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A Chloe Backpack Look-a-Like for $28?!?!


TOP: Caslon [similar option HERE] | PANTS: Shine Star [$10] | FLATS: Ashley Cole [similar styles HERE & HERE] | BACKPACK: Metallic Sky [a designer dupe for $28, comes in Black, Taupe, & Wine – similar HERE, too.] | WATCH: Michele [great dupe option HERE]

So a few weeks ago I shared a full look from Wal-Mart [here] and I did a little poll asking if you all wanted to see more ‘on a budget’ fashion posts. It was so interested reading all of your responses and I am so glad most of you enjoyed the post. I’ve been blogging for 4 years now and I’ve had requests to do full outfits under $100 or just budget friendly fashion and I’ve done maybe 3-4 posts a year like that but I am trying to do them more often. I post on my blog 5x per week – so around 20x per month and I realized it wouldn’t hurt to try to more affordable outfit posts.

If you’ve followed me for any time, you know I love designer handbags and shoes – but I almost always share dupes. I love love LOVE to find good dupes for you all! Right now the ‘hot trend’ are backpacks! They are not only on trend, but they are also so practical! Last spring I got my first stylish backpack at Chanel and it was beautiful – but the size was not great for me [aka didn’t fit all of Luke’s things!]. I ended up finding a larger version that was similar that I actually prefer. I had a few of you e-mail asking for affordable dupes to my Chanel so I went on a wild goose chase. To be honest, I wanted to find a designer lookalike backpack that was under $50 — and I did!!! The backpack you are seeing in the photos above is a Chloe dupe, and the Chloe backpacks range from $1200 – $21oo dollars! ? Well, as I was planning this outfit/blog post I found this amazing look-a-like for twenty eight bucks!! I was SO thrilled. I ordered it online and it arrived 2 days later. As I was opening the box I got to thinking “oh I hope this doesn’t look cheap or feel cheap”, and it doesn’t! Thank goodness. This bag comes in a gorgeous taupe color – which I find to be best for fall but wine shade is beautiful as well. [The brand also makes this Chloe crossbody dupe, too- for $20!] Also, the same brand makes a similar backpack for $30 and it comes in a cognac shade which just so happens to be my favorite color all year long!

Sidenote, as I wrote in this post, I find that the best way to shop the Wal-Mart website for fashionable pieces is to go to their ‘IT LIST’ section. It’s their fashion it-list section that categorizes all of the trends and breaks them down. When I went to the IT list part of the site and saw that they had a dedicated ‘backpack’ section and quickly ran onto the designer dupe I am talking about above! Just a tip if you are looking for really trend, stylish pieces – this can save you some time. Wal-Mart totally has a whole different and ‘better’ selection online than they do in store in my opinion so it never hurts to check it out. That is also where I found this high waisted ‘paper bag’ like pants – for $10! I love the paperbag pant trend but it is not a trend that I will wear very often so I couldn’t justify spending a large amount of money on them, but $10 is not bad at all. They are great if you work in an office, too.

Thank you so much for stopping by – I love reading the feedback you all give me on posts like this so feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks to Wal-Mart for sponsoring todays post.

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10 thoughts on “A Chloe Backpack Look-a-Like for $28?!?!

  1. I didn’t even know you did budget friendly posts. I’m so interested! I’d love to see if you could do more less than $100 outfits. This should be including shoes – lol.

    I started saving money just so I hopefully one day, can purchase that vintage Chanel backpack. I’m hoping you get to sell it in the future and I hope I’ll have the funds by then. I tried looking online and cannot find anywhere ): So I started saving. Hope I’m lucky down the road!

    @happilyeveralanis | Happily Ever Alanis

  2. thanks so much for this wonderful “on a budget” post.


    Shelley, a fellow harding alumni

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