SWEATSHIRT [on sale], LEGGINGS, TENNIS SHOES all Adidas via Finish Line

This is easily one of my favorite day-to-day looks – as I love love love Adidas! Even before becoming a mom, I was living in this type of outfit regularly when I am home or traveling. As much as I love heels & dressing up, I love a good, cute pair of leggings with comfy tennis shoes. In fact, I get asked often what my favorite type of workout gear or athleisure is and Adidas is always what comes to mind. So much so that I always buy Adidas leggings / sweatshirt as gifts for family members – I recently posted a photo of Luke, my niece Georgia Kelley, & me all matching in Adidas gear! GK was staying at my house and she brought her pink matching outfit and I had just purchased a grey version for Luke so we all wore them on the same day and got my mom to snap a photo. ☺️ I buy a lot of Adidas for Luke because he is always on the go and making a mess and I think the Adidas sweatsuits are so cute but also good for him to play in!

Anyway, I thought I’d share this full look on my blog today because I know many of you are probably like me and run around in leggings & sweatshirts as well. Especially during the holiday season when you are busy running around getting gifts & groceries!? I have  to say that these Adidas ULTRAboost tennis shoes are SO good. I have a few pair of Adidas tennis shoes but I wear them more casually – not as much for actually working out or going to the gym. However, the ULTRAboost are really good for gym wear + casual wear [they are REALLY cute!]. I don’t own any all white tennis shoes so I opted for the all white version because they make your legs look more tan [?] and I figure they will go with a lot more! Sidenote – they do have them in several other colors!

My entire look is from Finish Line which is where I always score some of the best Adidas finds by the way- just in case you are looking for last minute gift ideas! I have not included Adidas leggings into any of my gift guides and I totally should have because that is exactly what my mom, sister & I love getting! The leggings I am wearing above as some of my favorite and they are $35 which would be such a good gift for one of your girlfriends! [Okay one more thing – this oversized sweatshirt is also really good if you are wanting to spend more than $50!]

PS. My bump is starting to pop a little lately – mainly after lunch but that counts too! ?

Thanks to Finish Line for sponsoring todays post.


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