Emily Ann Gemma of The Sweetest Thing give her reviews on High End & Drug Store Hair Products.

Emily Ann Gemma of The Sweetest Thing give her reviews on High End & Drug Store Hair Products.

Emily Ann Gemma of The Sweetest Thing give her reviews on High End & Drug Store Hair Products.

Emily Ann Gemma of The Sweetest Thing give her reviews on High End & Drug Store Hair Products.

Emily Ann Gemma of The Sweetest Thing give her reviews on High End & Drug Store Hair Products.

Emily Ann Gemma of The Sweetest Thing give her reviews on High End & Drug Store Hair Products.

Emily Ann Gemma of The Sweetest Thing give her reviews on High End & Drug Store Hair Products.

Emily Ann Gemma of The Sweetest Thing give her reviews on High End & Drug Store Hair Products.


I try to cover Beauty 3-4x a month [all filed under the BEAUTY tab of the Menu] and this month I’m covering it a little more than usual. I feel like there are TONS of topics I want to cover so I’m trying to break them all down! Last week I did a ‘Drug Store Beauty‘ post where I shared my favorite affordable makeup products that can be found at Wal-Mart. Today I thought I’d share a few Drug Store HAIR favorites – granted they are not all at the drug store price! But many of them are – just have to put that disclaimer out there. Several finds are from the brand UNITE which is on Wal-Mart’s site and it is a brand I just started using regularly last fall and I’m SO obsessed! I got a blowout locally and the salon used a few UNITE products and I ended up buying a few as I checked out bc I loved them so much and then coincidentally the brand reached out and sent me PR and THEN I was in Arizona seeing hair queen, Chrissy [Habit Hair Salon] and she said she’s obsessed with their stuff as well which is always a good sign. I’ll go more into detail with each product but it’s a brand that I don’t see often and I’ve just started ordering it online.

I’ll start off with the ‘affordable’ products and then finish with the products that are not as cheap! Also, what you see in the photos is not everything! I mentioned on my stories that when my products look beat up I just exclude them from the photo shoot – ha! ?


BATISTE DRY SHAMPOO || One of my favorite YouTubers has raved about Batiste dry shampoo for years & I kind of blew it off and then a couple of years ago started trying their different ones and I can so see why it’s so hyped up. Now! I try a lot of dry shampoo – literally – I get so many in PR and I constantly try new ones but any time one stands out – it is a pretty big deal. I think that Batiste is amazing for the price – they have different scents [tropical☀️], color options[??‍♀️], and right now I am trying the one that is hydrating! I thought that was genius because dry shampoos tend to make my hair get gross more quickly and this one helps to not dry out your hair which in turn keeps it fresher looking! ALSO – if you have tried this brand and didn’t love it but want to find a good drug store brand – I would also recommend Dove’s Dry Shampoo.

LOREAL GRAY COVER SPRAY || This may not be super important to as many of you but it’s become a necessity for me! I get my hair done in Arizona and usually go every 3-4 months so my grays are starting to show the last few weeks.?? I never really had many grays until I had Luke and now I feel like they are really starting to come in – which is totally ok BUT I like to try to conceal them. This spray is just an easy and quick fix for it – it doesn’t take much precision so I can do it without thinking. BUT I also use sprays / powders like this to fill in my hairline where my baby hairs have fallen out and are coming back in [thanks to having babies!]. I always recommend a product like this to people with thin or thinning hair just to spray on throughout your hair to give the appearance of thicker hair so that less scalp is showing! ??‍♀️

OGX OIL || First of all, I love this brand in general – I feel like OGX make great dupes to high end products! I have used their Clarifying shampoo in the past when my hair was feeling like it had a lot of build up and I really liked it. BUT I was staying at my cousins in CA last spring and she had an OGX Oil in her bathroom and I used it and LOVED it. I was actually really surprised when I looked it up to see the price because its under $6 and it performs like a $20+ oil. [PS. I have heard that THIS is a dupe for Olaplex?!?!?! Crazy!]

SGX THERMAL PROTECTIVE TEXTURE SPRAY || Okay, this brand is fairly new to me as well. I actually found it online when I was looking for a new heat protectant spray. I love TreSemme’s heat spray BUT I wanted something a little lighter, ya know?! I ordered this one on a whim because I noticed that it was called ‘Bodyguard’ – which reads to me as VOLUME. ‼️ I think many of us know the feeling of having clean hair that is kind of lifeless until you put product in it, right? Like, the first day of clean hair is NOT your best hair day, ya know. This is a spray that you use as your curl your hair and not only does it protect your hair from 450 degrees of heat BUT it adds some body to it – just enough ‘grit’ to give your hair some ooomph! Basically its a 2-in-1 which is always good. I have not tried anything else from this brand but I am planning on it since I’ve loved this spray so much!

ITS A TEN || I have used this for YEARS and YEARS. It’s a staple and I always have a bottle in my bathroom. When I first colored my hair at like 25 years old – it was the first time I started using it because it really cares for your ends. I don’t think you can ever over-do it when it comes to protecting your hair from color / heat /etc.

UNITE PRODUCTS || Okay, so I have tried 7-8 products by the brand and there are a few that really stick out to me and are staples. First off their 7Second Detangling Spray is of essence if you have thick hair! It’s what the blow out place I mentioned above uses as well as Chrissy. I have 2 bottles of this in my bathroom so I don’t ever run out. It also smells good – just about everything by UNITE smells good! Next up, my favorite of all things I think is their Glossing Spray. I use this mainly before I straighten my hair because it protects from heat and also gives a smooth, shiny look AND it smells so good. Also love their Texturiza as well! Also like their volume powders as well! [These are not  drug store prices but they are SUPER good!]

TIGI MASTERPIECE SHINE SPRAY || I’m not picky about hairspray really but this is my long time favorite. It smells good and does the job! I usually buy it at Wal-Mart because its $13 there! I also buy the travel sized bottles and travel with them!

Thanks to Wal-Mart for sponsoring today’s post.

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5 thoughts on “High End & Drug Store Hair Products That Are TOTAL Game Changers

  1. so my hairstylist (well the entire salon) uses unite products as well..but the ones you mentioned i’m not sure if they have ever been using my hair. i will have to check it out. and i’m so glad u did a wal-mart hair post, but i always buy hair products from walmart bc its much more affordable for me. so these really help and i have super thick hair just like you just shorter so the more tips i can get with new products i am all for it!!!

  2. I really need to invest in hair products! I hardly ever use anything other than the bamboo oil you recommended. BTW I’m loving these affordable posts!

  3. Hi dearest emily 🙂

    could you please do a review on christophe Robin hair products ?

    also maybe valmont (as I see you use a lot of la mer)

    you are a constant source of inspiration and you are doing such a great job – knowing you have a toddler and a newborn.

    greetings from zurich, switzerland !

    love xoxoxoxo