8 Drug Store Beauty Products To Try (Save VS Splurge)

As you all know, I’m a product junkee and I am constantly trying out new products – whether it be high end or drug store (aka affordable). I was going through my makeup recently and realized I have a lot of drug store products that I love & really should share! Finding a drug store product is honestly SO much fun – its almost a rush.. lol. It’s like a good sale! All of the above products are product that I actually really like – if it has a heart over the top, it is simply the ‘preferred’ product. So I recommend trying out either.. not just ones w/hearts! 
This summer my FAVE highlighter was THIS one, I constantly got asked about what I was wearing, too! However, I got a PR package from Colourpop and on a whim, I tried their highlighter in “Might Be” and ended up switching! Now, if you are oily – you may prefer the first one (Gilded Honey), but if you are dry, save some $$ and use the ColourPop! (if you have texture or bumps on your face, you may like this one better tho!)
For years I have loved loved loved Stila’s Lip Stains (hello Patinaa!), they stay put ALL day. They are pigmented (a little drying) but they are seriously good. There’s a reason you’ll sometimes see them on Backorder. However, if you are looking for a dupe, try the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Lipsticks! I recently got the ‘Ultimate Orchid’ and really like it! But I do prefer the Stila over the Revlon!
Okay, it is 2017 and if you are NOT using a setting powder, it is time to check in – right here, right now. I do not even use a compact powder anymore bc  these babies are the BEST.  If you want your makeup to stay put all day, look super smooth and flawless, its time to try a setting powder. I use them to bake as well… (like bake my face, we all know I don’t actually bake a lot in the kitchen.. oops). Any who, these are TIED. In the summertime, I swear by the Laura Mercier one but in the winter, I save some $$ and use the RCMA one! If you are dry, try the RCMA, but if you are oily or shiny, try LM one! Both are amazing and will last you a long time! 
It’s no secret that the Stila Stay All Day Eye Liner is my jam! I honestly buy a new one ever other month bc I hate the idea of running out. It stays all day, is super black, and is easy to use!! However, if you aren’t wanting to splurge, definitely give this Revlon one a try. It is very comparable and I wouldn’t be sad if I forgot to pack my Stila and had to use it! The only thing is, I think the Revlon is a little harder to use, so be careful. 
Bronzer is literally my BFF. If I got stuck on an island and only had 3 items of makeup, I’d ask for Bronzer, Foundation, and Mascara! Anyway, everyone LOVES Give Me Sun (its a YouTube top product I think!) but Physicians Formula makes a similar product at half of the price! Now, I love both, but THIS is my favorite bronzer of all time.. it is just a little pricy. 
Nars Orgasm has been a super popular blush for YEARS now. I think every girl has tried it! Personally, I don’t love love love it like everyone else! I think it is beautiful on many, but I actually like the Milani Baked Blush in ‘Luminoso’ better! It’s a fraction of the price, too! (This is the blush I wear daily and get lots of ?s about!)
I think one of the top products people search for on my blog is my mascara and I know many of you already own my personal favorite, Eye Opening by Bobbi Brown. However, if you are looking to save some money, def try out Maybelline’s Big Colossal Lash! I don’t think you will be disappointed… it won’t give you the ‘falsie’ look that Eye Opening does, but if you layer it, you will have super thick, black lashes!
I get asked about my lashes daily for YEARS now. And I have always sworn by L’Oreal’s eyelash primer. It is NO joke. If you want to have crazy thick, long lashes – try two coats of this stuff! It is a game changer. Lancome is known for having an amazing primer as well, but I prefer spending $7 and getting the L’Oreal!
Okay, that about wraps it up – do you have any dupes you love?!?!? LMK in the comments!


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