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Where Have I Been?🕵🏻‍♀️ + The Cutest Spring Outfit Ideas for 2022

Spring Outfit Ideas for 2022 by top US fashion blogger, Emily Gemma of The Sweetest Thing.

Spring Outfit Ideas for 2022 by top US fashion blogger, Emily Gemma of The Sweetest Thing. Spring Outfit Ideas for 2022 by top US fashion blogger, Emily Gemma of The Sweetest Thing.

Spring Outfit Ideas for 2022 by top US fashion blogger, Emily Gemma of The Sweetest Thing. Spring Outfit Ideas for 2022 by top US fashion blogger, Emily Gemma of The Sweetest Thing.

Spring Outfit Ideas for 2022 by top US fashion blogger, Emily Gemma of The Sweetest Thing.

Spring Outfit Ideas for 2022 by top US fashion blogger, Emily Gemma of The Sweetest Thing.

Spring Outfit Ideas for 2022 by top US fashion blogger, Emily Gemma of The Sweetest Thing. Spring Outfit Ideas for 2022 by top US fashion blogger, Emily Gemma of The Sweetest Thing.


BLAZER: Topshop [wearing size 6 – to get oversized look!] | BOOTS: Matisse [run TTS] | HANDBAG: Gucci [similar option HERE] | CROSS NECKLACE: Nordstrom | LARIAT NECKLACE: Madewell | EARRINGS: Louis Vuitton [similar option HERE & HERE] | SUNGLASSES: BP. [$15! These are designer dupes, too!] | WATCH: Rolex [similar option HERE] | MOTHER OF PEARL BRACELET: Van Cleef & Arpels [similar option HERE] | BRACELETS: Cartier [similar HERE & HERE – THIS BRACELET looks so much like my Juste un Clou nail wrap but a fraction of the cost. As does THIS ONE!] | RING: Cartier [similar HERE] | CAP: Rag & Bone [THIS cap is cute & a third of the price!] | STACKED RING: Spinelli [similiar, more affordable style HERE for $20 – linking more similar styles in widget in blog post!] | LIP COMBO: ‘Deep Taupe‘+ ‘Kim KW‘ + A-Lister

Well, well, well… where do I even begin?! LOL.🙈🙈🙈 This whole having my Instagram hacked has really been wild & I am working on the issue directly but also trying to get back to the e-mails & messages from other platforms asking if I changed my handle or accidentally blocked someone. The answer is no – just in case I am unable to get back to the messages. PS. I SO appreciate those of you who have checked on me- that means a lot! It is funny because I’ve used Instagram mostly as a tool in my job since it was created instead of a place to consume content really so it is so odd to not have it… & I felt really bizarre! On Friday, my team came in at 9AM and we had some hard deadlines that we were working towards and I had started at 7AM. However at 9:08AM [while I was using the app] I was essentially kicked out of my account & within minutes they removed the full page & handle. I was like “okay, crisis management time”- we need to address this issue. Fill out forms. Make calls, answer questions, etc. but also stay focused on the other social media outlets like The Sweetest Thing Facebook page, TikTok, Pinterest, LTK, & of course – the most important, my blog! It had already been a crazy week between the entire family having a pretty darn bad cold, doctors/dentist appointments, etc. so this kinda threw us for a loop as you can probably imagine. 🤯 So funny because John told me on Thursday night that since we were all recovering & that we had amazing weather that he was going to take Luke & Sophie to the zoo Friday AM so that my assistant and I could knock everything out while there were no distractions. They did go to the zoo[!!!!] but it took some time to ge them out the door! Sophia is my shadow and also likes for me to get her dressed, fix her hair, etc. so while we were on calls with people answering questions & submitting info, I am simultaneously trying to brush Soap’s hair and get her ready which is the norm but I was under a little more pressure than usual. 😊 So far, I notice a trend in the emails asking if I will come back but that is something I am unable to answer right now – I actually don’t have any control if I’m being super clear.

In other news, I wore this a few days ago and thought I’d post ASAP before the pieces sell out! This blazer is amazingg. It is oversized & looks cute over pants & shorts too, but because of the nice weather I paired it with my new bone white boots & a baseball cap –  its a very edgy / feminine vibe and I’m here for it! I linked some GOOD jewelry in the outfit details section^ that is high quality and looks like my staple Cartier pieces but for a fraction of the cost! I browse Nordstrom every week or so – looking at their beauty section mostly to see what is new! 😍 The newest favorites are THIS foundation [shade Barcelona], THIS liner is GOOD for contour / shaping lips, THIS gloss, THIS 24hr brow setter / shaper. I did a Tiktok on these a couple of weeks back and I continue getting questions about them! The perfume from that Tiktok is HERE. Just a heads up – you can always get those types of details on my LTK page! I keep everything logged there too and I will continue uploading there and to my FB page in case you all need something! 😊 I also figured out how to log into Fitz’ IG account so I will try to update there some, too! @fitzgemma

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring today’s spring outfit ideas post. 
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56 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?🕵🏻‍♀️ + The Cutest Spring Outfit Ideas for 2022

  1. So sorry this has happened to you! Hope it can be figured out soon and your instagram can be back up and running. I love seeing your posts and watching your stories, especially the ones with Luke and Soapie ❤️

  2. Oh my gosh Emily… first of all, this outfit is so so super cute ! I love it ! You know I will be trying to hunt it all down lol. I know you had mentioned you had the blue check by your name so when I didn’t see it I knew something was seriously wrong. Oh I hope you will eventually get your IG back. I honestly miss seeing your darling face everyday and the adorable littles ! Missing you my sweet love ! Thank you for updating on your blog here. I knew you would xxx Paula (ps I also was looking on helloholidays to see if your sister had posted anything. Take care love hope to see you soon xxx

  3. I’ve been looking and looking for you on Instagram and this is exactly why so grateful still for the blog!!! Stunning as always!!

  4. This outfit is gorgeous! I miss seeing your stories everyday but at least I can come here! I hope IG can fix it for you, that’s such a bummer!

  5. Hope all is well! Missing you on Instagram. So frustrating that people have to try to ruin all of your hard work but I know you and your team will be up and running again soon <3

  6. Omgosh no! You always show up in my stories first and when I hadn’t seen you in a day I wondered what was going on. Sorry sorry about your IG and so happy to have your blog to reference!

  7. I was getting so concerned on why I didn’t see any of your posts! I thought for a second you blocked me 😂 thank you for telling us even amongst all the craziness! Hopefully you get everything back!!

  8. OMG I was soooo worried when I couldn’t find you on Instagram! I went in for my daily dose of Emily and was like noooo 😭 I am so sorry this happened! Ugh people who hack have no life. I hope it all gets fixed soon! 💕💕💕

  9. Missing you on IG so much that I had to come to the blog! Hope things are getting fixed for you. Good vibes! ❤️❤️❤️

  10. I thought Instagram felt awfully naked and just now realized it’s because you’re not in my stories 😭😭😭😭😭darn the person who did this.

  11. I am so sorry to hear your Instagram was hacked and definitely noticed you weren’t in my search anymore. Hoping for a quick recovery for you! Thanks for continuing to share great content!

  12. So sorry about everything!! You are doing great! Sorry, I don’t have the best words to say but am sending love and prayers to you

  13. Hi Emily! So glad things are starting to get figured out. Most importantly aside from social media is that you and your family is healthy and safe.
    I actually don’t have Instagram and never have, im not a big social media person, i only have Facebook. But i have been a follower of your blog for years and on FB. Love your content, and that you allow us to follow the hilarious and fun life of your babies Luke and Sophie 😊. They always bring a smile to my face 😁

    Have a wonderful day!!

  14. I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you. Your IG is my staple. I kept trying to find your page & didn’t know what happened. Hope you’re able to get it cleared up soon. Question, how are you going to handle the Chanel bag giveaway now? Thank you and best wishes.

  15. I’m so happy to know you’re still able to access your blog and all! The other day I noticed you didn’t post on Instagram and I felt like I needed to hop over here to your blog and see if everything is okay. Crossing my fingers the IG platform can help you access anything that was hacked. I’ll continue to check your blog for future details & outfit styling inspo!
    Love, Britt

  16. I am so sorry to hear you had your Instagram hacked, that must be awful. I hope you’re able to get the account back. This is such a beautiful outfit xx


  17. You’re so missed on Instagram!!! Thankfully I follow you on all platforms. I hope you get it resolved soon. xoxo

  18. Hey there pretty lady. I’m sorry you are going thru this with IG. I hope it gets resolved soon. I’m also glad you are all feeling better at home. Have a great day and Happy Valentine’s Day💕

  19. O M FREAKING G! My best friend texted me a couple days ago asking what my favorite blogger Emily’s last name was…then she says why can’t I find her? I look & am like wth I can’t either! All weekend I’m like I have to message her & make sure everything is ok! Lol so I’m so glad you’re fine but so sorry this happened!! So glad I can still get these emails! XO!

  20. I’m so sorry about your page!!! I’ve been looking for you and couldn’t find you from my followers or anyone else’s!! Came to check your blog and saw you were hacked 😭😭😭 I hope you get it back cause I love following you!!! I’m guessing the Chanel bag giveaway is on hold (least of your worries!!) but I will be checking here to check in on you!

  21. Honestly, it’s been SO weird not seeing your stories!!! 😩 Missing the Gemma Gang ✨badly✨ 🤣 just glad y’all are alright, hope they are able to resolve the issue soon. Sending positive vibes your way. 💛

  22. Ahh! Had a freak out moment, glad you are ok and well. Wishing you the best. I will continue to follow you on your other platforms:) also looking fabulous in this post as always!

  23. Oh no! I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing any instastories pop up! Then when I saw that your instagram was down, I knew I had to double check your blog.

    Hope the family is doing well and love the neutral outfit!

  24. I’m so sorry this is happening to you but I know you are making the best of a hard situation. I miss seeing your face (and the sweet babes) on my Insta Stories but am thankful you have all your other outlets! Praying for peace and God’s will to be done. Lots of love xoxo!

  25. Very glad you have this original platform to still use and not only depend on instagram. That speaks volumes of you and your business! Cheering you on from afar!

  26. Oh Emily! So sorry this happened to you! Truly hope instangram will fix this issue. Miss seeing your stories so much, you are truly one if the bloggers i always looked to see if you post anything!
    You outfit is gorgeous and you look beautiful as always! ❤️

  27. Emily,
    I was looking for you bc I hadn’t seen you post anything. I looked and couldn’t find your account. Hope everything is ok or will be. Prayers!!

  28. Hopefully their lack of attention to helping you recover the account will drive your following to use other platforms. It will be nice to realize that we can all live without instant gratification- see what I did there ? Swiping Up podcast mentioned you were off line… thankful they did.

  29. Wow! Glad all of you are fine. I’ve been on and off instagram since I take care of my father during the week and when I went
    to look for your post, I was shocked not to find you. Hope Instagram gets you up and running soon.

  30. Omg! Instagram has seemed really weird to me these last couple of weeks. My story feed has been filled with stories I do not normally follow. I realized I had not seen your stories in a while. Well, you are one of my favorites and I thank you for keeping us informed. Love your style and enjoy your adventures. I will keep up with you on your blog. There are influencers showing their workouts, I like seeing fashion, home and family adventures, so thank you!

    So sorry for your difficulties!

    💕Nell Covello

  31. Miss you so much! Hope this resolves soon. You weren’t coming up in my stories and then when I couldn’t find you in my search I knew something was wrong. Glad you and the family are well.
    IG just isn’t yeh same without you!

  32. Oh man!! No wonder I couldn’t find your account anymore! I thought I had gotten blocked from entering your February giveaway too many times hahahhahaha. I hope you get your account back soon! I’ve seen this happen a lot lately! Sorry that happened to you!

  33. Oh man! How frustrating that it got hacked! And stressful, but the glass half full is maybe you can enjoy a little break from IG and have a few extra min to yourself. 🙂 I just followed the fitzy page last night also. And Whitney Rife shared something about you being hacked. Anyways, what I realized you having no IG made me wander back to your blog, which is where it first started for me, so it’s not such a bad thing even though we do miss you on IG! This is probably the least of your worries, but is the Chanel giveaway still going on or was a winner chosen?

  34. I haven’t been on Instagram a ton but realized I had not seen your name or any of your content! So sorry you are going through this and just wanted to say, miss seeing you and your adorable family! I hope you get it figured out!

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