In case you missed it, last month I started a new ‘series’ if you will – on monthly favorites. You can see ‘March Favorites’ HERE. I started it mid-April so the March post has April included and so does this post. [aka there’s no ‘April Favorites’ post!] Any who! Basically, I’m doing what YouTubers do, and rounding up TOP products that I am loving, wearing, using, etc. Now that Baby Luke is here, I will have a section on ‘baby’ but you will also see home decor, beauty, clothing, shoes, accessories, & miscellaneous.


charlotte tilbury blush review, emily gemma makeup

If you have followed me for long, you know I am crazy over Charlotte Tilbury blushes. I picked this one up in Dallas a couple of weeks ago – it was my 4th color to get and this one is perfect for summer bc it is very pink. (shade is ‘Love Is The Drug’ )

emily gemma makeup, may favorites the sweetest thing, louis vuitton cosmetic case, louis vuitton makeup case, endless rose white mini dress

best drug store foundation, L’Oreal long wearing foundation

DRUG STORE: I am constantly trying out drug store foundations in hopes of finding something that is actually comparable to high end foundations. I’m so picky about foundation – it has to be great coverage, have good color, & wear ALL day. TBH, I never find any that really compare to high end foundations but I have been trying the L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover out and I love it! I love their Pro Glow as well, but this one better suits my skin type for daily use.

emily gemma favorite lip stick, favorite lip plumper, lip plumper that really work, dior maximizer review

LIP COMBO: My go-to lip combo the last 4 weeks has been ‘Spice’ or ‘Stripdown’ + ‘Madere’ + Lip Plumper (Madere sells out a lot – I went a year without it but a similar is MAC ‘Fleshpot’)

impressions lighted mirror review, impressions lighted vanity review

Okay, so if you follow on Snapchat you know I get ready w/THIS lighted vanity – well I found this travel mirror as well (it is sold out right now).  Having a light up vanity that is small and doesn’t clutter your room is seriously the best thing ever! The vanities are usually sold out so I wanted to let you all know they are in stock and so is THIS one.

emily gemma fake tanner, best fake tanner

I did a full post on fake tanners back in March? I think right when I got back from Maui. Now that Luke is here I don’t have the time to fake tan so I usually do it in a rush! Each night after I shower I lather up in THIS and then during the day if I am showing leg, I spray a little bit of the Sally Henson leg makeup into my lotion and makes for tan, smooth looking legs.


emily gemma kitchen, emily gemma prada bag,

This is a repeat favorite but because I get asked a lot, my favorite candle for kitchen is ‘Limoncello’ from B&BW. I burn it from March – August in our kitchen.

emily gemma bed, grey chunky knitted blanket, huge chunky knitted blanket

A company called Wool Hugs sent us this amazing blanket and I am OBSESSED. If you sleep with it on your bed it will keep you verrrryyyy warm haha. I think I will love it in the winter especially.


nordstrom sale 2017 shirt, ruffled black gibson shirt nordstrom, emily gemma nordstrom sale

I don’t have to say much but THIS TOP ($42) has been a legit fave. My mom and I ordered more bc we both love them and all the colors!

quay desi high key fade,

My black faded Quay sunglasses…  under $70 and look like $$$ designer sunnies!

tory burch miller sand patent, tory burch miller flip flop review, best tory burch sandals

SHOES: Wearing my Tory Burch Millers in Sand Patent like CRAZY and also my M.Gemi flats.


emily gemma birth story

I shared all the photos from Luke’s arrival in May and it’s a favorite post of mine!

Right now we love Kickee Pants, Aden & Anais everything, this Burberry outfit, his Love To Dream Swaddle, his DockaTot, & TommeeTippee pacis.

*Doing a full MOMMY MUST HAVE Post soon!*

White Dress HERE (wearing medium)

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30 thoughts on “May Favorites | Best Of Beauty, Baby, Home & More

  1. Your site is beautiful! My sister follows you & told me your site was a must visit. I have just entered the blogger world; my emphasis on wife and mommy life and I am excited to connect with you. congrats on your new baby boy. I look forward to visiting your site often!

  2. So I definitely know what the favorite mascaras are lash boosts are, but odd question- do you have a favorite eyelash curler? Currently in the market, typically I use lancome, but if you had a ride-or-die lash curler, would love to know!


  4. could you tell What color lip plumper do you wear with your go to lip combo? Thank you so much for your post. I love them. XOXO PS the baby weight will come off. Just remember it happened over 9 months, it will not take 9 months to get it off but it will soon.

  5. Hi, I always love and admire your initial necklace. I’ve looked at it online and was wondering how long you have had it and if you have had any issues with it turning?

    Thanks so much.

  6. Love this series! Can’t wait to try out the vanity mirror, it’s just what i needed for my new vanity! 🙂

  7. I love your blog. I cant seem to find your post on your favouRite self tAnners that you pOsted in March. What are your faV’s?

  8. The top photo in this post looks like a magazine cover, love it!!!! All these pics are great. I like when you do a bunch of different photos, although I’m sure it’s a pain 🙁

  9. Emily,

    I am loving the off the shoulder trend, but I will be having another baby shortly (#4) and i dont know what bra i could use under AN off the shoulder top that would be nursing friendly (and not give me mastitis) and still give support. Any suggestions??

  10. Hey Emily! the scent “sugared lemon zest” is literally the excact same candle as Limoncello, but it’s not one of the special gourmet lines. The candles are 50% off right now for the semi-annual sale and the limoncello is Not 50% off, but the sugared lemon zest is 50% off. Just a little tip your readers might like 😉
    Luke is cute! Congrats, mama!

  11. WhEre is the miror on your cOunter from? Not the lifht up one from nordtrom… i mean the brass one in the background of the photos.

  12. Hi Ems,

    I have a quick question – I have been looking on the site (and through the search bar) your jewellery organizer (the mirrored one you have in the room) but I cannot seem to find it. Would you kindly please let me know where I can find something like this, as this is exactly what I’ve been looking for?

    Many thanks dear, blessings to you and Luke.

  13. Hiii! What size bLanket is that? I have been looking into them and not sure what size to get for a throw on the couch. Thank you!

  14. I was just looking through your posts and am really hoping that you do the Mommy Must Have post you mentioned. I Am dying to hear about what items you and luke are loving!