My Sephora Favorites for March [This New Dior Product Is 😍✨🤯]

Sephora Favorites for March featured by top US beauty blogger, The Sweetest Thing

Sephora Favorites for March featured by top US beauty blogger, The Sweetest Thing Sephora Favorites for March featured by top US beauty blogger, The Sweetest Thing

Sephora Favorites for March featured by top US beauty blogger, The Sweetest Thing Sephora Favorites for March featured by top US beauty blogger, The Sweetest Thing

Sephora Favorites for March featured by top US beauty blogger, The Sweetest Thing

Sephora Favorites for March featured by top US beauty blogger, The Sweetest Thing


DIOR Backstage Concealer || [Shade:’1N’] You guys know I have been obsessed with the other Dior concealer for quite some time – it is hands down one of the best concealers for the under eye area – ever! This one just came out  in the last week or two?! It is a medium coverage, *caffeine infused*, hydrating, long-wearing concealer – that has a radiant finish. It is beautiful!! The brush is very unique – it is more similar to a paint brush.  It is waterproof & creaseproof much like the other one that I love but this one has caffeine in it for dark circles & puffy under eyes. I

DIOR Forever Matte Foundation || [Shade:’3,5N’] Similar to the above statement, the Dior Forever Skinglow has been a long time favorite but I recently got the new Matte version for the warmer weather days! I think I prefer the glow one but I will say that if you are oily the matte formula is GOOOOD. Both stay put 24HRs, have skincare ingredients within them, & just look so so beautiful. My skin tends to be more dry so I think I prefer the glow but both are amazing and have great coverage that is buildable. I think Dior has been killing it lately in terms of a beautiful base that looks natural and radiant all while staying put!

MAKEUP BY MARIO Master Hold Brow Gel || I am a huge fan of laminated brows and have been laminating mine for over 2 years now. The downside is that my brows grow quickly and I don’t have a schedule that allows me to get them done often so I swear by a really powerful brow glue that keeps them from pointing downward. This one is amazing for brushing your brows up and locking them in place. There are only a handful that actually work well on my crazy brows.

NATASHA DENONA Chroma Crystal Top Coat ||  [Shade: ‘Bronze’] It’s back!! Ahh! 🚨

LAURA MERCIER Lip Glacé || [Shade: ‘Rosé’ & ‘Vanille’] OKAY! This is newer to me – something I got in PR recently and immediately loveeedd! And then realized I had already purchased it on my own. The shade ‘Rose’ is my favorite. This is a 3-in-1 – lip gloss, lip balm, treatment that works to hydrate your lips – super moisturizing while also just looking so shiny and beautiful. The color stays put and wears really well. If you like    a good nude lip – you will love the shade Rose. I use this with my lip combo daily. It is pigmented enough that it enhances a nude lip beautifully and also stays put which is so nice! My go to combo lately is ‘Deep Taupe‘ liner with my go-to ‘Kim K.W.’ & ‘Rose‘ on top!

IT COSMETICS CC+ Nude Glow Lightweight Foundation ||  [Shade: ‘Natural Medium’] omg! This is new to me but I fell in love quickly. It is their new Glowy Skin tint that has SPF. It is medium coverage and just brightens your face up instantly. If you like a lighter coverage look with SPF – you will love this. This is not going to be a full glam vibe but it will be great for those of you who like   just a bit of coverage and glow with SPF built in!

PATRICK TA Major Sculpt Contour Brush ||  I have seen this recommended so many times and can never find it in stock until last week in Orlando. If you are big on contouring your cheekbones / jaw area – you will love this brush!! It is dense/firm and works super easy for contour in case you are looking for something to make contouring a little easier.

HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Palette ||  [Shade: ‘Volume III’] Ahhh! So Hourglass just released this not too long ago and like the above^ contour brush, I could never find it in stock until we were in Orlando last week. I have a couple of these palettes and I loveee them but this one has the new bronzer shades that are better for darker skin. I struggle to find bronzers that are dark enough to match my self tanner but this one is really good- especially for summer. It has a bit of a radiance to it – nothing crazy or shiny but just enough to give you a summer glow!

OLE HENRIKSON Strength Trainer Peptide Boost Moisturizer ||  I ran out of moisturizer about a month ago and got this one after hearing amazing reviews and it is safe to say that I am hooked. It is a thick consistency – not too thick – but just enough that your skin like    drinks it up! My skin immediately feels refreshed and plump upon putting this on. it is full of peptides, collagen, amino acids – and they all work together to ‘double hydrate’ your skin. It also has hyaluronic within it as well.

TARTE Sea Power Flex Concealer ||  [Shade: 25N] Okay, you guys know I never fell in love with the original Shape Tape but BOY! This is Tarte’s newest concealer & it is VERY GOOD. I mean – GOOD. The ingredients make it even better since it has hyaluronic acid & niacinamide – which help with hydration & brightening while you wear them. This is a full coverage concealer and it is also long wearing. It does have more of a matte finish- which makes it a bit different than other concealers I love really. If you pull more oily – you may really love this one. It is not drying at all despite it being a matte finish – it doesn’t look cakey or crepey in the least. I apply it with the doe foot applicator which is large making it nice for covering large areas that may be pigmented and then I used their new Concealer Brush [triangle shaped] to blend it in [Tik Tok hack] and liked it. I typically use a dampened beauty sponge to apply concealer but I saw a Tiktok on how certain brushes actually allow the concealer to get better coverage / blend more flawlessly. I did a few Instagram stories showing it up close and you could totally see how well it worked. I really like this brush in general for stamping anything including powder in under the eye… AND I used it in Orlando to easily apply SPF on Luke and Sophia’s faces. It makes it easier to spot treat their faces and avoid their eye area – which John doesn’t do as well, LOL!

LIVING PROOF Perfect Hair Day Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo ||  I don’t use dry shampoo often bc most of them make my hair feel gross but this is probably #2 in the best dry shampoos I have ever used! It is amazing – and doesn’t make your hair for sticky or gross.

LYS BEAUTY Triple Fix Brightening Concealer || [Shade: ‘LN3’] Yes, another concealer 🙈but this is a full coverage, brightening concealer and I love it. The ingredients are powerful and help to smooth out  brighten your under eye area while you wear it.

KERASTASE Chroma Absolu High Shine Gloss Treatment for Color-Treated Hair | This is new to me but you use this on your hair in the shower and let it set for 1-2 minutes and it is a salon glossing treatment for color treated hair. I overnighted this last week while in Orlando and used it as soon as I got home! It makes your hair feel super silky & smooth immediately after rinsing it out & it has lactic acid in it which is a favorite ingredient of mine actually – for skincare. Lactic acid is a hydrating one and it works on your hair to strength & seal the hair surface making it shiny. I actually really wanted it for the color preserving because   I go see Chrissy for color every 4 months or so, so its really important to me that I’m careful with what I use on my hair so that I don’t lose the color.

MAKEUP BY MARIO F2 Makeup Brush | I have a couple of his brushes and this one is a newer one that I love bc both ends are so useful – one for under eye are and one for the full face. I use this for sweeping away translucent powder after baking and to clean up my face when I have eye shadow fall out!

DIOR Backstage Eye Reviver Patches | OMG – these are CUTE! And, okay, also functional but soooo cute. [They look like    the navy Dior Oblique Book tote!]  It has their potent eye serum in it which I love & its great for a boost of hydration / waking up your under eye area – but I don’t use too often bc of the price but they are a cute splurge.

LIVING PROOF Restore Shampoo, LIVING PROOF Restore Conditioner, LIVING PROOF Restore Repair Mask  

ORIBE Hair Alchemy Fortifying Treatment Serum

K18 BIOMIMETIC HAIRSCIENCE Mini Leave-in Molecular Repair Mask

OUAI Hair Oil

FENTY SKIN Pre-Show Glow || You guys know I have a handful of Fenty products that I do not travel without and this is one of them. If you need a good exfoliation both chemically and physically – you will love this. It is not harsh / won’t burn but the applicator itself will immediately make your skin so so so smooth.

FENTY Icon Semi-Matte Refillable Lipstick | I wore this all week long at Disney in the shade ‘Mutha – Love’ and I loved it. The perfect pinky nude – I also love the packaging.

T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers || One of my favorite sets of rollers and believe me – I have tried them all it feels like … they work best when your hair is fresh blow dried and they give volume at your root + curl. It is one of my favorite hair styles lately honestly.

BIOSSANCE Squalane & Marine Algae Eye Cream 

GRANDE COSMETICS Grande Lash MD Lash Serum

ALSO ✨ I always want to mention this because it is SO good! If you are not yet a  Sephora Beauty Insider, their free rewards program,  I highly recommend doing it because it gets you really great samples, birthday gifts, and access to their special events with discounts! You earn points on all merchandise purchases and you get to redeem those points for rewards!

Thanks to Sephora for sponsoring today’s post. 


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  1. Here to say this outfit is by far one of MY FAVS you have shared with us! It’s simple but yet so cute!
    Ordering the tarte sea concealer!!!

  2. I came on here looking for a new lip gross recommendation, and this looks perfect!! I’m going to grab that Laura Mercier Lip glace, thanks Emily!!

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