What I Wore Hiking at Lake Louise









TEE: BP (wearing size small) | VEST: NorthFace (wearing small – it was a little big though) | LEGGINGS: Zella (size small) | TENNIS SHOES: Nike | SCARF: Louis Vuitton (similar style) | HANDBAG: Goyard ‘St. Louis PM’ c/o Keeks || John’s Pullover: Patagonia
If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that John and I are in Alberta, Canada visiting Lake Louise! It’s absolutely stunning – its crazy to think that people live near here and get to see this beauty on a regular basis. It is polar opposite of Oklahoma, haha! (I will full post talking ab what we did, where we ate, stayed, etc.!)
Anyway, the first morning we were here, we got up at 6am and went for a hike – we grabbed coffees & breakfast, tossed it in my bag and got going… Everyone was like “oh yea its super easy – only one mile, you’ll do it in no time!” So of course I was psyched bc I’m over here thinking “sweet, I’m going to look so legit going for a hike”… and then we started walking up the mountain and John looks at me (apparently I was breathing hard or something, idk) and says “whens the last time you went to Zumba?” I was like “umm like a month ago!” So yea, it wasn’t so easy for me. I am totally not the hiking type — I remember dating John and going on hikes w/him to impress him and then quitting once we got married! lol! Also, I totally didn’t intend on wearing a LV scarf on a hike but when we walked outside and realized it was in the 30s, it was all I had to add on to stay warm. 
Hope you all had a great weekend!! Have any of you visited somewhere that looked like this within the US? I’d love to hear of some beautiful places in America that are similar! 🙂
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66 thoughts on “What I Wore Hiking at Lake Louise

  1. Priceless photos! Don't beat yourself up too much about the hike situation. You were also at a very high altitude which makes it difficult to breathe if you live in lower elevations. I've been to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and it is beautiful but nothing compares to that view. Can't wait to see your full post on it. Definitely planning a visit in the near future!

  2. Great post, glad you were able to enjoy the beauty in the Rocky Mountains. I live in Calgary just East of Lake Louise and this is a good reminder of the beauty I have access to. I never get tired of looking at the colour of the water there. It's also quite breath taking in Winter as well. Enjoy your stay.


  3. SO gorgeous, Emily! You MUST go to Alaska! It's GORGEOUS! My friends and I did a cruise with Royal and left Seattle and it took us to Alaska and through Victoria. That side of Canada is just as beautiful, but it was pretty cold and we went in August, lol!

  4. Never found anything in the US that is as beautiful as Lake Louise and Banff in general. I hope you go to Moraine lake while you're there! Lake Tahoe here in the US is pretty beautiful and similar in some ways to Lake Louise. I hope you all got coffee in the shop in the Fairmont hotel so good. Some of the best almond milk lattes in that coffee shop!

  5. I just returned from Colorado and I had similar reaction to the altitude. It was awful… I thought I was going to have a heart attack a few times, LOL! (I live in the Tampa Bay Area— elevation 10 feet!!) I was told to reallly hydrate before trips to higher elevations next time.

  6. Lake Louise is beautiful & is definitely on my list! Come to Washington & visit Diablo Lake for something similar stateside. At least look it up, it's absolutely stunning. I may be a bit biased being a born & raised Washington girl, but the PNW is seriously the most gorgeous place 🙂 Also, that's exactly the kind of outfit I'd wear hiking. Always gotta look cute no matter the adventure 😉

  7. same thing here. Just got back from Yosemite and I experienced the exact same thing. The altitude will get you if your not used to it. At one point we were 10,000 feet above sea level and it was a struggle.

  8. It looks gorgeous there! And I love your hiking outfit, especially the scarf. You and your husband should visit Glacier National Park in Montana, it is simply stunning!

  9. It looks gorgeous there! And I love your hiking outfit, especially the scarf. You and your husband should visit Glacier National Park in Montana, it is simply stunning!

  10. Fab hiking outfit and stunning pics!! My husband and I hiked and biked in Ohiopile state park this weekend in Pennsylvania and couldn't believe how gorgeous it was!!! Waterfalls and stunning views reminded us of Hawaii!! We stayed at an incredible resort 7 miles from the park, Nemacolin Woodlands resort (just featured on the Bachelorette 😉 we loved it!! I would post pics in the comments if possible!?

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