All Black Look For Fall 2018 + 31 Random Facts About Me


TOP: Generation Love [wearing medium] | DENIM: DL1961 [highly, highly recommend this style of denim if you want to invest in flattering jeans, I go down one size!] |FLATS: Something Navy | HANDBAG: Chanel [Deauville in large, buy pre-loved HERE – love this as a dupe option!] | BEANIE: Free People [obsessed w/these!] |  | RINGS: Joolz, Cartier | WATCH: Michele| LIPS:Iconic Nude’ + ‘Blankety

All back is my go-to look during the fall and winter. If I’m running late and can’t think of what to wear – all black it is! I love finding fun black tops like this one with the shoulder cut out which gives the look some some personality. Annnnnd, of course the shoes help that, too! ☺️??

If you read Friday’s blog post [you can load each days blog post by tapping or clicking “Load Next Post” at the end of this post!], you probably saw that I celebrated my 31st birthday on Friday! John took me to Olive Garden Friday evening and then on Saturday he got me, my mom, and my sister tickets to go see Taylor Swift in Dallas. It ended up being such a fun weekend! The concert was a blasttttttt and the time I got with my sister and mom was just pure fun – I cried from laughter so much!

I also mentioned that I would be up for doing a 31 random facts post here on my blog and I had many of you messaging me saying yes – so I thought I’d do it today! Some of the facts a few of you probably know, but I constantly get new readers that are confused or get lost because they aren’t familiar so I figured it was a good time for a fact post. I’ll try to mix in some new things for those of you who have been around since 2013?! ?

31 Random Facts

#1 I am from a small town in Arkansas. I graduated with 120 others and my town had a population of 8,000. There are no Macy’s, Nordstrom, Neimans, Louis Vuitton, or anything like that in the state of Arkansas [!!!] so I was never around any high end shopping, but that didn’t stop me from dreaming! Even where I live now in Oklahoma, we don’t have those stores either, crazy right?!

#2 I went to undergrad in Arkansas at a private Christian university. My major was in sales and marketing and I really loved all of my classes. Since I was a sales major I had to take very in depth courses on personality types and had one really intense course that only allowed 6 students and we all had to compete for grades. Only one student was allowed the A+, one was allowed an A, one a B+, one a B, etc. The professor was super intense and would put all of our work on a projector for the entire class to see and tear it to shreds! It was the most intimidating, scary course but looking back on it – it was one I valued from the most.

#3. Speaking of personality types, as far as the Myers-Briggs test goes, I am [now] an ISTJ. As crazy as it is, I started college as an ESTJ and it changed towards the end of college! [Basically I went to college very extraverted & came out more introverted.] Since graduating I have only become more and more introverted – and am very much like my dad. [And by being introverted, I basically mean that being around people can run down my “batteries” so that I need alone time to re-charge!]  Whereas my mom and sis are super extraverted and love being social and can handle being the ‘center of attention’. My dad and
I are the type to avoid being the center of attention at all costs and if we are at a party or event, we are in the corner or the outskirts of the room. You can only imagine how our wedding was – I loathe that type of situation and looking back if I had it to do over I’d do a destination wedding with family only.

#4. Since I went to a Christian university, we were required to go to chapel daily and also had to take a Bible class each semester. To he honest, this could be kind of ‘annoying’ in a way if you think about it – you have to schedule your regular classes around daily chapel and your Bible class. Lucky for me, I can’t say it was so bad because I actually met John in our bible class senior year! It was fall of our senior year when I met him and before I even got to know him I already had this immediate crush. What is crazy is that the professor in this class had us work on this big group project for our final grade and I was kind of the leader of my group and last minute John walked up to ask if he could join our group and I tried to play it cool and act like I wasn’t excited that he wanted in our group. Later down the road he admitted that he knew exactly what he was doing!☺️?

#5. John works full time in medicine and also helps me run my business. He comes home at night and spends an hour working on computer stuff and on any time off he is also my photographer. I would be lost as a goose without him!

#6. John and I started dating ‘officially’ during his first year of medical school which was the same year that I was getting my MBA. He lived in Virginia and I was in Arkansas. Before dating officially he would always call me when he had a long drive or something and we would talk for hours. John used to be super quiet and honestly just plain ol’ shy. He tried to play it cool and act like he wasn’t into me but he was always texting and calling me randomly! ??‍♀️??‍♂️ ?

#6. I used be awful about drinking water!! I mean, AWFUL. I made myself start drinking a ton of water each day at the beginning of June and ever since then it is has totally changed my skin! I had always heard that drinking water helps your skin but seeing it actually happen to me makes em a believer. I have a special cup I use and it has just become a habit to drink so much water throughout the day. [See my Amazon picks post to see more about special cup.?]

#7. Even though I drink a lot of water, I still love Diet Coke. I know it is horrible for you but if I am going to eat at a Mexican restaurant or something that I really love, I always go to places that have Diet Coke and not Diet Pepsi. My mom and sister are the exact same way!

#8. This makes me fourth year of blogging full time! I started blogging purely for my parents to see our lives in Virginia and randomly got ‘readers’ following the journey and it evolved over time into what it is now. I never in a million gazillion years thought anyone would care what a small town girl from Arkansas wore or how she curled her hair. Blogging has been the most exciting, but scary thing that has ever happened to me. I adore this job so much and I always tell people it was a total God thing! I thank God all of the time for allowing me to have a job that involves so many things I am passionate about.. beauty, travel, fashion, etc.

#9. Many people don’t know this but when I started blogging – it was before it was a ‘thing’- no where as common as it is now. People were quick to ask “what in the world is she doing posting photos of her outfit or talking about makeup?”. I had so many nay-sayers – including loved ones like friends and family. It was really crazy because the ‘nay-sayers’ got in my head a little, but I’d go to bed at night praying that the Lord would give me clarity on what I was doing and if it was ‘okay’ and I’d always wake up with a peace sent only from Him. Wanna know what is crazy?? So many of the people who criticized me over having a blog ended up starting a blog. *I just wanted to share this because I hope it encourages any of you who are in a spot like I was… and trust  your “true blues”.

#10. True Blues… what are these?! Well my very wise and successful cousin refers to true blues as the ‘real deal friends’. There’s a lot that goes into this but my mom has always been a true blue for me. I remember in college thinking my mom was not as smart as me ??? and now I am like “wait she was right all along!!” It’s a good thing I’ve always listened to her and followed her wise advice [for the most part]. She’s been the one who even when I got my feelings hurts from said ‘nay-sayers’ she would quickly remind me to not let it take up another second of my time and get back to work.

#11. Throughout medical school we moved 7 times. During John’s fourth year we had to put all of our belongings in a storage unit and used my parents home as our ‘hub’. There were months where John would be away for a month and I would stay at my parents and work as a substitute teacher because John would be living in little hospital apartments or someone’s extra room.

#13. In the summer during college I counseled at a church camp that I grew up going to and it was always the best week ever! It was totally outdoors – we slept in cabins with no AC and didn’t have any AC all week. Lots of bugs, sweat, etc. But guess what, I still got ready and wore makeup/fixed my hair every day — and I wore wedges! ? Funny how somethings just don’t change.

#14. Myself, John and my brother in law, Chad are the only ones in my family who are not in education! My brother and sister are both in education and I was the ‘black sheep’. Ooops! If you saw #11^, I did sub for a while and it was the most exhausting thing!! I remember subbing in the Kindergarten for a week at a time and leaving needing a nap everyday! Shoutout to all of the teachers out there!!

#15. I’m the youngest of three. My sister is 8 years older than me and my brother is 3 years older than me. Our family is very tight knit and we all love being together.

#16. My sister and her husband have 2 kids and my brother and his wife have 4 [so I have 2 nephews and 4 nieces]. Up until I married John, my family made me sit at the ‘kids table’ at all holidays!? Literally, it would be me and all the kids at Thanksgiving at one table! But get this, now when the family is all together – John goes to sit with the kids.

#17. I tried to play basketball in 4th grade – 7th grade. That was a no-go for sure! Once I made cheerleading I quit ‘trying’ to be a basketball player. Since my dad coached basketball and my brother played I tried to play just so I’d fit in that was a hard NO. ?

#18. I have to wear glasses at night or to watch TV or work on a computer. I literally can not leave town without them! I tried contacts and loathed them!

#19. I am Native American. Luke is the cut-off for receiving benefits. I had some scholarships from my tribe for undergrad and grad school and I also was given $300 at the beginning of each school year in college to shop for clothing. I remember always being excited when my card for that came in the mail.

#20. I try new skin care and makeup products each week and have for the past 2-3 years. I think I could review 90% of the full coverage foundations at Sephora at any given time.

#21. Hat Obsessed. I wear hats 80% of the time and basically collect them.

#22. I’ve been obsessed with golden doodles ever since my sister got one back in 2006? It was before they were common and she had one named Charlie. I begged John for a dog for years and he always said “no I don’t like dogs.” Fast forward… For my birthday in 2014 John got me Fitzy [mini golden doodle]. He told me in September that we were going to get one and I cried. When he met Fitz and his siblings he was hooked immediately. Ever since this John loves all golden doodles and treats Fitz like he’s a real human son. It is really sweet and I’m always like “remember how you didn’t like dogs?” haha.

#23. I don’t love eating at fancy restaurants. I claim to be ‘low maintenance’ because of this! I’ve said it before but I’d rather save up for a handbag instead.

#24. I hardly ever watch TV. The past couple of years or so John and I have tried to watch an episode of a show we are into at night [we just watched Jack Ryan??] after Luke is in bed as a way to do something together or have carved out time. Being an entrepreneur is tricky because I would work around the clock if I could but I know that is a bad way of life so I am intentional about carving out time for what is really important.

#25. Reading is the one past time I love the most. I actually like traveling alone because that gives me time to get away into a really good book. I have read 19 books in 2018 so far. I use Audible a lot when I am working on a project or getting ready so that I can listen while I work. Murder/suspense books are my favorite! I used to do blog posts on my favorite books  years ago but I kind of stopped..I keep telling myself I need to get back on it. [Read most recent post here – and it links to the other ones!]

#26. I love Amazon Prime… more than Target.

#27. We are currently building our ‘dream home’ and boy it is work! [Read reveal post HERE].  PS. I have tab on my IG and highlight all Home Building stuff there!

#28. I don’t like doing anything during the day until my bed is made and coffee is drank. It drives me bonkers for our bed not to be made!

#29. As a mom, I am not nearly as Type A as I thought I’d be. Also, we learned really quickly that after a child learns to walk – life gets so much crazier! We did not even know what was coming, lol!! When Luke was under a year we still went out to eat and did a lot of normal stuff that we always did. Now that he is so mobile we hardly ever eat out. But it is also so fun and he cracks us up!!

#30. I may write a fashion blog, but you’d be shocked if you saw my closet. I am not a hoarder with clothing at all so most of it goes to my mom, sister, & sister-in-law. We all all wear the same size in clothing and shoes!

#31. My go-to Starbucks order is super boring but I get asked this SOO often…ready for it?! Iced Coffee w/ soy & Stevia. I love sugary Starbucks drinks but I won’t let myself have them because they can be so high in calories and I actually really like the iced coffee drink that I always get! I like iced coffee quite a bit but I will order it hot if it is super cold out.

Let me know a fun fact about you in the comments below! Also – if you enjoyed this post let me know and I can do more types of posts like these.

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91 thoughts on “All Black Look For Fall 2018 + 31 Random Facts About Me

  1. Omggg I am kinda mad that i just found you!! Already loving you lol you have a beauTiful heart!! And i cannot believe you live in oklahoma like me! Cant wait to meet ya soMe day <3. AFter 3 years of procrastination ( that i wasnt good enough) i finally started my fashion blog a month ago! Much love <33

  2. At the RisK of being too NosEy, what grade did you end up reciving in that one college course you mentioned!? ?? inquiring Minds would like to kNow!! ?

  3. Hey Emily! I love this post! It is so fun to hear more about you! I would love a book review like you mentioned. Fun fact about me is that i strictly buy clothes thRough Your like to know it lol. I have so much trouble creating outfits so i bascially steal yours and a few other bloggers!

  4. So much fun reading about you! I like how down to earth & humble you are no matter what stage in your life you have been. From starting small to basically owning a lv store in your closet 🙂 a fun fact about me would be that, i was looking at photos in the past year of my boyfriend and i and i noticed that i still make the same silly faces that i made when i was a little girl. we have a huge family and when we would take a cousins picture i for some reason always had to throw my hands in the air and make a face. at 30 years old-i still do that. happy birthday!

  5. I loved this post! You are by far my favorite blogger, and I love that you openly will talk about your Faith! You are a great inspiration!

  6. I loved this post. We get to know a little bit more about you and that connects us 2 you! Fun fact about me: i started studying Biology (wanted to study medicine) and in my 3rd yr made a 180 (withoUt telling my parents) and went to study tHeater which was my passion since I was a kid!

  7. Love the post! Did yall meet at harding? I Am church of christ so i have family that went there! Curious the camp you were a counselor at? I Grew up going to pettijohn springs christian camp in oklahoma and was a counselor for a few years after i graduated until i moved away anD couldnt take off work. Love your blog and instagram page- ive Been following you for years on insta!

  8. This was fun to read and really weird how many of these i found myself direCtly reLating to. I chuckled to myself reading about how john didnt like dogs until He got you Fitz. My husband and i also have goldendoodles-2 of them. But i begged him to get our first right aFter we were marRies because he dIdnt love dogs- his mom had too many when he was Growing up which kiNda Ruined dogs for him- so i thought because when we met our tucker for the first time my husband Fell head over Heels and They have been insepaRable ever sinCe. Its so cute- he treats tucker like a human- like his chIld. We are CurreNtly Renovating our dream home and about a month away- hopefully- from moving in and while its been Quite a labor of love i could not be more excited. Your instagram and blog always bring a smile to my face- wow that sounds cheeSy- and your tips and reviews have lead me to really Great pRoducts and positive changes in my life. Thank you- beth

  9. I loved reading you’re 31 fun facts! I have been following you for about a year and love your posts and all the information you post about! Thanks for being a bright spot in my day!

  10. Hi Emily! I absolutely love personal posts like this! You are such an inspiration for Me as i have recently started my own blog! Its So exciting! I was wondeRing what type of camera you would suggest for taking pictures for posts. Thank you so much! Keep rockin it girl! 😉

  11. I’m the Oldest of two. She Is in the medical field also. Ive got two kids (son and daughter) im just getting started In my blog and i cant wait to see whEre it goes! My passiOn is to travel! I absOlutely Love seeIng Your post and that littlE luke.. oh my word… Just precious

  12. I loved reading this post, Emily! I especially liked #10 – true blues! makes me think of the “true Blues” in my own life 🙂 happy Monday! xox, emilee

  13. I love love loved reading thOse 30 facts about you (theres no #12) lol!! No judgement there, i would left out a lot of numbers!
    Love you ❤️

  14. Emily, i loved reading all of these fun facts about you! Even though i am a bit older than you, you remind me of MYSELF alot. . I have aS a little girl loved clothes, shoes, Jewelry, i Would alwaYs fix my hair abd makeup just to go to the mailbox. Lol. I love that you put god first!! You are such an Inspiration!!! Keep up The good work!! Btw i follow you ever day

  15. I had NO idea you were native American! Both of your parents look Caucasian. You were right how you look separate from them, lol. “Black sheep” indeed.

    More curious on why they cut off because of luke? He’s partial, or would you have to be full in order to be eligible?

  16. I Drink a large diet Coke from sonic every day! Large drinks are only $.99 Be before 10 AM. I love that you love diet coKes!

  17. This was so Fun to read! I never knew you were native amErican, but i assumed. WhIch tribe? Also i love how you share the difficulties of med school life. A lot of people just see the reward aFterwards and forget all of the sacrifiCes that went into it. You should dEf do more of these!

    xx, Tomi

  18. I enjoyed it very much. Do cute how you met. Yes do more like this. I slso want to know if you cook often. I hardly ever see you or john cook, was wondering what you eat on daily basis to stay so trim wirh not working out

  19. great post! I have followed your blog for at least 5 years, and it’s been so nice seeing your blog continue to evolve and grow over the years. I started following your blog because my style is very similar to yours and your blog provides a lot of outfit inspiration!

  20. This was such an amazing post. AS A READER, I FIND IT SO SPECIAL TO see MOMENTS WHEN a blog reader CAN TRULY GET TO KNOW A BLOGGER AND SEE WHO THEY ARE BEHIND THE CAMERA. I really enjoyed reading this.

    Also, my boyfriend is in med school in VA and our situation is very much similar to what you and John went through lol. mADE ME SMILE AND RECONFIRMS THAT THERE IS SOME LIGHT AT THE END OF HIS MED SCHOOL JOURNEY. great post!! thanks, Emily

    from a loyal reader,

  21. I loved this post emily. I love learning new things about you all the time. I went to a private christian college so i understand the Bible classes and chapel time. Also, i am a kindergarten teacher and i Thank you for the appreciatIon. I am always tired….
    thanks for sharing and always being You. (Ps. You and my sis have the same birthday! 🙂

  22. I relate so much with making the bed before doiNG anything! Every morning, i make my husband help me make the bed and im a complete freak about. It has to be perfect. My dad was in the national guard and he always taught us to make our beds first thing out of bed. I also wont talk to a soul without coffee in my Veins! Love following you because i am born and raised in Ok! WE live in yukon. Thanks for being so down to earth and keeping god first.

  23. i LOVED this post!! it’s so refreshing to see bloggers actually show that they’re also people. it’s really interesting to read that you were in education, even for a little! i totally thought you would have been in like marketing or pr after college. thanks for showing the “real” side of emily (not saying the blogging side isn’t either!) and for also always having a diet coke at mexican resturants too haha

  24. Fun fact about me: when i found out i was about to be a boy mom i discovered your blog and instagram and went on a binge reading session! You made me fall in love with being a mom!! Now i have my own blog and have loved every second of it!!!

  25. I’m a mom, wife, realtor, & have 2 old english bulldogs. I loooove Target, Fashion, Travel, I fancy restaurants for the ambience over the food. Our style is a lot alike. I loooove Chanel & LV & Love Hats.

  26. I love posts like these! I didn’t realize you had been blogging Full-time for four years… tHat means i’Ve been following you since near the beGinning! 🙂

  27. Happy Belated birthday Emily! I really enjoyed reading today’s post, I am ISTJ too! hope this year is amazing and can’t wait to see pictures of your house when it is finished!

  28. Girl i feel ya living in oklahoma there is no shopping it is terrible!!! But my bf just moved to virginia… any advice on places to eat, things to do, or shopping? Thanks for always being my “me” time fashion escape. Your conteNt is awesome and always on point! Such a fun outlet to follow.

  29. #1 really resonates with me! The nearest high end stores are at least an hour away, and even the closest target is 45 minutes away! Haha! My graduating class had 99 people! 🙂

  30. Love this post!! I love learning more about the people I Follow! Also I love reading too so i’d love more book posts too!!

  31. the 31 facts were so fun! Thanks for sharing 🙂 ps I would love to know what you’re reading…i am always looking for book recs!

  32. Hi Emily. I’m emily (boston, ma) as well and am an estj personality as well…and boy does it describe me to a “t.” I scored very low on the extroVert part and honestLy i believe im more of an introvert!

  33. Hey girl! Loved reading this! I’m from Arkansas too and went to U of A, and ended up in New Jersey (never in a million imagined that). I started a fashion blog Too last year so love getting inspo from you. Oh and we know some of the same people! Sara Beth leader and Ashley Linam! Happy belated Birthday! ?


  35. You Are one of my favorite bloggers, ive been following you a long time and i never took you for religious! Funny. Luke is so cute and i love your mom making appearances in your stories, she is totally mom goals! Anyway i love your style. Good luck with the house!

  36. I didnt know you were from arkansas!? Im moving there next month and i have always lived in a big cIty, please tell me its not that bad ??

  37. Hi Emily! I normally dont leave comments but i absolutely loved reading your blog! I’ve been fOllowing your blog since 2014, and have to say you are my fAvorite Blogger! Whenever i need some fashIon Inspirstion, you are my go to girl! ?
    Look forWard To more froM you!

  38. Thank you for sharing! I am glad you kept on blogging no matter what other people have said. I blog but not on the daily and I hope one day it might take off but for now it’s just something fun to do and share with my family that lives in Pa, i love in Maryland. I made a-who I follow-tab and you were the first person i mentioned. i have been a follower for a while and i enjoy every post. your posts are so upbeat and positive that it makes me feel like we are real life friends lol because we totally would 😉 and as always your outfit is amazing! <3

  39. Hey Emily, loved getting to “know” you a little bit more 🙂 This post seemed so honest, and i truly appreciated the bit about sticking with your true blues, ignoring naysayers, and doing the work. keep it up!

    oh, fun fact about me…? I used to be a professional ballet dancer. I retired at the ripe ol’ age of 19 😉

  40. You should definitely do blog posts about your favorite reads. Even just a monthly one would be great. i walk everywhere i go so i burn through audible books!

  41. I really enjoy your blog . I live in Searcy Arkansas and my son attends Harding University an Accounting major. I am co owner of a construction business and WBENC certified.
    Also I share your blog with my sister who lives In the heart of the City of Chicago ( MICHIGAN AVE). I really enjoy following all your fashion and travel blogs! It is so nice to see that your embrace being from Arkansas rather than being embarrassed.
    Keep up the great Work and I look forward to the next blog 🙂 I look forward to the next post !!


  43. I just wanted to say how nice it was to learn more about you. I thoroughly enjoy your instagram page and blog. Wishing you all the best!
    P.S. I love the design choices you’re making For your new home.

  44. My dad Was exactly the same way about getting a dog! Every time he says we don’t need anoTher dog and then once we get it he is obsessed! He loves the dogs more than his children. Now we have 2 golden retrievers!

  45. Amazing article. Your blog helped me to improve myself in many ways thanks for sharing this kind of wonderful informative blogs in live. I have bookmarked more article from this website. Such a nice blog you are providing !

  46. Dont you just love doing these getting to know you posts? You learn a lot about yourself in the process. Love your posts and style! Its such a small worLd. Im from northwest arkansas as well! Just really getting into ig and I completely relate to sharing things you find and pics and people probably thinking One is weird to do that. But hey as friends…dont we talk about the things we love?

  47. Ok.. this will be short and sweet. I loved loved this post.. I love everything you write about and are so real. I just turned 50 and i have been using all the products you recommend and i have people tell me they thing i am in my 30’s 🙂 yay.. The story of your life was so fun to read. without jesus in your heart nothing else matters. jesus, family, and then everything else will work out…
    thank you for always finding dupes for us… I won’t say 30 things about myself because i have to get ready for school but this is from a true follower of you and i think you are beautiful inside and outside..
    #1. born and raised in snoqualmie washington..
    #2. i married my highschool love and we have one son jake.. we tried for 15 years so have kids.. 6 failed invitro’s..4 miscarriages and finally at 35 the lord blessed us with our son… (quite the suprise) and i work at the middle school in our town so i get to see him everyday.
    #3 i travel to uganda and we stay in a village in NABISoto that my friends have started 20 years ago. we play with all the kids and love them and being there is the best thing in the world and i can’t wait for jake to go next year. i love love love uganda.. and i always wear make up and try to do my hair and wear cute comfy clothes… 🙂
    #4 i have loved jesus my whole life..
    keep doing all the great work you do and i look forward to reading all your posts and getting new clothes from nordstrom… you help me so i don’t have to think about what i am going to wear.. love and hugs from north bend washington!!

  48. This was very interesting!! Thank you for sharing. It helps getting to know you on a more everday kind of way. I love that you are so close to your family and That Luke travels with you most places you go. Happy Birthday ???

  49. Hi there! I just got around to reading your 30 facts about you! I really enjoyed getting to know you eVen more! I Am probably your Mom’s age but i have to say… are my favorite blogger to follow! I absolutely LOVE your sense of style! I Currently live in Virginia with my husband who is a Physician. I am a nurse but have not worked In the nursing field since i had my four children(2 boys, 2 girls) ages 23,21,19, and 15. Phew! Keep up the great work! Warmly,

  50. Im brand new to your blog and i live it. I float between ESTJ and ISTJ, depending on whats going on around me, and i also live in Oklahoma (oklahoma city). Love your shoes❣️❣️❣️

  51. #9 made me smile! I am currentLy pursuing a big dream that I feel God has put my on my heart for some time now. I will continue to pray to overcome discouragement. Thanks for posting this!

  52. I love these kind of posts! Love getting to know you more! Would love another one for sure. Fun Fact- Im from a small town from Nebraska and the inly goid place to shop was Target so im Target over amazon becais eof that! Their dollar spot gets me every time lol

  53. Love following you!! You always have the best fashion and beauty tips!! And my fave coffee is the same WITH THE classic sweetener and cream! Yum!!

  54. I have 3 boys and FINALLY had my girl so i was COMPLETEly clueless When it came to PICKING out her name by the 3rd child i was set in my mind that i was just meant to have boys lol… well know that my daughter was named after you ? her name is emily Grace thats my fun fact ?

  55. Love this post! I was wondering how you anD John met. I Think its incredible you have your mba and decided to take A leap and do what you love. Your family seems amazing! I also love tHat god is a big part of your life and your family’s life as well. You’re awesome and such an inspiration!

  56. honestly those polkadot shoes could probably have there own platform. The random facts are so fun, thanks for putting effort into your audience and showing how much you care!!

  57. Omggg I am kinda mad that i just found you!! Already loving you lol you have a beauTiful heart!! And i cannot believe you live in oklahoma like me! Cant wait to meet ya soMe day <3. AFter 3 years of procrastination ( that i wasnt good enough) i finally started my fashion blog a month ago! Much love <33

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