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How To Style A Transparent Tote & Make Coordinate With All Of Your Outfits


TOP: Santuary | DENIM: DL1961 | SHOES: Steve Madden [on sale 50% off!]  | HANDBAG: Staud [and HERE as well] | NECKLACE: old [similar HERE] | EARRINGS: Jenny Bird | WATCH: Rolex [Dupe HERE] | TURQUOISE RING: Etsy | HAT: old via Sole Society [have THIS one too and it is SO similar!] | BRACELET: Shashi |  LIPS:  ‘Spice‘ + ‘KIM KW‘ + ‘No Color’ Gloss

Okay! So yesterday I posted this transparent handbag on my IG stories and I legit got SOOOOO many questions about it. What makes this so funny is that I’ve posted that exact handbag on my blog [HERE] & IG stories 2-3x this spring and no one asked about it until yesterday when I changed it up! So, if you are into ‘trends’ – you already know the transparent bag trend is HOT right now. Chanel and other designer brands have their versions of clear / transparent handbags out and they are gorgeous. I love that this Staud handbag is not at the same price point as a designer one, though. NOW, I typically don’t like to carry the same handbags I see all over IG blogs – in fact, when something gets popular I will sell mine. I really like to have different things – but I knew I’d need a clear one in the fall for games / concerts / events so I decided to order it and see if the inside compartment would come out – and it does!! As soon as I saw that it was not attached I knew for sure I was keeping it!

SO, I thought I’d do a full post all about this trend and showing how you can change it up and make it your own. I love that I can tie ANY neck scarf around it – doesn’t have to be LV – it can be the ones you wear in your hair [like in THIS POST] and you can throw in a cute wallet or sunglasses and make it even better. You do NOT need to have any designer clutches or wallets or pouches- but adding a little compartment can really amp it up and make it match your look/outfit for the day!

Here’s what I did to style the clear bag w/this particular outfit..

CLEAR TOTE [this is the exact one]

Louis Vuitton Toiletry 26 [Buy pre-loved w/that link – mine is used from this site because they are sold out so often – many of these are in brand new condition!]

Louis Vuitton Twilly [But ANY small scarf will work – I’ll link some below or check out THIS POST!]


Louis Vuitton Popsocket [it is actually a repurposed piece of canvas – it is not a counterfeit item!]


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