  278. I’m Purchasing several of these casual tops linked above for everyday. ThaT camo thermal and the laci camis Are my favorite! I’Ve also been planning on purchasing the tory wallEt and hopefuLly a new pair of jeans if they still have sizes!

  279. Oooo! So many good picks! I ordered the camo top, bp sTriped long sleeves, and the lace cami top from your first try on haul! I am ordering the green Bp mock neck tUrtleneck and the bp hooded cardigan from the second try on!

  280. I love your style and how glam and Chic it is! The yellow graphic long sleeve is so cute, DEFINITELY need to get that.

  281. I ordered A lot of these items during the Early access part of the sale but After Seeing this post i’m going to order the white twist front tee and the steve madden booties and am going to keep stalking the balloon sleeve sweater in white.

  282. Im try to get my hands on anything you’ve posted that ISN’t sOld out. I waited too long on deciding on the purse you are giving awAy.

  283. Totally forgot to mention what i was gonna get. The zella high waist leggings, bp tShirts, and the wUbby pulloVer if it has my size!!

  284. Oh my goodness! you seem to always know exactly what your viewers love & want!! this year, i’ll definitely be stocking up on the essentials – denim, plain tees, etc. i love following your fashion and every day life. you’re beautiful inside&out!

  285. ???
    Got 3 zella leggings!! Got 2 cardigans!! lip kit!! 1 sweaTer!! Hoping they restock alottt!!!

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  288. Hi Emily, i live your blog! I bouGht Some of ypur recommendations from the NsAle! I ordered the Bp everyDay shirts in 3 colors, alSo the nike shoes,the make + model long hoodie, the make + model lounge set the pants with the hoodie with the wide sleeves amd the nike Sports bra. I love your style and blog its the best!!!

  289. Ahh love all your pics as usual! Def ordering basic tees and zella leggings! And already ordered. Few cardis!

  290. Im definitely getting the lace trim cami, a pair of ag skinny jeans ? and the Stripped raw edge long sleeve top! Love everYthing, i wiSh i could buy all of it! ???

  291. I ordered The bp short sleeve shirts in 3 colors and the cardigan in 2 colors. Cant wait to get them in!

  292. I am so excited to finally shop the nsale! I am buying tons of comfy clothes for traveling, stocking up on mac makeup faves, investing in some tory burch flats!

  293. I forgot to mention that i bought my dauther the NUNa rava car seat fOr my daughter dUring the nordstrom sale 🙂

  294. I already ordered so much in the pre-sale but am hoping bigger sizes come in stock for the camo thermal, fuzzy calson coat, and the bp grey joggers! Xoxo

  295. I am really wanting to order the barefoot dreams cardi. Other then that i want to stock Up on some New fall clothes. Also praying the sunglasses restock!

  296. I ordered the studded sam edelman Loafers and the camo jacket. Picking them up in store today so i will most likely come home with a few more items ?

  297. I bought the zella leggings, the bp short sleeve raw edge in 3 colors and their cardigan in 2.

  298. Love your style Emily! Im looking to get a good pair of jeans, Some zella LEGGINGS and some of the cozy cardigans.

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  300. SUch good FINDs!! I’m hoping to snag some cute cardys for fall, leopard MULES (because shopbop was out of my size), and maybe some beauty items to amp up my skin routine!! I am absolutely in love with kiehls products…the hibiscus night mask, the avocado eye cream, and their clay mask are a dream! I have been using their products religiously and have been getting so many compliments from friends and random strangers!! I even had a gal who just got engaged come up and ask me what I do because she wanted her skin to look flawless for her wedding…kind of made me think of me following your BLOg and how much I have learned from you! Thanks Emily for being so genuine and willing to share your tricks! ??

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  306. I bought some sweater and cardigans When the sale just went on, but i will try to buy that hoddie CARDIGAN today, enTering giveaway

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    Booties! I want a lot more, but so much is Still out of stock!
    iG name: cHampagneandpups

  308. Loving all of these looks❤️ I would wear any of them! still hopeful they’ll restock those BlankNYc Jeans and the layered necklace, along with a few other great pieces!

  309. Well i WAS going to order the tory burch marsden crossbody, but if the oDds are in my favor today, i’m Opting For the BP tees in all colors, the GReen vneck pullover, and some cardigans! Thanks for sharing, emily ❤️

  310. I wanted youR sunglasses, hopefully there is a restock! Got the zella’s, & want to stock up on makeup.

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  313. This sale im shopping for my sweEt mom because her 50th birthday & my 25th is coming up so were taKing a girls vacation to celebrate us, We Always check your blog out first To see what we should shop for bTw, love your style ❤️

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  317. Omg! Thank you for linking everything. I’m in desperate need of new jeans and some basics. My son is 1 1/2 Yrs old and am working on losing that weight. Also, I found it funny that you are going away the Tory Burch bag as I’ve been eyeing it these past few days! 🙂

  318. Picking up some jeans and booties from the sale! and of course, Grabbing a pair (or two) of zella leggIngs! Thanks for sharing your picks! Theyre always on point covering a range of price options and sTyles!

  319. FiRst time ordering From the sale! I Ordered the zella leggings,a few cardigans and some adidas & Nikes. Hoping the Green vneck pullowver will come back in stock. I love youR style!?
    Amanda Burchett

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  321. I bOught zella hw leggings, spanx leGgings, a halogen day bra, the mac lipStick set, the twist fRont tee you had posted Above and a leather longchamp was my spLurge item!! Thanks for all the help throUghout the sale xx

  322. Im really hoping they restock the rIvington jeans & camo top!! But im alao ordering thw green v neck pull over, the kut from the klotH jeans & the cHelsea28 oversized cardigan!

  323. Is it bad that ive already shopped the sale three times now and im going to shop it again today for the restocks?! Im most excited about the white platform converse that give My legs a longer silouette.

  324. Great roundup of all the cutest sale items! I am ordering shoes and cardigans that u recommended. Thanks! U always look so good!!!

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  327. I looveeeee seeing your outfits, they are all perfect!!! I will not be able to buy anything from the anniversary sale; but if I could, my first purchase would definitely be the blanknyc ripped ‘rivington’ jeans!! they look amazing on you! I am obsessing over them<3

  328. So.Many.Things. I ordered jeans, sweaters, these super cute kristin cavallari Mules that i’ve been eyeing and some new asics running shoes 🙂 I still have a few other items in my cart but trying to not order too much.. if that’s possible 🙂 love all of the items you linked! may have to order more 😉

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  331. Love you and your blog! so much is sold out already on the SALE. I placed an order for the Lespecs sunglasses and cute jacket!

  332. I Will be getting All the sweaters You bought, tank tops, thermal shirts, leggings. Tory burch pink flats! So pretty amazing prIce too! Steve madden mules. And im dYing to try the purfume you Wear i love rose everything!!! That is a must buy! Not sure of i should just splUrg on the bottle you have! We will see! ?

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  335. I don’t think my comment went through, but in case it did not I just want to say you’re absolutely stunning and I love alll of your post!! my favorite is watching you with Luke!!! <3 But, of course, I still loveee seeing all your outfit post!! You have the best style! I will not be able to shop the anniversary sale this year, but if I was my first purchase would definitely be the blanknyc ripped 'rivington' jeans! they look stunning on you! I am obsessing over them!! <3

  336. love all your N sale choices!!! i really wanted the green vneck pullover but it was sold out, so i ordered the beige curve hem cardigan and the blue sterling drop shoulder ribbed sweater!

  337. I AM so looking forward to getting my high waist zella leggings in the mail! They’re my must have every year since I live in them through the winter!

  338. Loved everything you selected from the sale. Ive shopped the barefoot sweaters and the.m snpax leggings that i mkssed last year. I also picked up some things for my 4 ye old son luke. (awesome name for sUre❤️)


  340. Oh goodness i ordered sooo mUch. FaVorties are my bArefoot dreams circle& hooded cardiS & their blanket! Love All of your recomMendations ❤️

  341. I ordered the nike tank, two pairs of good american jeans & a northfaCe for my dAughter. She gets a new one every year during the sale.

  342. I bought a few pairs of zella live in leggings(online)

    I read that they changed the fabric since last years saLe. Can you confirm this? If so, are they still stretchy and do they stIll have that buttery feel to them?

    Thanks so much!


  343. Your post is sUper helpful, im going to get the white lonGSleve twist top that is also on your instagram. Also, i want the Camo top but i have a feeling it will be sold out. I’ve always wanted a tory burch piece so i hope i win!! Keep doing you girl, you are fabulous!!! ??


  345. I am so happy you are Doing the tory burch crossbody as a giveaway! ??I’m going to get lace trim cami, chelsea28 cardiGan and the analise sandals! Honestly i love all your picks from the sale!

  346. Love all of it!!
    Want the jeans ans striped top and booties – who am i kidding- i would wear and want it all!!! Love your style

  347. I Was too late for the lace cami but i love it! Also shopping for the hooded sweater and jeans and Vince mules! Love all the outfits you put together, i cant believe im saying this mid July but im just ready for fall to get here all ready! Typical ohio girl lol!

  348. I bought so many of the PRODUCTS You recommended! Sadly, one if my orders was canceled because or theglitch nordstroms had and by the time they fixed it all the items were sold out:( and i made the order at 4am on July 12:( so really sad about that bec i am unable to get the distressed jeans u recommended, the rose hershel bag, the pendant necklace, nike shoes, and this long tank dress. However! I did get good american jeans, the vince aloRa heels, the sarto heels, lancome mascara set, beautu blender set, rebok leggings, rails pjs, and maggy lonDon pika dot dress!!! The tory burch Purse woukd go so well! I live you!

  349. Love all yoUr choices! Im pregnant and i want to order so much but none of it would fit ? ill probably order some of the open, flowy cardigans! Or a new purse

  350. I Need so many restocks to happen! I really would like a few lace camis, and more of the raw hem tops, the bp swEater in a few colors, and so much more! I want it allll!

  351. Love all of your picks! I ordered a few those items during early acces and just ordered More Denim and leggings. So many great options!!

  352. I bought the franco sarto sandal! Love them! I wanted everything you got, but a lot of it is sold out
    🙁 so now I’m going through your blog and buying other stuff haha!

  353. Love, love everything. From the nordStrom sale im really hoping to get a new pair of sneakers and a tory burch wallet ❤️

  354. So many cute sweaters! Im hoping the free people sweater comes back in stock in sky in my size…i need it!

  355. Loved the blog , my favorite pieces were the Tory burch crossboDy and the sunnies ! Also love how You pAired the vince shoes sO simple bit cute !

  356. Love everything! I’m so bUmmed the sunglasses are oos, but i’ll definitely be grabbing some cardiS today!

  357. I love the cami/cardigan ComboS!! Also the dark wash ankle pants, i have been low key looking for a new pair for months and love the reView On these!

  358. Loving pretty much everything on this list! Thanks for takiNg the time to post All the DETAILS for us. Ive been eyeiNg the Front tie t shirt dress! Xo

  359. I will be ordering the BP Textured stitch v-neck pullover. the really pretty green color is not on there anymore, but i love the yellow and the pink pulmier!!