You guys know I hit up Sephora at usually 3-4x per month. Occasionally, I go just to pick up a new product I’ve seen reviewed on YouTuber but every now and then I go and just pick up a list of items I’ve been wanting to try. A few weeks ago I had a $25 off offer and made a long list of what I wanted to purchase and since then I’ve been trying it all so I could review it! Here are a few of my favorite new items – but you can always check out my other monthly Sephora Hauls by searching it in the search tool [just type ‘Sephora Haul‘ and it brings it up!].


HUDA BEAUTY NUDE PALETTE | This palette so unlike anything I’ve tried before – and I love it! I usually go for tan and brown but this has more pink / purple / mauve tones and its SO good. The mattes are full of pigment and go on so easily and the glitter shades are unbelieveable! It is a really fun palette!

FENTY BEAUTY LIP COLOR | Okay, I have worn this on a ton on my blog, IG, and IG stories and each time I do I get message after message asking about it! It’s the shade ‘Unbutton’ and the formula is SO good. It is so smooth and dries down beautifully. It doesn’t look dry – it just looks flawless which is amazing for a matte lip stain! I like the shade because you can layer with other glosses and change it up!

LANEIGE LIP MASK | Not new to me but each time I mention it I get so many questions so I had to re-share! I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and I love it. I sleep in it at night and where it during the day while I get ready.

TOO FACED BLUSH | Okay, I randomly tried this – totally on a whim because I love their peach collection and oh-em-gee. This is GORGEOUS. I mean, gorgeous! It is a cream texture and goes on so smooth and looks so glowy – almost like a blush meets a highlighter. I am obsessed! It also smells amazing!

BOBBY BROWN MASCARA | This is not a new discovery – it used to be my holy grail years ago but I’m back on board and loving it! I change my mascaras a couple of times a year and this is one of my top 3 favorites!

FRESH SEABERRY MOISTURIZING OIL | I recently ran out of my La Mer oil and didn’t want to splurge on it again so I gave this one I try instead and it is SOOO good!! I mean – it is totally hydrating & moisturizing! I use it AM and PM – but PM is most important so I wake up with healthier skin! It’s specifically for dryness, dullness, uneven texture, firming, & more! It’s packed w/so many great ingredients including Vitamin E.

[All outfit details linked HERE.]

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