My Go-To Camel Wrap Coat (& it is on SALE!)



JACKET: Soia & Kyo (similar HERE & HERE) (love THIS vest, too!) | LEGGINGS: Zella (*must-haves*) | TEE: BP ($11!!) | BEANIE: BCBG via Nordstrom | WATCH: Nixon | SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban | BOOTIES: Ceceilia NY (similar HERE & HERE) | HANDBAG: Gucci (similar HERE
I found this coat at Nordstrom right before we went to Park City last week and I got SO excited (it was half off!!!!)! I have several camel coats – they are my FAVES. This one is probably my favorite of all – I’m actually going to a game tonight and planning on wearing it again! It isn’t super heavy, but it is thicker than a cardigan so I love it! Wrap coats remind me so much of Olivia Pope soo… 🙂 (I love everything Olivia wears!) Anyway, Nordstrom has a few really amazing wrap coats right now – and most of them are on sale! My favorites are THIS one and THIS one – but I already have THIS one and kind of wish I could buy a second one. Hopefully it is still cold where you live so you can keep wearing it – and then it will be a surprise when you get to pull it out for next winter! (I’m linking a few of my favorite wrap coats from Nordstrom in the widget below!!)
Tonight my little nephew, Baby Bo, is in homecoming court so we are going to Arkansas to see him! Baby Bo is like my little mini me – when we go places together, people always assume he is mine (and I eat that up!!). My dad’s nickname is Bo so we all call my nephew Baby Bo – and he HATES when I refer to him as that! He always says “I’M NOT A BABY!!” 🙂 I always wonder what our kids will look like though – John has big blue eyes and blonde hair and I’ve always been dark! I have had two dreams since being pregnant where I got a glance of the baby and both times he had dark hair… but I think it would be cute to have a blondie, too! BUT, if heartburn is truly an indication of how much hair your baby will have, my baby will have like a WIG on bc holy guacamollleeeee. This heartburn stuff has me going to bed at like 7pm!! 
Okay, I am working on a blog post all about a bump date so I will save other pregnancy ‘stuff’ for that post! That should be up next week. I wanted to wait until next weeks appt.
Hope you all have a fun, warm weekend!!!
Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring today’s post.


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