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Poolside Outfit Inspo [ALL Under $30!]

^Can you tell what he is doing?! LOL!!?


SWIMSUIT: ASOS [maternity – but I also ordered THIS non-maternity black suit!] | COVER-UP: Forever 21 | KNOTTED TOTE BAG: Forever 21 | NECKLACE: Forever 21 | HAT: Forever 21 | BRACELET: Forever 21 | RINGS: Cartier, Shashi | EARRINGS: Jenny Bird

I thought it would be fun to do an entire swimsuit / pool look under a certain price point and VOILA! It was not that hard! I found so any great finds online – any in this post everything is under $30! The bag, hat, jewelry, cover-up, & swimsuit! ๐Ÿ™‚

I love these photos with Luke Bear – I literally could cry looking at them! He is so sweet! He kept pointing at his stomach and trying to stick it out to look like mine. Anytime he sees a photo of me he says “MAMA MAMA!” and points – the other day I was watching a video of a fitness girl who is pregnant and due around the same time as me so she has a bump as well and he goes “oh mama!” It was cracking me up – I think he is starting to notice haha. On another note, this girl is measuring very similarly to how Luke was… he was 9.5lbs! At my 22 week appt [w/Luke] they warned me that I was having a big baby and a tech even said “are you sure this due date is right?!” Well! at my last appointment for Baby Girl Gemma, they measured her head and its in the 95th percentile like Lukes always was… and still is, LOL. [No hats fit him when he was born – like we had his name monogramed on some and those were a no-go!?] Anyway, they also said she’s measuring about 4 weeks ahead! Honestly, I was not surprised to hear that though because just the last few weeks I have been very unfordable and having extreme rib pain which is what happened at the end with Luke. Before I went to the last appointment, I had suspicion that she was getting big quickly though – there were like a mega growth spurt all of a sudden and my body totally noticed it. ? Anyone else have big babies?!?!?! Or know what I mean about the severe rib pain?! This time around I have round ligament pain as well – something I never had with Luke. Makes me wonder if its her placement or what?!

Okay, well just thought I’d check in and share this look with you all in case you’ve got any spring break trips coming up! XO

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10 thoughts on “Poolside Outfit Inspo [ALL Under $30!]

  1. omg that is the cutest thing ever luke copying ur little belly! i love it. and dont u just love it when he calls u mama? my 2 year old does it and it just melts my heart. he for some reason wont say mommy but will say mama and my 6 year old will say mommy lol its weird.

    but yes i had a big baby with my 2nd one (first was 6 lbs). but 2nd one, i had no idea at all he would end up being so big. i am a tiny women lol so for me to have a 8 lb baby was a shocker! lol

  2. I love how you never dial it down even when traveling. Before your next trip, can you do a packing post? When I travel, I tend to feel like I cant bring as many bags/shoes/hats/coats as id like because I end up with three bags to check. Ive done the packing cubes, but there is room for improvement, we need your packing secrets! Xx

    1. Honestly I think it is all about strategy, LOL!! I donโ€™t think there are any great tools that are worth the splurge!

  3. I swear your son is the cutest kid! I’m not a kid person at all but he has the “IT” factor. You should look into getting him into a modeling agency. My firend did that with his son and the kid appeared in J.Crew, GAP and other catalogs and store websites.

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