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christmas gift ideas for beauty makeup lovers | The Best Beauty Gift Ideas by popular Oklahoma beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing: collage image of glow and beauty good skin supplement, brush set, Dr. Dennis Gross facial steamer, cookie pallet, makeup remover cloth, age delay pillow, Kim KW lipstick, pink hair towel, Dyson airwrap, Loving Tan 2 Hour Self Tan, Pink travel fan, silk scrunchies, Sonia Kashuk brush spray, Tan Lux self tanning drops, teasing comb, and a skincare fridge.



#2 SIGMA MAKEUP BRUSH GIFT SET [All brushes are super functional & brushes I use regularly but the foundation brush is a MUST have for me!]


#4 TEASING COMB [I have 4 of these and I keep one in my car, one in a handbag, etc.]

#5 GOOD SKIN CHEWABLE SUPPLEMENTS [I take these regularly & I also use the Probiotic one as well!]

#6 TAN LUXE HYALURONIC ACID SELF TANNING DROPS [Highly recommend – especially if you go make-up-less!]

#7 SONIA KASHUK QUICK DRY BRUSH SPRAY [I love love this stuff!]

#8 SILK SCRUNCHIES & HEADBANDS [Totally recommend this – its what I use for my hair and have used for years. These are how I keep my hair crinkle free and curl in tact!]

#9 PINK TRAVEL FAN [I get asked about this a lot so I thought I’d link – it is from Amazon and its like $11! I use it every single time I do my makeup.]

#10 LOVING TAN 2 HOUR SELF TANNER [This is what I use 3x a week to keep a little bit of a tan going – I use the shade DARK!]

#11 DYSON AIRWRAP [My entire family is ALL so obsessed w/this – John, the kids, my mom, my sis, etc- it is amazing!]

#12 PINK HAIR TOWEL [This is amazing for thicker hair – I use it after I wash my hair to absorb all extra water – it is SO good and also from Amazon and under $20.]

#13 KIM KW LIPSTICK [I have linked this in my gift guides, blog posts, IG posts, etc. hundreds of times and I can not recommend it enough – it is basically all I wear!]

#14 AGE DELAY PILLOW [I have been using this for a couple of years!]

#15 MAKEUP REMOVER CLOTHΒ [My bff told me about these – they remove makeup without any kind of cleanser so you can use this quickly and then cleanse like normal and most of your makeup is already off! And these are from Amazon!]

#16 COOKIE PALETTE [Highly recommend this – the bronzer, blush, and highlighter are all VERY good!]

#17 DR DENNIS GROSS FACIAL STEAMER [I highly recommend if you are really into skincare AND especially this time of year!]

What are your favorite beauty gift ideas? Let me know in a comment below!

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82 thoughts on “The Best Beauty Gift Ideas

  1. This is Such a Great gift guide!!! I really LOVE the Kim KW lip color πŸ‘„β€οΈ! It is so Pretty and would be great for everyday wear!! I keep seeing these makeup removal towels and they look legit… So cool!!! Also, Cannot wait to see your family Christmas card this year!! You guys always do the prettiest Glam photo shoots.. I Love it!! Happy Sunday! ❀️✨😘

  2. Also, Love the cookie palette! Such great neutral colors and I bet that highlighter is so good!! I am very into skincare and I like your recommendation for the facial steamer! I have never tried one, but would love to! ☺️❀️✨

  3. Omg this is exactly what i needed! I’ve been trying to find a gift for my friend and this is purrrrrfect. Thanks, Emily!

  4. I’ve been using makeup wipes for as long aS I can remEmber. i was looking for another option, thank you for the maKeup cloth recomMendation.

  5. Omg What a great Give a way!!! Emily ive always enjoyed following you! Your giving and kind, with a great sense of style, beautiful and such a wonderful mother and wife. I love the close relationship you have with Your family! You rock! Merry christmas to you and your family! Xoxo ps i love you gIft Guides- always my favorite!

  6. You always post the best stuff! I would be blessed to win YouR giveaway. Ive been trying to win some giveaways this hOliday season to bring my spirts up but so far no luck. I know there are always so many people entering. Ill pray to win this one! Happy holidays❀️

  7. emily! i love all of these but especially the facial steamer.. would love to have one at home! 😍 merry christmas!

  8. I read your post (And earlier gift guide) earlier today bc the SEPHORA sale is Ending tonight i believe, but wanted to make sure i checked out everything you recommended! Thank

  9. YOu’re one of my favOrite bloggers! I’ve been following you for along time, and i ABSOLUTELY love your sweet little familY & stylE! Your kids are adorable & i love how authentic you are! You’re such a Great mama! #Familygoals Your hOme is beautifully designed, and your style gives many of us sO much inspiratIon. Thanks for sharing all your tiPs and brands you use too! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’ž

  10. Love all your contenT!! And love that you include your gorgeous kiddos in your posts ❀️ Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  11. I just love all the things you show on instagram. You have the sweetest family. I would love to Win any one of the giveaways

  12. I absolutely Love your gift guides! Usually get a few things off of tHem! Ive had my little pink amazon fan For a year now and love it! Got my little sisters one fOr christmas :)!

  13. when do you use your facial steamer? at night after you remove makeup? before skincare products and serums? I bought one awhile back and have never used it. I need to get it out.

  14. I am loving your blog post!! It surely keeps me in the know of all things beauty!! Thank you for all you do to keep us up to date on the best of the best!

  15. Wow what a great perfect small gift ideas. Perfect for my boyfriend, dad and guy friends to find me a gift without getting overwhelmed. LOve!

  16. Thank you for creatung a wonderful gift guide! Love All your recommendatiOns and especially enjoy seeing you and your beautiful Family and All the fun things you do!!

  17. Love all your recommendations!! I wish I could spend that much on scrunchies but I lose them so easily πŸ™ haha. Oh well!! Maybe one day πŸ™‚ I do have a few of these already from your previous posts! I love them! Thank you!!!

  18. I have the makeup towel, hair towel, Tan luxe tanner, face tanner, age delay pillow and the Fan. And they are all the bomb!!!!

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