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Gift Guide + IG Story Review

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Yesteryday [Sunday] I did an IG story sharing around 12 gift ideas at a variety of price points. I included one that is $15 and a watch that is over $3,000. I actually based the gifts on things I get the most compliments on or things that are holy grail/favorites. I know that gift giving is really challenging – you want to stay under a certain price point OR you feel like that friend/family member ‘has it all’. My family jokes that I’m the hardest to shop for – and in all reality, the items I am mentioning are all things I’d love to receive!

Today I thought I’d quickly recap that IG story video and break it all down so you have shade names, sizes, and all. Also, I had a few requests for other gift guides – like for men – so I wanted to give you all that I have been doing weekly gift guides for a few weeks now. They can all be found under the HOLIDAY tab of my menu – here’s a Gift Guide Under $50, and another popular one HERE.


#1. RED SWEATPANTS [$45]: This was not in my IG stories as an idea BUT – you guys – these pants are AMAZING. I am a sucker for comfy sweatpants. The kind that are crazy soft, have a cute jogger fit so they remain cute and flattering, but are so comfy. I just got the red pair in the photo above last week and I am LIVING in them. I got a medium – just because I always size up during pregnancy but the medium was a little big – but in a good way. They are comfortable. If you want to flatter your figure go down a size or stick with your regular size. Also, I tend to wear mine around the house with a v-neck tee [this is my fave] and also just oversized sweatshirts + house slippers.

#2. LEOPARD PRINT SLOUCHIE BEANIE [$15]: A few years ago I found this beanie and I wore it like crazy! I linked it on my Instagram back then and it sold out in a few hours. And any time it came back in stock it sold out again so quickly. It is the cutest beanie – and for $15?! Luckily, they re-stock it each fall and it is back again so I had to share.

#3. EAR CRAWLERS [$45]: I’m usually a hoop girl but THESEEEEEE! Oh – em- gee! These are so good and they have that edgy, yet still classy look. I think it’s hard wear these without looking more edgy but these are the perfect style. I haven’t worn hoops at all since I got these!

#4. CHARLOTTE TILBURY LIPSTICK [$34]: The two shades I wear the most are KIM KW and NUDE KATE. The KIMKW is my holy-grail and has been for years. Literally any time I wear this people started asking “what is lip colors is that?” it never fails. The formula is super creamy & pigmented – but has such a soft, flattering look to it.

#5. CHARLOTTE TILBURY LIP LINER [$22]:  So the shade PILLOW TALK used to my favorite but about 6mos ago I started

#6. URBAN DECAY LIP GLOSS [$17 – on sale today!]: The shade I like the best is ‘Midnight cowgirl’ but it appears to be sold out everywhere right now.

#7. MICHELE WATCH: My first luxury watch purchased was a Michele Diamond Deco about 5 years ago. Since then, I’ve purchased a couple more – because they are so gorgeous and are amazing quality.

#8. NIXON WATCH: I’ve had this watch for a few years now and I never grow tired of it – ever! I love the black face and I wear it a TON during the fall and winter months. I love navy & black faces on watches and this is one of my favorites – and it is on sale!

#9. ROSE 31 PERFUME: My holy grail perfume – this stuff is so good!! It wears for DAYS!! It’s not like a typical perfume that wears off after a few hours or a day – this one lingers for days. Taylor Swift & J.Lo both use the Santal 33 version of this – which is just a fun fact! I didn’t like that one as much as I did the Rose 31.

#10. PARFUMS DE MARLY DELINA: Similar to ^^ the one above, this wears forever and oh-em-gee – both are major compliment getters. I always get stopped when I wear this one because it smells so good. I recently got used to the smell so I don’t smell it on myself as much but my mom had it on and today and I was like “wait what are you wearing????” and she goes “the pink bottle” and it hit me that I am just used to it. It smells so so good and sticks to you, your hair, and clothing.

#11. CHAIN/CHOCKER NECKLACE: I’m a layering necklace lover- but I have to admit that Lana Jewelry is my FAVE. It is a little pricy but they are amazing quality and I absolutely adore them. I actually just purchased this chocker because I love the way it looks layered with everything else. It has a sparkle to it – making it easy to recognize as Lana! This piece is great & I wear it alone quite a bit too.

#12. LASH SERUM [$150]: This is the serum I used for years and years before eyelash extensions – but I still used it while getting extensions on & off. I recently purchased this exact one because it is the same price as buying one bottle – but you get an extra!

#13. TRAVEL SIZE LIGHT-UP MIRROR [$80]: This mirror is 4″ and I keep it in my make-up bag at all times. It is great for travel and even at home when you need to get a good close up view of your eye shadow/liner  – not sure if that even makes sense but I always use it to do my eye shadow! It lights up and is magnified so you get a good, close up view. Also, I get a lot of questions about the vanity mirrors I use and I reviewed this HERE and they are also really great.


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5 thoughts on “Gift Guide + IG Story Review

  1. I just love reading your bloG. Your style both fashion and decorating is inspiring. I am in the process of purchasing and renovating a home and would love to get your insight on paint colors for interior and exterior. What are some of your favorite paint colors especially those in your current home and plans for your new home? Any ideas and paint color inspirations would be great.

  2. I just started Trying charlotte tilbury products and love them! I’m currently using A holiday set with The magic eye cream, moisterizer and night cream. I think i’m going to give the kimkw Lipstick and the liner pillow talk a try. I’m sure i’ll Grab a set for my bestie too! Thanks Emily!

  3. Seen this in your stories and i was getting stuck what to get my best friend. I think im about to add perfume to the List of thIngs! Thank you! ? yoU!

  4. Hi Emily! Thank you for going into more detail about/linking what you mentioned on your instagram stories. It looks like the end of your sentence got cut off when you were talking about the lip liner, so I just wanted to bring that to your attention.

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