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When Mama Picks Luke’s Outfit VS When Luke Picks His Own Outfit…

^when Mama’s outfit is what we actually wear.. hair flip!

ON LUKE || Paw Patrol 2PC Set | Paw Patrol Light Up Sneakers | Plaid Button Down | Similar sandals

SOO… I know I’m not the only one right?!?! Ya know, the only mom who prefers the non-character outfits?!? It is literally a running joke in our house [+my entire family!] because I do not love Paw Patrol everything… I just don’t! But guess who ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT?! Luke Bear – and I love love love to see him happy and excited sooo he wins a lot of the time.

Many of you who follow my IG story maybe already saw this but the week before last I posted a video of Luke standing in front of the mirror pointing at his Paw Patrol t-shirt [blue one] that had all of the dogs on it. He was pushing out his stomach and pulling his shirt to check and make sure all of the dogs were there! It was hysterical! The backstory… my mom was here and took Luke to Wal-Mart to grab some groceries and came back with that shirt. When they came in and I was unloading the groceries I was like “Mom! Seriously?!” and she goes “Emily, it was $5 and he was so excited when he saw it!”.  I could not say much else because I know exactly how she felt. And boy, he wears that one t-shirt like 4x a week! It is getting its money’s worth, that is for sure.??‍♀️

We did have to establish some rules however.??‍♀️ He’s only a toddler who is Paw Patrol obsessed for a short period of his precious life & I love seeing him appreciate the things he is learning about and seeing! BUT that doesn’t mean I want him wearing it to church. My sister on the other hand is like “Emily – I can’t believe you’d even buy it – I never did with my kids!” and we all just laugh really. I guess I am a pushover! I am a softie for Luke and when he saw these light up Paw Patrol shoes his eyes were like ??? and he wore them around with a diaper on the entire day!

Yesterday we had church and then we met friends for dinner and we shot these photos in between. For Church & dinner he wore this plaid button down but while we were home playing he wore his Paw Patrol outfit – first enough, right?! ??‍♀️

I will say that if you are not big on spending money on your toddlers clothing – which is perfectly normal since they only stay clean the first 24 seconds they are on – lol – then check out Wal-Mart. And not just for character outfits but for actual staple pieces like khakis, sandals, button downs, tees, etc. My favorite line personally is Wonder Nation – they have some super cute toddler / baby / kids clothing. They also make good pieces for kids who go to school and need uniforms. They had little Birkenstock look-a-likes for $7 for little boys which are SO stinking adorable!

ON A TOTALLY DIFFERENT NOTE, I was in Wal-Mart over the weekend grabbing some supplies for work and got THESE dry-erase blocks and Luke LOVES them! We are working on learning the letters in the alphabet so we use these to practice. He also just enjoys writing on them and making a mess!?

Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring todays post.

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