Emily Ann Gemma of The Sweetest Thing Blog Amazon Prime Day favorite deals


#1 BODY FAT SCALE [on sale for $38.98]

#2 ROSE GOLD LUGGAGE [lightning deal sold out, but only $199 for all 3 pieces!!]

#3 TRAVEL CLOTHING STEAMER [on sale for $28.39]

#4 DYSON CORDLESS VACUUM [on sale for $279…you save $120!!]

#5 FACIAL STEAMER [on sale for $17.94]

#6 CLARISONIC FACIAL BRUSH [on sale for $179…you save $120]

#7 SURGE PROTECTOR/USB [lightning deal only $10.80]

#8 RING DOORBELL 2 [on sale for $139…you save $60]

TO SEE ALL AMAZON PRIME MUST-HAVE POSTS CLICK HERE. There are 3 full posts where I’ve shared Amazon Must Haves over the last year – my portable phone case, water cup, hat rack, makeup bags, etc.

SHOP MY AMAZON STOREFRONT HERE. [This has everything from Luke & Sophia’s must-haves, to beauty products, travel essentials, & home goods!]

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