A Secret Tool For Flawless Make-Up Application…

Back in July, I did a #PRunboxing and showed my new vanity mirrors sent from the Glamcor team! I actually thought they were sending me the little RIKI mirror which I was thrilled about-but they ended up sending the huge version as well and I am getting SO much use out of both of them. I have had numerous people e-mail me asking for information/feedback/review on them so I thought I’d dedicate an entire post to my ‘vanity area’ of my current master bedroom! Kind of crazy that this is my *current* bedroom right?! In the new house, I am putting a coffee bar in our bedroom and a sitting area/fireplace instead of a vanity area – but I will have one in a separate room! I actually love having this little area in our master but I keep all of my extra makeup stored in a separate room and then my closet is in a different room as well so I’m always running to and fro to collect things when I am testing out new products! Any who, I figure I’ll share lots of info on our current home while I can!

*If you have any questions about this vanity area read THIS post where I broke down everything in the room including the fig tree! 🙂 *

Before I begin – I did tell the Glamcor team that I’d be reviewing the mirrors & they just sent me this discount code this AM in case you all want to purchase! Use code sweetestthing15 for 15% off of your purchase! I’ll quickly review the two sizes I have and that way you have a good idea of what you want/need/wish for! 🙂


The huge mirror you see on my vanity is the RIKI Tall. I won’t lie – when I first saw it I was shocked! I was thinking “omg I don’t need this!” but once I sat it up on my vanity I realized I am OBSESSED. Here’s why… lighting. The lights are adjustable so you can make them brighter by tapping a button / using the remote. It’s super user friend and just easy in general. But I noticed that my makeup looks 10x better when I get ready in front of this mirror. I will walk into my master bathroom and look in the mirror and it is shocking how much better my makeup looks after applying it with the bright lights. I didn’t know it would make sure a huge difference but it totally does – its like you see every little spot, discoloration, etc. My makeup just looks better blended and smoother overall and I credit this lighting for it. It’s also HUGE which actually helps quite a bit. I really love this because it has a magnet in the center and you can put your phone in the clip and film a video or a take a selfie. You guys know I am always trying to show how I use makeup or review products on IG stories and this is how I am able to do it hands free. The light helps brighten everything and the magnet that holds the phone is super secure so you don’t have to worry about anything breaking/falling. Also, you can use the remote & bluetooth and take selfies! 🙂 I have not done that yet – I feel like I get more and more awkward with selfies each year so I don’t post as many but I do find that this is super handy if you like to take selfies or film yourself doing hair/makeup. [This is 28” tall and 20” wide – it is very large but amazing!]

I would recommend this size if you are serious about makeup or you have interest in beauty blogging / YouTube. Its a total game changer and will make life so much easier – and your makeup a lot better!


So I leave my Riki Skinny in my carry-on packaged up with the charger and stand. This one – in my opinion – is best for travel! I have taken it on every trip since I got its the mail – even just to Dallas. It’s like the Riki Tall – the lighting is a game changer and my makeup just looks 10x better when I apply in this lighting. This mirror is super light – and is the size of a MacBook Air. It’s like a childs hardback book, ya know?! It stays charged for a several hours so I basically just charge it before we go on the trip and take the charger as a back up – just in case. Its very light weight so sometimes I pack it with my laptop inside of my handbag when we fly. It’s just like the Riki Tall in that it has a magnet to hold your phone [you can see in the photos above] and it has Bluetooth connection. For me personally, I like having the Tall on my vanity and this one for travel – I use the Tall for IG stories and makeup reviews/hauls, but if you are wanting to be practical – the Riki Skinny is half of the price and has all of the same capabilities – it is just much smaller!

That is my breakdown of the two products – don’t forget you can get 15% off of your purchase buy using the code sweetestthing15 .

 Marble Lipstick Stand

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14 thoughts on “A Secret Tool For Flawless Make-Up Application…

    Emily, question: Would you recommend of replacing a light up vanity mirror with the Tall??
    I want one now and I see it is huge! My vanity mirror however is wideR and I caN SEE THE TALL IS JUST TALL, BUT IN YOUR OPINNION, WOULD YOU REPLACE A REGULAR VANITY MIRROR WITH THAT IF YOU COULD?

    @happilyeveralanis | Happily Ever Alanis

  2. Sorry for the caps lock— it won’t turn off…
    These mirrors look amazing! I didn’t even know they existed! Thank you for sharing this 😀

  3. I really like both but since i have no vaNity area currently, i prefer the big one so that i can gwt it started with a nice desk ?

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