ON JOHN || TOP: Mizzen + Main [probably his favorite brand!] | SHORTS: J.Crew [almost identical HERE & HERE] | SANDALS: Sperry | SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban | WATCH: Jack Mason

ON LUKE || TWO PIECE SET: Ruggedbutts | BOAT SHOES: Sperry

How cute are my guests today!?! Mama is big & fits into hardly anything lately, seriously. So the guys are taking over and it was actually so much more fun being behind the camera instead of in front of it! I loved snapping photos of these two – Luke LOVES his ‘Dada’ – they have a blast together. John makes Luke laugh harder than anyone else can and it is hysterical – its like that deep laugh that is uncontrollable and it is SOOO cute!!

Anyway, today is a wild day – we are moving this week – but John is at work so it’s Coco & me + the movers! I have not been getting ready as much because I’ve been packing AND I have only a few pieces left that fully cover my bump. I remember the last month I was pregnant with Luke this happened, I suddenly just couldn’t make even the biggest things cover my bump, lol!

When John and I were in the Bahamas a few weeks back I had a lot of people asking about his swim trunks, swim shoes, and more – and it became a running joke. I kept having to add Swipe Ups to my IG stories for his things and since then I’ve continued to get messages about what John’s favorites are and more! SO, today I thought I’d just share a few of the items he gets asked about the most. Like, the loafers he always takes on trips are HERE and they are good for water or just casual! He has a couple of pair of them but wears his navy pair the most. He says they are the most comfortable AND his first pair are like 3 years old and he wears them all spring & summer. Next up are his favorite tops for work, church, etc. and they are by Mizzen + Main. In the photo above he is wearing a piece from the Performance Sport line which is his favorite. It looks like a nice dress shirt but its SO good because it feels more like an athletic shirt on – does that make sense?! Like, I didn’t realize it was a special fabric until I asked if he ironed it because it was so crisp and he said it doesn’t need to be ironed because of the fabric. AKA: Win-win for both of us! He did run my steamer over it really quickly because there was a crease from where it had been packaged in the box. He finds almost everything from Nordstrom by the way – it is his go-to place for his work clothes & fun clothing as well. Okay I won’t keep rambling but the other thing a lot asked him about were swim trunks! His two favorites are HERE & HERE – but I love these flamingo ones!

I have also gotten SOO many questions about Luke’s PJs! 90% of the time he has on Kickee Pants – they are all he’s worn since he came home from the hospital. The are SO comfy and always have cute patterns. Almost anytime someone asks about his PJs – they are Kickee and we are getting a lot for this baby girl, too [I got her THESE]! Cute boy clothes are hard to find but Kickee always has cute stuff! They do sell out quickly so as soon as I see that Nordstrom gets the new style, I place an order. They are all seasonal by the way – each season has a new ‘theme’ so if you want a certain style it’s best to snag them quickly.

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring todays post.

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6 thoughts on “My Boys Are Taking Over My Blog!

  1. These photos are priceless!! Your guys are so stylish. This post makes me so excited for our little one to Arrive and have MOMENTs like this between my hubby and little lady. ??? Hope you’re doing well in your last weeks of pregnancy!! ❤

  2. My Fiancé was looking for a new wardrobe. Seriously girl. I was removing the winter clothes and replacing it back with our Spring and Summer attire and then seen his half of the closest and was like, “OMG WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES?!” I didn’t realize he had none!! He wears the same thing over! I was in horrid shock! LOL.
    I just showed him the shirts John wears, and it’s exactly the kind he likes! Especially the fabric, he actually has some that are light -airy that don’t need to be iron either. They’re very similar to the fishing shirts. We’re definitely going this weekend to N and shop for them! Thanks, John! lol.

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  3. awww this post was one the best….i love the pic where luke is giving john a kiss and luke’s hands are on john’s cheek…that is so so sooo sweet!!! i love when my kids do that….

    this was a cute and fun post to read!