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A $40 Sweater You’ll Live In This Fall


DOLMAN SLEEVE TOP: BP [$39] | DENIM: Citizens of Humanity [this is one of my favorite styles of denim from them!] | BOOTIES: Marc Fisher | BELT: Gucci [read full Gucci belt size review HERE] | BAG: Chanel [XXL Airlines Tote – it took me a year to finally get my hands on this!?? But you can find pre-loved options  HERE] | WATCH: Nixon | BRACELETS: Nadri, Vintage Chanel Piece [more here & here]

A totally random Sunday blog post but I skipped one day last week so I thought I’d make it up since I had a couple of outfits left from our trip to Jackson Hole!

The weather in Jackson Hole – as I mentioned before – was beautiful! Ironically, here in Oklahoma where we live, we are finally getting similar weather! It’s not nearly as chilly at night but we got so much rain on Friday that on Saturday it was heavenly outside! If you live in a humid area you probably know what I mean! ☺️ Anyway, we take what we can get down here in the south!

I get so many questions every time I carry my Chanel airlines bag – people are always like “wait where did you get it?!” because it is one of those bags that is super hard to find – or it can be! The backstory is that I wanted it in black with gold hardware and spent nearly a year trying to find it and never did find it. Eventually this past spring while in Miami I found it in this gold color and I opted against it since I was set on black w/gold hardware. A few weeks later John and I were in Southern Cali and I saw the gold one again and John was with me and he was like “oh I like that Emily – its so different from anything you own!”. He also was late on a Mother’s Day gift so he said thats what it could be, haha. ? It’s one of those bags I have ended up getting more use out of than I expected. It was initially going to be a travel bag as it has a zipper/pocket in the back to go around the handle of a carry on – but because the material is so soft, I tend to carry it regularly. It’s great for a busy mom who has everything but the kitchen sink in her bag. But obviously it is not necessary – I think Neverfulls are great options as well. I just get so many questions regarding this and have had many ask for a review so I thought I’d share the background story!

On a different note, if you’ve followed me the past year, you may have noticed I’m orange obsessed! It actually became my go-to color this past spring and I can’t stop! I found this sweater for $39 online and ordered it and my mom was here when I tried it on and she was like “wow that looks like it would be more than $40 – I need to borrow it!”. We share everything so that is normal but it is very striking and beautiful and real – and also very comfortable!


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10 thoughts on “A $40 Sweater You’ll Live In This Fall

  1. I credit you with sparking my obsession with orange (specifically that gorgeous rusty orange shade) in one of your posts from last fall when you were in Colorado, I believe! You had on an adorable orange sweater and black jeans and styled it with a damier ebene LV Speedy and I fell in love!!

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