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I’m not sure about you all, but when I think ‘Mary Kay’ I immediately think of the makeup ‘adults’ wore when I was a kid – and of course pink Cadillacs! Ha – anyone else?! I recently chose to partner with the brand after receiving a package including their Chromafusion Collection. To be honest, the last time I used a Mary Kay product was 2 years ago when a friend loaned me her foundation and I really, really liked it! Outside of that, I have not tried any Mary Kay products.

As soon as I got this package in I started looking through the colors and products – and swatching them all. My first thought was that I loved the blush shades and that the pigment was really intense – more intense than I anticipated which I totally appreciate! I thought I’d do a full post to review the products and share my thoughts with you all. You guys know I’m obsessed with beauty products and I literally try new products on the daily – whether its skincare, makeup, or even a hair product!

So really quick – in the photos above I used all Mary Kay products from the Chromafusion Collection I was sent so I used the shadows on my eyelids, blush on my cheeks, highlighter, and the contour powders for my cheeks/nose. I wanted to go full out so you could see how they look on me – and I didn’t try any new techniques – I kept it to my usual routine!


CHROMAFUSION EYE SHADOW | So, first of all, the color selection on the eye shades is pretty great. I used a taupe as my transition shade – though I wished there were more of a camel shade for my crease/transition. The taupe worked really well though! I used one of the deeper shades in the crease only and then two metallic golden shades for my lid. They all blended well, had strong pigmentation, and wore well throughout the day. I will say, the metallic shades were not as intense as I typically wear – which may be great for some of you! 🙂 I like a really sparkly lid though! I used the creamy shadows to set my eye primer and also to clean up my brow bone. Overall, I liked the shadows a lot – I think the best part is that you can buy them individually just to keep in your kit and mix and match – and they are $8 a piece. They are crease-free, fade proof and have a ‘life proof formula’ which means they will wear up to 12 hours. I didn’t have the makeup on for 12 hours but they were definitely there when I got in the tub that night!! 🙂

In a few of the photos above you can see all of my favorites in one place, that is the Mary Kay Pro Palette. My favorite shadow shades were Blossom, Candlelight, Cinnabar, Crystalline, Golden Mauve, Hazelnut, Hot Fudge, Mahogany, & Rose Gold. Those were the shades I mostly used for the photos above but also the shades I would keep in the Pro Palette to travel with as well!

CHROMAFUSION CONTOUR / HIGHLIGHTER SHADES | First of all, I think the contour shades are what I was most impressed with – and shocked, really! I mixed the shades ‘Latte’ and ‘Cocoa’ to contour my nose and cheek bones and oh-em-gee – it looked so good. First of all, I use them light handled because they are very pigmented! They are $14 a piece and are also long wearing and DO NOT EMPHASIZE PORES! ??  The super dark shade you can see in my palette above is ‘Cocoa’ and thought it is dark – it is blendable and looks amazing. I literally was in shock because my nose contour was the best I’ve ever seen it! I used a brush and a sponge to blend it out. As far as the Chromafusion Highlighter, I was pleasantly surprised. I am always nervous to try new highlighters because they can either be too much or really emphasize texture. However, these didn’t do that – they were very beautiful and more natural. I like my highlight to really pop and glow so I did spray my brush and I did two layers to make it appear more intense. This is really good for those of you who like a subtle highlight – it won’t be too crazy and it won’t bring attention to any blemishes or flaws. The two shades available [$14] are ‘Honey Glow’ and  ‘Glazed’ – and I mixed the two. However, I see ‘Glazed’ as being the one I’d used more frequently!

When I was putting all of my ‘faves’ into the Pro Palette [for travel] I did include all 4 of the contour and highlight shades.

CHROMAFUSION BLUSH | Okay, so I’m picky with blush. SO picky. I’m always disappointed in blush honestly. Personally, I feel they don’t wear long,  take a little bit to build up, and a lot of times the colors are not natural looking – they can appear blotchy. The Chromafusion blushes were SO good – seriously. They have a strong pigment but still blend out beautifully and don’t look splotchy. It doesn’t take a lot of work to get the color to show up AND they wear throughout the day very well. They have 10 shades available and they are $14 a piece.

In my palette I added the shades Juicy Peach, Darling Pink, Desert Rose, Hint of Pink, Rogue Rose, Rosy Nude, and Shy Blush.

My final thoughts… First of all, the contour shades and blushes were definitely my favorites! I was so impressed with those. I think one of the key points I should make is that all shades are magnetic and can be removed or popped in to a Pro Palette [$25] so easily.  I travel a lot and I like knowing that all of my contour, blush, highlighter, and shadows are all in one place. It saves space and creates less clutter.

I really didn’t know what to expect since I had not tried any Mary Kay products in so long but I am so, so impressed! I know I’ve said it a lot, but the contour shades, & blushes were so, so good! In fact, I am planning on trying a couple of skin care products a few of you have recommended to me now!

This post is in partnership with Mary Kay. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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10 thoughts on “So I Tried Mary Kay Make-Up… My Thoughts!

  1. tHIS IS PRETTY COOL! Mary Kay has come a long way from when I was a representative, which was a buzillion years ago! hahaha!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Mary Kay’s Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover!! I swear by it! I can’t use most removers because it messes with my eyes and contacts so mUch but their’s is one of the only ones i can use! One of my BFF’s sells MK and almost everytime she does an order i get another bottle so i always have a backup!

  3. Ugh Emily, really? You’re promoting an MLM (basically a pyramid scheme)? You should do some research on the companies you accept partnerships from before you agree 🙁

    1. Hi love! I am not sure if you are new here but I am not am ‘MLM’ pusher! I have never pushed MLMS. I do review beauty products and lines frequently – in fact, weekly! I typically do pick up items from Ulta, drug stores, or Sephora but I did step outside of the box and try something different. I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed but there were a lot of people who did love and enjoy the post. It’s simply a review -and I will continue doing beauty reviews and hauls weekly on my blog and you will notice I do not do MLMs often at all. 🙂 Hope you had a happy holiday. XO

      1. Thank you for doing this review. I really appreciate your point of view.

        Just so you know, mlms are illegal.

        Plus I LOVE your makeup desk!!

    2. Rose Gold is my favorite Chromafusion eye shadow shade!!! (I am not sure why this is only in all caps?)
      Also, Mary Kay is not a MLM. Besides being illegal, MLM top people are the only ones who earn money and the bottom are the only ones that do all the work. In Mary Kay, all of the consultants and directors give facials, and sell products. If the directors do not, they cannot be directors. Also, everyone can make commission, and that commission comes from the company, not out of anyone else’s profit. We each make 50% from our sales and we can work as little or as much as we want. And we can go higher in the company than anyone else if we choose to do the work. Yes, I am a consultant. I work with Mary Kay because of their fair business model and their heart for helping women be the best version of themselves.

    3. Love this post!!! Thank you for sharing. I love mary kay products and fiNd its given at bad rep out there as being a grandma brand! As you can see, its come a long way xo

    Our company has the best products & is always improving. I’M A 40 YR CUSTOMER OF MK & BEEN BUILDING MY BUSINESS FOR 32 YRS.