First of all, I’m going to just straight up tell you – I love this line!? I’ve always heard great things about the brand Elemis but I had not really had any experience trying the brand until a friend & her mom recommended it. In fact, a blogger friend was telling me she was using the Superfood line & so was her mom and they were crazy over it – specifically the Superfood Facial Oil. [They both have amazing skin so my curiosity was piqued.] You all know I’m a major product junkie and love trying new products so I actually went down a rabbit hole and discovered their Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads. These things are SO good – they are ‘skin smoothing’ – due to the the texture of the pad and the acids within the pad. Basically they are working as a chemical exfoliant and a physical exfoliant. I’m huge on exfoliating because I have dry skin so I have to do both physical and chemical very regularly. Once I found out I was expecting I backed off of using them quite as much – but the AHAs inside are not super strong and my doctor was fine with the occasional use of Lactic Acid. And I’ve written about it in a post before but I also love their Aching Muscle Super Soak!

SOO! Fast forward to a few weeks back I got an email asking if I’d like to try Elemis’ new Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen line. I jumped at the chance of trying it because based on all of the language I’d read, it sounded amazing. Basically, it’s an anti-aging line that is made to ‘reduce the appearance of deep set lines and wrinkles in 28 days’. WOW. It’s basically a 3 piece line that claims to ‘firm, smooth, & rejuvenate‘. I’m all about the word ‘SMOOTH’, haha! I mean, all words are great but I’m constantly working to improve my skin and I feel like this pregnancy + moving has taken a toll on my skin. I have to be very proactive about skincare. If you read their website it shares some data on survey results from people who tried the line out.. overall it sounds like everyone found the line to be hydrating, saw improved appearance in lines and wrinkles, improved feeling and appearance in firmness / elasticity, AND [best part] the eye creams reduced the size of dark circles, gave a bit of an eye lift, made eye area noticeable firmer & tighter. The eye area is specifically what I got excited about to be honest! My poor eyes are struggling lately with the lack of sleep!

Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Serum | This is a serum I’ve been using under my moisturizer daily, both AM & PM – and I’ve really loved it! Not to get technical but it is a clinically proven and formulated with 12 specialized algae and Drone Peptide Technology. A lot of this sounds kind of complicated but I enjoy reading and trying to understand it all – not that I fully do but I feel like I’ve been able to learn enough. Basically the Drone Peptide ‘stuff‘ [?] is good because its insanely hydrating since  it gives an intense boost of… Hyaluronic Acid!??? I love love love HA – its a game changer! I don’t quite understand in full how algae works, but I do know that each one brings something of ‘value’ to the table – as in one is known for firming the skin while others are known for doing other things. My thoughts about the serum – I love love love it. I love the boost of hydration, I love the way it makes my skin feel & look. I didn’t realize how much I needed a firming product in my life but the from that aspect it really just helps to tighten and lift overall which NEVER hurts!

Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Eye Treatment Duo | So there are two products here, the Morning Eye Balm & the Evening Eye Cream. First of all, I love the way both of these smell – it is SO good and refreshing. Nothing over the top or super perfum-y but just clean and nice, ya know!? The Morning Eye Balm is more of a balm like consistency and I was a little hesitant since I wear makeup under my eyes – but it does not interfere! ?? It feel so good and it works to reduce puffiness [NEED], brighten dark circles, & even tighten so that you have that lifted eye look. I LOVE this stuff! I skipped using it for a few days over the weekend while moving and I was so annoyed because I could tell I didn’t use it for 3 days. The eye area is super important since your skin is so thin – its where aging can really show early on so I find it vital to invest in good creams for the eye area! Anyway, the second one is the Evening Eye Cream. Its full of the good ingredients that help hydrate and plump around the eye area. This is a very important step in my opinion – otherwise you wake up with crepey, more tired eyes. If you use both consistently you will see a huge difference!

Okay, I know this is long and super chatty but I had to share my thoughts overall because I am HOOKED. I’ve seen the difference in my skin from before and after and I would highly recommend it. If you want to start off slow and are closer to my eye and want to see improvement around the eyes – I’d start off w/the Eye Treatment Duo. All three are incredible- but I know if I had to pick I’d want to the eye treatment. I’ll be totally honest, I have been sleeping worse than ever the last 4-6 weeks because of this pregnancy and worrying about moving and getting everything done before the baby comes. I personally am one of those people who show signs of this ALL over my face – I can’t hide it! The timing of receiving this was impeccable because it helped tremendously!

Editing to add that Elemis now allows AfterPay – meaning that you can split payments overtime if you’d like! I know the price points for these products are higher so I thought I’d mention that option!! 🙂

**They are doing 20% off of their Best Sellers today!**

I know a lot of you are fans of the Elemis brand – please let me know if there are any other products I need to try!!!

Thanks to Elemis for sponsoring todays post.



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2 thoughts on “I Tried The New Elemis Pro-Collagen Skincare Line.. [Best Eye Products EVER!]

  1. Hi! thanks for sharing this line, i can’t wait to try them all! I’m always searching for new products! I have a lot of redness around my nose, and i swear by dr. jart+ products for calming the redness.