I Gave My Mom A Makeover

My mom let me do her makeup! I showed this on my IG stories [@emilyanngemma] and I got SO any questions about the products so I’m doing a full breakdown here! This actually was not going to be on my IG stories but I offered to do my moms makeup and she said sure and that she wanted to set up her camera and film it because she really likes the way I contour her nose and she tries to recreate it. When I finished she was like “wow- look at the before and after!” and she was so happy with how it looked. I sent myself her video and sped it up and broke it into a few 15 second clips and we both got a lot of questions about the product being used! SO I thought I’d share all of the info here!


La Mer Moisturizing Cream [this is not required – it just works really well for us both since we have dry skin but it is not necessary. There are moisturizers that are more affordable & will get the job done!]

Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil [I just started using this recently and I love it! The bottle is huge and will last a while and it really works to moisturize skin. My mom has dry skin – even drier than mine so I really wanted to get it moisturized.]

Farsali Skin Tune Blur [I’ve really been loving this product – I was skeptical initially thinking it was like an Instagram hyped product but it is actually very nice. It is great for dry skin and can be dropped into your foundation to make it go on lighter! For mom, I just applied it on its own.]

Tatcha Silk Canvas [I used this mainly in her T-Zone. This is a HG product for me – its been in my last 4 Sephora hauls I think?! It just use a tiny bit and tap it into any areas with pores or fine lines – I do not use it all over her face! Also, Smashbox makes some really amazing primers that are great for smoothing and pore blurring – this is not the only great primer out!]


NARS Radiance Foundation [This is my HG (Holy Grail) foundation. I swear by it! I try new foundations WEEKLY and always come back to this one. I use the shade ‘Barcelona’ but my mom is much lighter and needed a lighter shade. This foundation is amazing because it is a more natural foundation – and has radiance – yet it is still full coverage and beautiful. It is not cakey and thought it is a radiant foundation – it is not super dewy nor is it matte – it is perfect. This is one product I would very highly recommend trying out not matter your age! The brush I used in the video was a PR gift from IT Cosmetics during October for Breast Cancer Awareness — I used it on her because it was clean & I didn’t want to wash and sanitize my Sigma F80. IT Cosmetics brushes are amazing and I do alternate them when my F80 is dirty.

KKW Concealer [I actually really enjoy KKW concealer! I have a few that I really love but I used this one on my mom bc I got shade #1 and it is too light for me but perfect for her so I was letting her keep it anyway. Her concealers have a decent coverage – not crazy full but very good & blend out beautifully. I know concealer can get tricky with age and fine lines but I think this is good one if you don’t need to cover much. I personally use and mix 2 concealers however because I have dark circles. The sponge I used on my mom – and I also use as well is HERE.

BRIGHTENING POWDER [I used KKW brightening powder to set the congealer but this a not a must-have product in my opinion. I think investing into a good contour palette is much smarter because it will have a brightening shade and contour shades within, ya know? I just used this one because it was sitting out – it is not a game changer at all. The brush that I used to sweep this on is from Jaclyn Hill’s Morphe face master brush set [JH07] – its my HG brush for under eyes.

BAKING UNDER EYES [I just used a La Mer setting powder under her eyes but it is not necessary to have that type of powder. I just recommend a powder that is not drying at all – some loose setting powders can be very drying and draw attention to creases/fine lines. I have 6? or more loose setting powders in my kit and  each serves a purpose. The La Mer is just nice if your skin needs extra love because this is not drying & is very smooth – but trust me – it is not a must. There are other options that are half the price and are just as good! I used that same sponge that I blended out the concealer with to stamp this powder on her under eye area.

BAKING CHEEK BONES [I used THIS Lancome Absolue powder to bake and set the rest of her foundation. This powder is one that Jaclyn Hill swears by – is very beautiful on those with more dry skin or even normal skin. I had just received this in a PR package on Friday so I opened it up just to use it on my mom because I was curious as to how it would perform on her as it is a more ‘glowy’ powder. It’s actually called a ‘Radiant Smoothing Powder’ and it has a subtle ‘glitter’? or sheen? in it. I feel bad saying it like that because those words turn me away from products but it is very beautiful and very finely milled so it just looked amazing on her skin. I am dying to use it myself!

CONTOUR POWDER [Any contour kit is fine but a few of my favorites are THIS one, THIS one, & THIS one! I use THIS brush to do cheek contour & forehead contour and then I use THIS new brush for nose contour! I switch out my contour palettes regularly – like I will use one for a month and then randomly pull out another and use it for a few days. All that I am recommending are very good & are ones that I keep in rotation. I used THIS  to bronze up her face – my bronzers are dark and likely too dark for her so I found this one in my kit that had lighter shades.

BLUSH [I used THIS blush in ‘Pinch My Peach’ on her cheeks – its my favorite right now but I love that it is a cream formula so it has a glowy smooth effect- as opposed to being powdery.

HIGHLIGHTER [I’ve been using THIS Lancome highlighter myself for about 5-6 months now and it is truly so gorgeous. If you read my beauty posts that I do weekly, you already know what I’m going to say! Its a cream to powder formula and it just goes on so beautifully and so smooth. Highlighters are tricky because many can emphasize texture or pores and make them more pronounced – its harder to find ones that don’t do this. I personally have texture so I swear by this and it looks even better on my mom! I use it on her cheeks and the tip of her nose.

EYEBROWS [I didn’t need to do much to her eyes except for filling in her brows. I didn’t have her shade of pomade or powder but I did have a new Catrice brow pencil that is like $5 and I ordered it online and it is not my shade. It worked well for her – its a decent product and looked great but it does run out quickly.

SETTING SPRAY [I used the Tatcha Dewy Setting mist  on her because she does tend to be more dry and also because I used powder on her. This spray will melt the makeup all together and give it a more radiant, glowy look – not dry or cakey. I use always use THIS little travel sized fan to get it to dry more quickly.

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21 thoughts on “I Gave My Mom A Makeover

  1. Was your mom 10 when she had you? She looks more like your sister! I ENJOYED her MAKEOVER partLy because of her being closer to my age, and, her COLORING is closer to mine as well. I was WONDERING what LIPSTICK you used. I LIKE that color.

  2. omg, she looks so GREAT! (and so young!) Wish you would have smoothed her hair too. Wish you could give me a makeover! WOW. Amazing!

    I am sitting at my computer, jaw-dropped! ok, I know I’m not “suppose to ask” but how old is she? If you’re in your mid to late 20’s I’m guessing her to be late 40’s or 50-ish?

    Seriously, I wish you could make me look that good! Her eyebrows, nose, lips, eyes…everything looks so fab.

  3. Emily, thank you so much for your post re: your mom’s makeover! First of all she is gorgeous, just like you, and secondly, you are a talented makeup artist. In FeBruary I will have my 50th birthday ? so I appreciate reading about the
    products you used (for yourself
    and for your mom). My skin is dry and over the past 5 yesrs I’ve had to change skin care,
    foundation, and you name it! You
    are a lovely young woman. Please keep yOur posts about beauty products (and shoes) coming! Happy new year! ?

  4. I love your blog so much, im constantly checking it to get makeup tips and inspiration. i am loving your new home updates and of course pregnancy updates! hope your feeling good!

  5. My favorite posts are your makeup and fashion posts. I love when you post your favorite makeup products I follow all your makeup tips and love when you let us know what sales are going on. i ABSOLUTELY love your fashion posts because i love clothes and you have amazing style. You always give the best advice and i am a big fan of you and your blog!!

  6. I would love to see iptions of the clothing you wear in “plus size” i love love your style and sometimes its hard to find a bigger size. Also, your tips on what you pack/how you pack when you travel. Your must haved when you travel. Any travel size items that You take. ❤️❤️

  7. Love Reading your posts wIth luke! My son is the same age so i love readIng some of your favorite toys and clothes for him!

  8. emily i love this post! i do my moms makeup now because she has ALZHEIMER’S and i have just had to learn on my own what will crease and what will work on her. thank you so much for this post. it helps and i will use the tips on my momma 🙂

  9. Emily,
    I would love for you to post more beauty products/ suggestions for those of us closer to your mom’s age. I’m forever screenshotting and ltk loving products on your iG. Does your mom have an ig account?

  10. Did you save the video of this makeover? I watched it when you were doing it but just now getting around to ordering and trying what you did on her. I’m new to contouring so….is there a video???

  11. Just ran across this post my goodness your mom looks just amazing! Thanks for sharing her lip color in the comments. I have similar coloring to your mom and am always on the hunt for the perfect Nude!

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