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Amazing Designer Gift Ideas via eBay


The past few months I’ve been sharing details on buying *authentic* pre-loved designer handbags on eBay and I’ve had so much great feedback. You can read those posts HERE & HERE. Anyway, I thought today that I’d share something similar – but different – and cover designer jewelry via eBay! Tis the season to purchase jewelry for loved ones [i.e. your mom, girlfriend, etc.] OR for yourself! If you guys are similar to me, you may save all of your cash gifts for something big during the holidays! But today I wanted to specifically cover one of my favorite jewelry designers,  David Yurman. Over the past 4 years I’ve built up quite the David Yurman collection and it never gets old! It is all so gorgeous, durable, & classic – these pieces never go out of style! Oh – also, just wanted to let you all know that eBay also has an authenticated section for jewelry – just like the handbag section I’ve talked about. This section is best if you are looking for a certain designer piece and you want to make sure it is 100% authentic – they have experts on hand who have verified it to be the real deal. 🙂 I’ve use the authenticated handbag section to get a Louis Vuitton wallet & a vintage Chanel backpack and blogged about my experience with both!

People online & friends/family frequently ask me questions before they splurge on a designer piece and I always, always recommend looking online for a pre-loved version first. I personally sell many of my designer handbags/jewelry/shoes/etc. if I find that I do not wear it enough & can’t justify keeping it in my closet! I’ve found that so many people do exactly what I’m referring to – but they use eBay as a platform to sell their pieces & they are usually at a much better price point. It’s just something I always recommend keeping in mind before you splurge. I’ve mentioned it in the past but just a reminder that 81% of eBay’s merchandise has a ‘Buy It Now’ option as opposed to the bidding style that was frequent years ago AND 69% of the items ship FREE!

Since David Yurman is a luxury jewelry designer & the pieces are so classic and never go out of style, it is not too hard to find those pieces online. I went through the site and found several pieces that are similar to my staple pieces. The pieces I’ve worn the most over the years are my bracelets. They look great alone but look even better when stacked and mixed with others! The one piece I don’t think I could ever part with in my collection is my gold Albion ring with the morganite stone! I found a couple of DY rings with morganite stones on eBay so I will make sure to link those as well!

The cuffs that resemble mine the most similar are HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE. And THIS RING is so beautiful and has a morganite stone! If you don’t love the morganite stone, you may like THIS option – its one of my favorite styles & I got the black onyx as my first DY purchase and I wore it NON-stop – casual & dressy!

Just wanted to share this little tip for gift giving this holiday season if you are looking for ways to save some money! 🙂 ALSO – for those not interested in designer jewelry or pieces, eBay does run a really cool daily deal section that I check out frequently! They have some amazing deals there.

Thanks to eBay for sponsoring todays post.

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  1. Amazing christmas decor. it reminds me of mackenzie-childs!
    I think your outfit is absolutely amazing. oversized sweater as a dress…brilliant! from where can the dress and socks be purchased? i didn’t see the outfit details in the blog post.

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