My Boys???

Luke and his dada — ???. It kills me!!

This past year [since Luke’s had more hair] I’ve had a lot of you ask what we use in his hair whenever its ‘styled’ [i.e. Easter]. Honestly I really didn’t know much about hair gels / products / etc. and I never knew exactly what to buy. I purchased a few at Wal-Mart and I actually ended up liking the one John uses the best. It’s Dove’s Sculpting Paste – and it smells so good! This is the one John has always used and it works best for Luke – it is alcohol free and holds really well. His hair is kind of long right now and it still works great.

John has a couple of shaving creams he uses – out of the two the PURE by Gilette is his favorite. [lol I got it for him actually!] He is a creature of habit and usually buys the Gilette Fushion. The PURE one is free of sulphates and other stuff and Luke thinks it is fun to rub that on his face, too so I went with the PURE instead. Once John started using it he said he actually prefers it over the other. Not sure if men are really that picky, haha. But I just thought I’d share. He also really likes the Gold Bond 5-in-1 Lotion as well – it is a staple for him after shaving though. It is soothing but also moisturizing / healing. I randomly got him their Gold Bond Dry Skin Moisturizer as well but he just started using it. He uses a strong face wash for his skin 2-3x a week and it dries him out a little so I thought the Dry Skin one would be good!

OH! Also, Luke’s razor does not have a blade haha. He really was thinking he was doing the same thing as John, LOL! It was really cute. He did not want to stop! John and I both use Gilette men’s razors by the way. THIS Gilette razor is probably my favorite though.

Hope you all are having a good week!

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9 thoughts on “My Boys???

  1. I loooove getting all my fall/winter shoes at the annIversary sale.. It’s a tradition every yeAr to go with my mom. I love the sneak Peak!!!

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