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COCO’S TOP: Free People | EARRINGS: Chanel

Okay, I had SO many questions yesterday after I posted on my stories that I was doing Coco’s makeup! I wrote down all of the products we used really quickly for those asking. Also had a lot of questions about her skincare routine but she actually uses the same products that I use, so you can read all about our skincare routine HERE. We go to Hobbs Salon + Spa to Andrea for all skincare needs- facials, Botox, laser, etc. Well, yesterday we went by Hobbs  because we had to take an ‘After’ photo of Coco. A couple of weeks ago, they let her be a Bellafill model- it is a filler that lasts much longer than other fillers. She was excited and also nervous because she can’t do needles, lol  Anyway, they injected it into her cheek area and it totally lifted her cheek bones and even just the skin below. Its hard to explain but I posted some photos on my stories if you are curious.[Stories will expire today!] I actually had taken the kids to swim lessons while she was getting it done and stopped by to check on her and she was literally like so scared! [Not being dramatic – she got embarrassed about it but she said to tell you it was not as bad as she anticipated!] She said just looking at the needle and the syringe made her queasy and she requested I get her a REAL coke. I was cracking up bc she typically likes Coke Zero so I quickly drove through McDonald’s and got her a REAL Coke & a breakfast burrito.☺️ Anyway, it took a little longer than expected just because she was kind of scared and she was swelling a bit she asked to take the ‘after’ photo when she was back in town! So yesterday before she went to take the ‘After’ photo she let me do her makeup [super quick – we only had a few minutes] and I ended up going a lot of questions regarding her makeup. I basically used all of my favorites on her – but her skin is better than mine in the cheek area so her highlighter pops way more than mine! The photo she took above was a photo she took on her iPhone really quick in the car and I feel like it shows so clearly how amazing her skin looks. Andrea did 6 rounds of a skin tightening laser on her face last fall [Viora] and it helped my moms skin a TON! The Bellafill gave a bit of a lift to the cheekbone area and really made that part of her skin so smooth and beautiful. I am talking – her highlighter POPS and the skin there is like baby skin!  Okay, now that I explained tall – here is a break down of what was used!


#1. PRIMER || Lilah B Aglow Priming Oil goes on first, followed by the e.l.f. Poreless Primer. [She has dry skin and really needs the oil primer that I use as well! It is a game changer!]

#2. FOUNDATION || Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation [7 Neutral] Actually the same shade that I use bc I had it on hand but in the winter my mom wears the 5.5. We love this foundation because it has incredible ingredients that help plump your skin, hydrate your skin, smooth out texture, etc. It also is water/sweat proof so it is nice during the summer.

#3. UNDEREYE AREA || Charlotte Tilbury Magic Vanish! Color Corrector [Shade Medium]

#4. CONCEALER || TOO FACED BORN THIS WAY CONCEALER [Shade: Porcelain] and VANISH Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer [Shade: Cotton] Either one will work fine but the shade wasn’t perfect for her so I mixed them to make it a little lighter of a shade. Side note: She prefers the Hourglass foundation since it is lighter and brighter and more her skin tone. Both are amazing concealers but she likes the VANISH best.

#5. CONTOUR || Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Highlighter & Shader Duet [Intensity One] with this Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Foundation Brush 2.5. And then I used this La Mer The Powder to set and then I ALWAYS use this Morphe’s Setting Spray it helps to keep your makeup on and looking good!

#6. BRONZER || Charlotte Tilbury Bronzing Powder [Shade: 3 TAN]

#7. ILLUMINATOR || ICONIC London Illuminator [Shade: Blush] || I apply this with a wet Tarte beauty sponge [Use code EMILY for 15% off!] They are my favorite- this is what really gave her that glow!


#9. HIGHLIGHTER || Benefit’s Cookie Highlighter

#10. LASHES || Grande Cosmetic Grandeprimer Pre-Mascara Lengthener & Thickener and then I applied the It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara [Seriously one of my favorite mascaras and it is on MAJOR sale right now] *She had lash extensions a few weeks ago and a lot of them have fallen off and she has not had them filled – that is why you see longer ones, lol. The struggle is real!*

#11. BROWS || ABH Powder [shade ‘Soft Brown’] followed by THIS Diorshow Pump n’ Brow Squeezable Brow Mascara [Shade: Dark Brown]

#12. SETTING SPRAY || Iconic London Prep Set Go Spray [This is a glow spray and we love it!]

#13 BLUR POWDER ||  Sisley Blur Powder – you all are probably tired of hearing about this but it is still the product I CANNOT live without and Coco agrees!

#14 LIP DETAILS || HUDA Power Matte Lipstick [shade ‘girls trip] with Fenty Gloss Bomb [shade ‘FU$$Y’]

Side Note: My mom doesn’t like to wear eyeshadow so we ‘skipped’ the step. I actually did sweep a transition shade through her crease quickly and a used a creamy, glowy shade on her lid but only lightly bc I know she does not like eye shadow!☺️✨

Do you have any other questions about Coco’s makeup routine?  Let me know in a comment below!

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  1. Cocos makeup and skin is So Beautiful!!! She looks so young!! The treatment she had done looks so natural!! Major Goals!!! 🤍💕

  2. so pretty!!!!! omg…can u tell me what u did put on her eyelids?? I think it’s so hard to find an eyeshadow that is just slightly glowy and not too light in color!!!! this looks perfect!