Mornings with Buxom Cosmetics

 Today I am teaming up with Buxom Cosmetics to share how I use their new customizable eye shadow palettes! First of all, it is really, really cool – they have 40 shades available – all different colors, all of which are super pigmented & rich in color. When you buy an empty palette, you can select six shades to pop in! I usually use 3 shades on a daily basis, so I like that I can pop in other colors in case I want to switch things up from day to night. (i.e. I use the other 3 shades for nighttime!) Also, if you don’t want to create your own palette, they have 3 pre-made palettes that you can use!

The shades are actually made with a built-in primer (also called primer infused), meaning I get to skip a step and not have to apply any eyeshade primer. I literally HAVE to use primer since I have oily skin & don’t like creasing! With the Buxom shadows, you don’t need any primer because they’ve covered that for us. 😉

Anyway, I will share a few photos of how I use my palette for day-to-day use! (Don’t mind my messy hair – I always do my makeup before I do my hair soooooo.. and PS. Fitz was photobombing a lot of these photos.)
 1. Transition shade – is a light brown. I just sweep it loosely across the crease area.
2. Crease Shade – is a dark brown. I literally only put this in the crease with a small, tapered brush.
3. Lid Shade: I love gold or glitter or white for my lid! I used the bronze, glittery shade for my lid. 

And to make it all blend, I go back to the brush I used in Step #1, and sweep it back & forth across the crease area which blends it all out. (I don’t pick up any product though before I do this – it is ok if there is leftover product on the brush.)
 (I used their True Nude Lip Foundation & this plumping gloss and I LOVE!!!!)

The next 2 photos are showing how I pop in a new shade if I want to change up my palette! It’s super easy.

^^ Those are the True Nude Lip Foundations that I like!
My bracelets are here & here.
My makeup routine is here.
My necklace is here.
The big mirror in my bedroom is here.
My jewelry armoire is here.

Thanks to Buxom Cosmetics for sponsoring today’s post.

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