Contour Video For Beginners PLUS My Recent Fall Beauty Favorites


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Helloooo and TGIF from Utah! John, Luke, & I flew in yesterday and are going to visit Park City this weekend. John and I have been making this trip for a few years now but we did skip last year when Luke was a baby. SO, this is Luke’s first time visit Utah and boy! It is already so cold here – but I love it!

I thought I’d check in today with an update RECENT BEAUTY FAVES post PLUS a little how-to on contouring. Before I even begin, I should give you all a heads up that I filmed myself contouring while I got ready on Wednesday and I saved it so that I can add it to my IG stories today. That being said, I will post the video tutorial on my IG Stories today [Friday] some time in the AM. We are an hour behind here in Utah but I for sure will post it sometime Friday morning so you can see how I am using the products being talked about in this post today.

When I was getting ready for the photos above, I tried out the new Urban Decay Cherry eyeshadow palette and I seriously love it. I have found that so many eye shadow palettes are hit or miss – many are just hard to blend out or take a lot of work to get the color to really pop. This palette is SUPER pigmented and is easy to work with – but I will say the colors are a little out of my comfort zone. If you like the deeper colors, you will love this – it is perfect for fall, too! The matte shades blend out beautifully and the shimmer shades really pop – especially if you use Fix+on the brush before applying. Since I do like a good glittery lid, I went ahead and used THIS on just the inner part of my eyelid and I like how that looks.

Also new to me was the Urban Decay Cherry Highlight & Blush PaletteIt is a darker color blush – which I used for the photos and then it has two highlighters on each side. I didn’t try out the highlighters just yet because I’m still hooked on THIS highlighter. You all have heard / seen me rave about this a few times the past couple of months but it really is amazing. I found it while in Nordstrom back in early September and the second I swatched it I knew I had to have it!  It is a cream to powder formula and it makes your skin look so smooth, as opposed to other highlighters which tend to emphasize texture/pores/etc. I always spray my brush with Fix+ before I dip it into the highlighter though and that brightens the entire look.

As far as foundation goes, I am still swearing by THIS one from NARS. I use the shade “Barcelona”. I keep trying others and coming back to this one – I’ve posted about it on my blog a lot so I won’t repeat it all haha! BUT, I will say I like it for the cooler, drier months. And the same goes to THIS bronzer – another item I’ve been raving about since last spring?! It’s the perfect about of warmth and glow without being too much. I use the shade 04. Everything being used in todays post can be found on Nordstrom’s website!


#1. MAC Concealer || I use NC30. I really like this because it has a yellow town and brightens the area. It is also very long wearing and full coverage but not heavy.I blend it out with a dampened beauty sponge [like a Beauty Blender] to make sure it looks smooth and natural.

#2. MAC Contour Kit || I use the lighter kit, not the darker. I primarily only use the two shades on the left for both highlight and contour. I mix them to get the right color. These highlighting shades are to brighten darker areas – like the under eye area. I use THIS brush to use the highlighting shades. I use THIS brush to use the contouring shades.

#3. HOURGLASS SETTING POWDER / LAURA MERCIER POWDER || To set my under area so that it doesn’t crease, I use THIS powder and I love it! I’ve been more dry lately so I used THIS glow powder from Laura Mercier to set the contour areas. You definitely don’t have to use powder like this – you can use a compact powder. I do this so that the makeup looks smoother and wears all day. One thing you don’t see in my video is that I spray a TON of Fix+ on my face when I am done to melt together the powders so that I don’t look dry!

#4. BRONZING || I use THIS big brush to apply bronzer and warm up the rest of my face and blend out the contour to make it all appear more ‘natural’, lol. Contour shades are cooler toned which creates the more shadowy affect so using a warmer shade all around gives that bronzy, sun kissed look. I always use a damp beauty sponge anywhere I see too much product or any kind of ‘line’ from contouring.

Okay! Hopefully I cover all of the questions by doing the video tutorial on my IG. If you don’t follow me there, my handle is @emilyanngemma!

**Also!! If you are ‘new’ here, I blog 5 days per week and I do [on average] ONE beauty post EACH week!! I love to talk about all things hair, makeup, skincare related. Because I do blog about beauty so much, I “file” all of my beauty posts under the word BEAUTY in my Menu! So if you are ever just wanting to see strictly makeup – that is the quickest way! OR, you can always use the search tool [in the corner] to look for something more specific.

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring todays post.

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51 thoughts on “Contour Video For Beginners PLUS My Recent Fall Beauty Favorites

  1. Best bronzer brush ever! I don’t normally spend that kind of money on makeup brushes. But it is worth every penny. I keep my brushes clean and take care of them pretty well. i know this will stay in my collection a very long time.

  2. I don’t think i have ever clicked so fast for your blog post before! lol and so weird, but i just commented on your most recent photo about bronzer and how i use it so much thanks to you! and what is weird is that i just commented today and now ur talking about contouring and bronzing in todays post!!!! so cool!

    love it! xoxo

  3. Love your beauty posts! Your ig contour video was very helpful, i hope you add it to your highlight tab! Quick question – What big sponge did you use When applying The mercier glow powder? It was bigger than A beauty blender. I need to get my haNds on that! Thanks! ❤️


  5. Emily, loved your post on contouRing. Can You share which the colors of the laNcome highlighTer that you use? what color of the mac stuff you use on the inner Corners Of your eyelid for that pop? Thanks so much!!

  6. Can you please tell us about your lip filler? You always say you didnt have them done but we arent stupid and we can see. Your lips are full, lumpy and very swollen all the time so it would be nice If you would just admit you’ve had them done And tell us about it. It may help other girls out,

  7. Hi Emily-thank you for doing this. I have pigment issues since having a bone marrow transplant and tho it’s not really bad on my face it does stand out on my neck 🙁 I use and in light because my skin is fair. Would if make my face look orange if I added dark contour colors?
    THanks! <3

  8. hi emily! i love your beauty posts. you’re incredible knowledgeable on products, application, etc…i always learn lots from you! thanks for continuing to provide recommendations and steps on your techniques. i also really enjoy your videos as it’s great to get a visual to what you’re doing each day! I’ve been a reader since the beginning and still really enjoy your material. have a great weekend!

  9. LOved this!!!!!! Wish you would do more of things like this, I know its old hat to you but there are people out there that would love to see step by step on make-up tips and tricks. and just your overall general knowledge of how to apply make-up etc….. please consider it.

    also i know you said that this new ud eye palette was kinda out of your color range but i thought your eyes looked fabulous. i was INTRIGUED with this palette and was waiting for it to come out in the stores but i called sephora but they don’t recieve it until sometime next week, so i jumped on Nordstorm and they had it.. I ordered all of the pieces, except for the lip it was already sold out.

    any was i jusy wanted you to know. have a safe and blessed trip!


  10. Emily,

    LoveD your tutorial on ig stOries!!! Your makeup is always on point and You have the best beauty Recs!! Would love go try the mac contour pallete! I am new to contouring and this pAllete + your help would def make it easier!! Thanks for posting this!!

    Caitlin e @caitaSh


  11. I love love loved the vidEo. It wasnt too long and not too Hard at all to follow. I rarely wear makeup duriNg the week but soMEtimes do on the weekend. This reAlly helps a girl like me hahaha that Doesnt have a ton of time to sit and watch long makeup videos. ♥️

  12. Thank you so much for doing a full contouring video! It helped me so so much when I followed it today while doing my makeup! I need to get a few new products you mentioned now becuase THey looked SO nice!

  13. Love the contour post, you Made it look like Something i could act do. contouring seems so intimidating because there Are so many producTs out, thanks for breaking it down!!!

    1. It is on my IG stories! I made sure to save it to my Highlights tab under ‘CONTOUR’ for those who missed it when it was live!

  14. What color hIghlighter do you use In your video ?
    I know it is the lancome brand but they have about 5 colors to choose from foe highlighter 😉 thanks!

  15. Hi Emily! I cant find The video you posted on how to contour. Was there one posted? If So, could you please repost?

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