What’s In My Sephora Shopping Cart?

Sephora Must Haves VIB Event Spring 2019, Emily Ann Gemma of The Sweetest Thing Blog.


#1 3 PC BEAUTY BLENDER KIT [If you are BB user, this is a good deal!]

#2 BEAUTY BLENDER SPRAY CLEANER [I swear by this stuff – the can is relatively small but I’ve been using the same can for several months now – probably 6-7 months!]

#3 TATCHA DEWY SKIN CREAM [This is new to Tatcha but it is so GOOD! I use La Mer Creme & it is amazing but I like this formula because it actually leaves your skin more dewy feeling – not just moisturized. I took this to the hospital with me and used it day & night.]

#4 GLOW BODY OIL [I swore by this stuff ALL last spring & summer and got tons of compliments any time I wore it! The only thing I didn’t like about it is that the lid was not functional at all and when we flew it would come undone and leak. This year they re-marketed it and it is called Glow Motion – but it is the same product. Smells INSANE and looks beautiful AND it has a pump!!??]

#5 LIP SLEEPING MASK [I wear this every single night and some days while I get ready if my lips are very dry. It feels so good and wears throughout the night so when you wake up you can feel the difference. It is pricy in my opinion – for a lip mask – but I will say it lasts FOREVER. Not that you should keep it forever – but it is so good! Luke uses it too, haha!]

#6 FIRST CLASS DRY SHAMPOO [I’ve done posts on this a million times and I hate to even bring it up again BUT oh-em-gee, this is is the best. It works for even the dirtiest of hair – and also gives amazing volume! Watch the IGTV video on my stories to see how I use it – and you will see how great it is!]

#7 LA MER RENEWAL OIL [I can’t go w/o this stuff!]

#8 NATASHA DENONA SHIMMER TOP COAT [eye shadow – I use on my lid and it is beautiful! I like the shade ‘Nude’ best!]

#9 PRIMER INFUSED BLUSH [SO good – highly recommend- shade I love is ‘Havana’!]

#10 IGK BODY AND HAIR SHINE SPRAY [They must have taken this off the market and re-marketed it because I used to use it and then it went MIA. It’s back now with a new name and photo. Highly recommend!]

#11 PEACH PERFECT MATTIFYING POWDER [so good for oily skin OR for pores, it is SO good!]


[Not pictured but has to have a shoutout is this Glyco Water which removes spray tan – and it is so good! I use it when my tan is fading- you just spray before you get in the shower or bath and give it about 2 minutes and it makes your tan scrub off so easily.]

VIB 20% off, VIB 15% OFF, AND BI 10% OFF!

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