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4 Baby Travel Essentials [Summertime]

Hope you all are having a safe & fun holiday weekend! We have been in the Bahamas and are absolutely loving it! It was kind of intimidating – flying with 2 under 2 – but I remember how easy it was with Luke as an infant so I figured we needed to at least try and see! We have had our rough patches of course but really & truly, it has not been too hard. I’ve had a lot of you following our trip via Instagram + IG Stories so I thought I’d kind of recap quickly our experience flying here with 2 babies + all of the products you guys have inquired about the most.

BACKGROUND: Traveling with an infant is not what is hard – it is the traveling with a mobile and very active toddler that is challenging. When Luke was 8 weeks old we traveled with him to the Bahamas and it was super easy. It was his first ever flight & he did amazingly. The key is to making sure they are eating or have a pacifier when taking off and descending – and then having a bottle / be ready to nurse throughout the flight. Luke went on 40+ flights in his first 11 months of life – and honestly it didn’t get hard until he was like 10-11mos – even then it was not as tough as it is now. He is full of energy and never naps and loves to always be running and playing! He’s super active which is tough when you are asked to sit in a seat for 2-3hrs straight. I’m glad he has traveled as much as he has because he’s kind of accustomed to the airport and to taking off and landing so there are not many surprises. TIPS: Now that he is older we pack snacks and bring iPads and headphones so that he can watch a show. We have Netflix so you can log-in to the device and download some shows before you take off and then watch them while in air w/o wifi! We also bring books and crayons/coloring books as well. NOW, as far as Sophie is concerned – she is pretty easy and low maitenence. I hold her the entire flight and she just sleeps / snuggles / etc. We have 2 double strollers and we brought our Bugaboo Donkey on this trip. Bugaboo sent it to us just a few days before the flight and we have really enjoyed it. It’s pretty dang handy honestly and we have had tons of people here at the Bahamar ask us what type of stroller it was because it really is so convenient. It’s big, yes, but we didn’t have any issues fitting it anywhere.


#1. STROLLER FAN | I have probably had the most questions about this actually. I bought a couple from Buy Buy Baby and this one from Amazon and this one ended up being the BEST and the only one we used. It clips anywhere and turns all directions so you can clip it to an umbrella stand and flip and angle it to face baby. It does not require batteries which is also amazing – you just charge it! If you follow my Amazon Prime posts – you know we always travel w/2 portable chargers and those can be plugged into the fan as well if you pack the cord. I would say having 2 of these would be most handy if you go somewhere super hot.

#2. TRAVEL BED / TENT | When I was ordering the stroller fan from Amazon I randomly got this thinking it may come in handy at some point. It unzips and has mesh sides [keeping out mosquitos] so air can flow through but it also is covered and protects baby from UV light. It comes packed up in a little bag and pops up so its not like it takes up room in your suitcase. There’s a piece that lies in the bottom that is cushioned so that it can be a bed as well. We didn’t use it as a bed but we did take it by the beach and set the fan up next to it. Granted, Sophie prefers to sleep in my arms which I love! [I don’t really go out in the sun.]

#3. BUGABOO DONKEY | I posted this stroller the other night on my IG feed when we landed here in the Bahamas and had a lot of questions. If you read the second paragraph^ above, you already know we’ve really liked having this stroller. I really can’t say enough about it – I will say it would be hard to travel alone w/2 kids and this stroller but I don’t think I’d ever sign up for that tho, haha! [Just the folding it up and having both babes!]

#4. PORTABLE CHANGING PAD / DIAPER CLUTCH | When John first saw this he was like “what is that?” — almost questioning why I was packing it — and FF to being in the airport hours later he is like “ok that thing is GOOD!”. It’s funny how when you are a parent you appreciate certain things SOOO much more. This little clutch has a spot for diaper and for wipes and it unfolds so you can lie the baby down on it. Neither of us are huge germaphobes but man! I don’t like changing tables at all so this is just handle. It is not big and does not take up a lot of space and it has a strap so you can throw it on your shoulder and take the kids to the bathroom and quickly/easily change diapers.

#5. KIDS HEADPHONES | John got these for Luke before the trip and they are SO good – and so much better than others we’ve purchased.

See below for some other helpful kid travel products I found from Wal-Mart

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4 thoughts on “4 Baby Travel Essentials [Summertime]

  1. Hi emily,

    This is so so helpful! What did she sleep in while you were there? Did she do OK in the crib the hotel provided, or did you bring your own?

    THank you!

  2. I love your nordstrom picks especially the Leopard print leisurE wear! I also love your new family photos! So sweet!

  3. Hi!! Love this post eSpecially bEcause we’ll be traveling with our almlst 11 month old for The first time. Actually also going to grand Hyatt at baha mar. Would you recommend booking a caBana?

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