HOODED CARDIGAN: c/o Express (love this green version!) | LEGGINGS: c/o Express (similar style here) | TURTLENECK: Halogen | BOOTIES: c/o Express (found mine in stores) (similar here & here) | HANDBAG: Celine (love this, too!)

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Okay, first off I feel SO badly bc all of my photos look so gloomy lately. 🙁 I wasn’t kidding when I said that we didn’t see sunshine for almost a week. Sadly, we got sunshine yesterday and John’s on a bad rotation, so he goes in when it is dark and comes home when it is dark so we never get to shoot. {#bloggerprobs} But really, I feel like everything looks super gloomy and sad, lol. The timing is probably good though because I’ve been super sick this week. I can barely swallow anything and I sneeze 1.23 million times a day, and I think all of this has brought on round ligament pain. Being pregnant, it is tough to get sick because there isn’t much you can do except rest. John’s been a super hero though- he came home Monday night with a new humidifier, a Medicine Ball from Starbucks (makes your throat feel so good!), Vicks, more tissues, and lots of water. I think the medicine ball is what gets me through the day though (google it to see what is inside!) – I usually get one as soon as I wake up! It has caffeine in it so I only sip on it a little (not drinking the whole thing!). Anyway, just updating you guys – I feel relatively good and I really wanted to suggest that drink. (I saw it on Jaclyn Hill’s snapchat a few weeks back!)

In other news… we stopped by Express in NYC and I picked up this cardigan and I really wish I had gotten a second one! It is crazy soft, hooded, and I love the length. It’s nice for wearing out and about, or just staying inside. (John keeps our house so cold!) I really love Express sweater/cardigans in general this years – you’ve probably noticed I’ve been wearing them a lot. (You guys seem to love THIS sweater I wore in Paris the most.) Also, these leggings! So I tried them on in store because they felt so soft and I love the color. I had a feeling John was going to give me the side eye but when we walked by, he was like “oh those are really cute on you!” So I was sold. Lately, with my growing bump (and its really growing!) he makes jokes about my pants bc they definitely are starting to not button or look so cute. (FYI, my maternity leggings and jeans are all too big still.. such an awkward transition). 

Okay this is super long! I’ve got to head out to pick up some Christmas presents today – are any of you done w/your shopping yet? (if so you are a special unicorn! I’m terrible at this!)

Thanks to Express for sponsoring today’s post.

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16 thoughts on “Life Lately Update + The Coziest, Hooded Cardigan

  1. You probably have a lot of leggings already, but the Gap maternity line of leggings were my LIFE line when I was pregnant during the wintertime. They also have maternity underwear that I highly recommend, they're all very comfortable. The leggings might not be as dressy as you're used to, but they'll def work for lounging around. 🙂