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Helloooooo! Okay, so I’m a creature of habit and I’ve always worn my hair the same – with a bit of variation here and there.??‍♀️ I’ve always had long hair since I was a little girl and I cut it to my shoulders a couple of times and it was horrific ? so I’ve learned my lesson! All throughout college I was known for being the girl who could curl hair ?. I had older girls in my ‘social club’ [went to a Christian college] asking if I would curl their hair before functions/dates/etc. so it’s just always been something I’ve loved! ANYWHO! 🙂 Because I tend to keep my hair long and in long layers, I like to switch up hair styles here and there by using new tools, braids, or even popping in cute clips/headbands! I have used the same curling iron for nearly 4 years straight and I almost always switch between the 1″ curling iron [w/clamp] or 1.25″ curling iron [w/clamp] – but a couple of weeks back I was in a hurry and just quickly wrapped my hair around a 1″ wand instead and ended up loving it and I got SO many compliments. The curling iron attachment give a VERY different look than the wand. The wand gives a looser, more effortless [almost wild!] look. The curling iron gives a more neat, uniformed curl. The smaller the barrel gives a tighter, more uniform look as well.

Okay, sorry for being chatty Kathy but I have to give all the details, ya know?!?! I get asked about this a lot so I wanted to share — ESP because GUESS WHAT! They are running a 20% off sale on the T3 website today!‼️ Not everything is 20% off BUT the curling wand / barrels I use are so I had to share ASAP before it ends! ??❤️?

First things first, make sure you watch my IG stories ASAP because I filmed myself curling my hair and I’m going to add it to my IG stories. My stories do expire in 24 hours so tomo the video will be gone!

For this post I’ll include all details on the products I use to curl my hair and style it! The photos are above are both from days when I used these products/techniques!


#1. HEAT PROTECTANT? || I don’t care what you use – but PLZ PLZ PLZ use a heat protectant! This curling iron gets SO hot and it is essential for really caring for your hair and keeping it in good shape. I love Tresemme’s [affordable] but I also do think the higher end ones can help the curl stay in place longer and often smell super yummy.  For example, THIS one is one I use when I am traveling and want my curls to look good all day even out and about shopping or at the beach! I also really love all of the Alterna/Caviar line – their heat protectants are SO good.

#2. TEASE, SPRAY, WRAP??‍♀️ || I start by teasing the piece of hair BEFORE I wrap it – this is a key part of getting the volume going! I use THIS TEASING COMB, and spray THIS HAIR SPRAY [not picky but I love the smell!], and then I wrap the piece away from my face using the 1″ WAND [20% off today and so is the convertible piece!]. [Just FYI the TRIO sets are an amazing option as well!] I only tease the TOP and I start the top all for a reason!

SALE INFO? || The convertible piece is $100 but today it is is $80. The attachments are usually around $95 and are on sale for $76. My most used piece is the 1″ curling iron [i.e. w/clamp] and then the 1.25″ curling iron, and then the 1″ wand. I have all of the attachments though and I’ve used most of them!

#3. WRAP BOTTOM LAYERS || After all top pieces have been teased, wrapped, sprayed, etc. I quickly grab chunks from the remaining bottom layers of hair. I don’t do it super neat but I do brush through the hair before I wrap so it wraps more neatly. Once they’ve all been wrapped I spray and then move to the other side of my head and start at the top there and repeat!

#4. SMOOTH || At this point all of the hair should have some wave in it and the roots should be teased! It will look a bit messy & frizzy so this is when I give one good hairspray to secure the curl and then I use my teasing comb to tame the frizz & curl. You don’t necessarily brush through the tease or the waves but you just lightly calm it down. [Watch IG stories to see!] Once it looks more uniform I add a couple of products to the ends where the waves are… I mix TWO products. The first is my favorite OIL that helps with SHINE, banishes frizz, and strengthens the hair by mending any split ends and the second is THIS drop that has hyaluronic acid in it and it helps protect your hair throughout the day and helps with hydration amongst other things. This combo is vital for hairs health + taming the curl and making it look a little neater and less messy!

#5. SHINE + TEXTURE || Lastly I use a couple of sprays to lock in the style but also really give an extra shine! THIS one is my favorite because it makes your help smell INSANE but also gives extra shine and body. I also love THIS ONE for extra shine – its a dry oil spray.

Next up are just two extra things I do that not everyone will necessarily want to know about but I use THIS to fill in my hair line where I’m losing hair & growing baby hairs! This just helps make your hair look fuller and also flatters the face! LASTLY, I get lots of questions about ponytails and I literally just throw my hair on my head and wrap my FAVORITE HAIR TIE around it to keep it in place!


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2 thoughts on “How I Get Loose, Effortless Looking Curls [Easy Tutorial]

  1. I have been curling my hair wrong for years!! i always thought using hairspray before would leave my curling wand sticky? and another thing I have always wanted to ask was, if buying a higher end curler makes your curls last longer? mine i got off amazon and its got high heat settings but i find my hair always falls no matter what.

    stephanie vainer