EMily Ann Gemma of The Sweetest Thing Blog giving her top 7 baby must have products


Just popping in really quick today because the last week I’ve had a large amount of questions about what pump I use, nursing supplements, and LOTS of other things! [THIS post is still pretty spot on for the MUSTS for baby – I get asked to do a post a lot and we basically still use everything in this post for Sophie!]

#1. BAREFOOT DREAMS BABY BLANKETS || These are the BEST baby blankets and an amazing gift if you want to get someone something and have a good, stand out gift. They are not cheap but they are the best. A family friend got one for Luke and its been washed and dried a zillion times and still perfect and so soft. He and I both love these! I ended up getting Sophie a couple as well!

#2. EMBE WRAPS || I got these in PR and they sent 3 and I was like “ah I’ll keep one and donate the others.” And then on the 5th night home w/Sophie we were SO sleepy and decided to try it and BAM! Magic!! We had to order more and I sent the extras to my friends with newborns and they literally texted me saying “this gave me sanity and sleep, just ordered more!”. They are great because you can change a diaper w/o un-doing the arm part. Its the most genius thing, ever. Lots of competition in this space but this is the real deal – and I’m not being sponsored.

#3. TULA CARRIER || We swear by this thing – like – SWEAR BY IT. It’s the only way I can make a cup of coffee or put laundry away. She loves it – and so does my mom and John. We all make sure its readily available if one of us is going to be home alone with both kids.

#4. DOCK-A-TOT MARBLE COVER ||  We didn’t have a cover w/Luke so this time I got the marble one and its great because the white shows dirt SO much and I like having back-ups while I wash and hang dry the dirty one.

#5. SPECTRA S1 || I did a lot researching and even an IG story poll and basically everyone said the blue spectra was best. I love it and would recommend it. I get a lot of messages and emails asking so I had to share. I also use Legendairy Milk supplements. I use the Sunflower Lethicin and Liquid Gold – and wow. These are life savors if you need more milk or over-produce and have clogged ducts. Also recommend following them on IG bc they are full of info in their posts and stories. I learned the tricks to pumping and lots of other hacks through them. [Code EMIYL15 works for their website for 15% off – again, not sponsored.]

#6. BAREFOOT DREAMS BABY BLANKET || I just love this one for a baby boy so had to-reshare!

#7. BAREFOOT DREAMS BEST BLANKET EVER || It’s been sold out and I use this one each night like I’m a kid – no joke. I wrap it around my neck to sleep and everyone fights over it. They are always sold out and just got restocked so I had to share. I do wash it w/baby detergent right now since the kids are in bed with me a lot and like to snuggle it as well.

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