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christmas tree inspiration, pinterest christmas tree inspiration 2019, gift ideas gift guide 2019, wayf lace top, chanel black gold belt, best christmas tree home decor, black loubtouin booties-2 | FAVORITE GIFT IDEAS FOR HER + MEGA GIVEAWAY [+Louis Vuitton Wallet] by popular Oklahoma life and style blog, The Sweetest Thing: image of a woman sitting on a staircase next to a pile of presents.

christmas tree inspiration, pinterest christmas tree inspiration 2019, gift ideas gift guide 2019, wayf lace top, chanel black gold belt, best christmas tree home decor, black loubtouin booties-2 | FAVORITE GIFT IDEAS FOR HER + MEGA GIVEAWAY [+Louis Vuitton Wallet] by popular Oklahoma life and style blog, The Sweetest Thing: image of a pile of presents on a staircase.

christmas tree inspiration, pinterest christmas tree inspiration 2019, gift ideas gift guide 2019, wayf lace top, chanel black gold belt, best christmas tree home decor, black loubtouin booties-2 | FAVORITE GIFT IDEAS FOR HER + MEGA GIVEAWAY [+Louis Vuitton Wallet] by popular Oklahoma life and style blog, The Sweetest Thing: image of a woman sitting on a staircase and wearing Loubtouin booties.

christmas tree inspiration, pinterest christmas tree inspiration 2019, gift ideas gift guide 2019, wayf lace top, chanel black gold belt, best christmas tree home decor, black loubtouin booties-2 | FAVORITE GIFT IDEAS FOR HER + MEGA GIVEAWAY [+Louis Vuitton Wallet] by popular Oklahoma life and style blog, The Sweetest Thing: image of a woman sitting on a staircase next to a pile of presents.

christmas tree inspiration, pinterest christmas tree inspiration 2019, gift ideas gift guide 2019, wayf lace top, chanel black gold belt, best christmas tree home decor, black loubtouin booties-2 | FAVORITE GIFT IDEAS FOR HER + MEGA GIVEAWAY [+Louis Vuitton Wallet] by popular Oklahoma life and style blog, The Sweetest Thing: image of a pile of presents on a staircase.

christmas tree inspiration, pinterest christmas tree inspiration 2019, gift ideas gift guide 2019, wayf lace top, chanel black gold belt, best christmas tree home decor, black loubtouin booties-2 | FAVORITE GIFT IDEAS FOR HER + MEGA GIVEAWAY [+Louis Vuitton Wallet] by popular Oklahoma life and style blog, The Sweetest Thing: image of a woman sitting on a staircase next to a pile of presents.


TOP: Wayf | DENIM: Sanctuary | BELT: Chanel | BOOTIES: Christian Louboutin

FAVORITE GIFT IDEAS FOR HER + MEGA GIVEAWAY [+Louis Vuitton Wallet] by popular Oklahoma life and style blog, The Sweetest Thing: collage image of spanx faux leather leggings, perfume, Tom Ford concealer, powder pallet, T3 curling iron, pear headband, Ray-Ban sunglasses, felt hat, and makeup pallet.

For several years now I have always had a large requests for gift guides during the holidays and I try to do them BUT usually the items I hear about being the best ‘gifts’ are ones that people saw me review / rave about and purchased for a friend! SO! I thought I’d just share some of my favorite gift ideas for her that way you can utilize for yourself or purchase as a gift! I’ll have more gift guides coming your way – some for men, under $20, etc. but for now I’m doing a Holy Grail // Favorites. My friends and family always ask me for ideas on buying for people who are hard to shop for so I try to keep a running list going in my head– and I am mainly sharing the items that I get the best feedback about. For example, I notice when I check DMs or even my mom or sister will say “hey I got XYZ you were talking about and you are right – its totally a game changer!”. The collage above is a quick summary so you can get a visual but I will discuss more in depth below!


#1. GLAM HEADBANDS || This is not only a gift, but this is a major HACK as well. My friend and I joke that our go to accessory for days when running late is a glam headband– or a hat. The headband trend that is still going hard is the pearl / velvet headband. I find that when I go to the early service at church this is just what I do – like put on a little bit of makeup and then pop on a headband and go – it looks like you are actually trying!

#2. RIKI MIRRORS || I literally am obsessed with these mirrors and I have all of the styles. These are ideal for anyone on the go or any makeup lovers! Use this code for 15% off your order: sweetestthing15. (P.S. giving TWO of these away at the end of this post.‼️)

#3. RETRO RAYBAN SUNGLASSES || As soon as these came out I went to try them on and didn’t like them on me – and every time I saw them I wished I liked them on my face! Well, finally when we were in Paris in October I tried them on and John was like “wait I really like those on you!” so I got them and I literally wear them 95% of the time! I seriously adore them!!

#4. CURLING IRON || This is old news – but if you are new – I have been using these curling irons & wand for over 4 years! They are how I get all of my curls / waves and I don’t know of a better curling iron. I try tons of hair products and none beat this curling iron. My sister recently had my mom use it on her hair – she has a shorter hair cut- and I posted a video fo her decorating my tree and people kept being like “how does your sister do her hair?!”. [PS. I am giving away one of these at the end of this blog post!‼️]

#5. TOM FORD LIPGLOSS || Hands down one of the best glosses EVER. I did a post about this gloss a few weeks back and it totally sold out on the Nordstrom website in the shade ‘Crystalline‘. [PS. I am giving away one of these at the end of this blog post!‼️]

#6. FAUX LEATHER LEGGINGS || I have several brands and pairs of faux leather leggings and I’ve found that this is my favorite pair – even with golden goose sneakers or dressed up for a holiday party! I do love THESE just FYI but I find they are not quite as flattering and look better dressed down! I actually wear them when we travel because they don’t look sloppy– like in THIS post.

#7. WOW HAIR COLOR || I have not mentioned this in a while but its something I need to re-rave about because as I was writing this post my mom goes “tell them about Wow!”, lol! Basically if you have color treated hair this product is like a ‘sealant’ and it lasts about 4 washes. It can be time consuming to use because you spray it and then blow dry it BUT it pay off makes it worth it. Essentially you have less frizzy hair, softer hair, shinier hair, etc. My mom uses it each time she is in town because she relies on it so much!

#8. SISLEY BLUR POWDER || Okay so someone actually DM’ed me about this a couple of months ago and I was like “oh I will take one for the team and pay $95 for a dang powder if you say so!” and then I tried it and it made since, dang it. 😜 It truly is a blurring powder and I find that my skin looks MUCH smoother with it.I think it will last a while too because I’ve barely made a dent in it and I use it every time I apply makeup.

#9. WOOL HAT || I’m sure it is not news to you but I’m a hat lady big time. I wear hats when my hair is clean, lol! I find that they are ideal as a busy mom because I don’t have to worry about even messing with my hair. I also notice that a hat makes a simple outfit look a bit more chic! The one that is linked is one of my oldest hats that I still wear often and I have it in 2 other colors and would recommend as a great gift idea.

#10. BENEFIT POWDER HIGHLIGHTER || This is not news to you all – I rave about ‘Cookie’ all of the time but it is legit one of the best highlighters I’ve ever tried. I try to pay attention to products that my mom and sister buy — like — they will play in my makeup and then I’ll notice they buy something. The other night I was in Arkansas at my sisters and she had purchased ‘Cookie’ and she goes “Emily! You are right – this just makes everyone look prettier!” – and I am not joking it does. You can go heavy and really make it pop but it just makes you look healthy and applied to your nose makes your nose look tiny! We were actually in Little Rock the next night because she was decorating Tia Booth’s tree and Tia wanted to use my bronzer and highlighter and the next day she texted me asking for links to the products. We were laughing because it has that affect on everyone! [Also it smells so good!]

#11. HOLLIS OFFICIAL ||  I have talked about these quite a bit on my blog but I seriously adore the brand. Talk about AMAZING gift idea – if you have a friend who has ‘everything’ – and you are stumped – get them a Hollis makeup bag!! These are gorgeous, high quality, and super functional! [PS. I am giving away one of these at the end of this blog post!‼️] 10% OFF SITEWIDE + USE CODE EMILY10 for an additional 10% off!

#12. MARLEY DELINA PERFUME || I’m asked quite often what my favorite perfumes are and I don’t have a lot that I love but there are a few that stay in my constant rotation and this one is one of the more unique ones. I hardly ever see anyone talk about it! Its like a hidden gem! My mom is obsessed! Now, it is kind of pricy but I assure you – if you like higher end perfumes and unique smells you will not mind splurging! I also love Lancome’s Idole, Flowerbomb, Rose 31, & a special edition Louis Vuitton one!

What are your favorite gift ideas for her?  Share in a comment below!




GOOD NEWS!!‼️ I’m giving away a few of my favorite things! I added all details above but I’m giving away 2 Riki Mirrors [the two in the collage above!], a full set of Hollis Official bags, Tom Ford Lip Gloss,  a T3 Curling Iron, & this Louis Vuitton WALLET [$495] There will be 5 winners– so one will win a Riki Mirror, one will the win Hollis bag set, one will win the LV Wallet, etc. [This will be at random!] Each package will come with extra goodies though!! I’ll have all info on my IG stories later tonight so make sure you watch and see everything reviewed!


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