7 Sandal Trends To Try This Spring

 I thought it would be a lot of fun to share a few pair of the shoes I’ve had on major repeat so far this ‘spring’. {I know it isn’t spring just yet but in Tulsa it is has been feeling/looking very spring like!} I get asked about my shoes on Instagram photos a lot so I wanted to quickly re-cap each shoe, the color, sizing, etc. 

First of all, these are the hottest shoes of spring 2017. They are Chloe inspired – and are 1/4 of the Chloe price tag. The brand reached out to me and offered to send me a pair right before leaving for Laguna in January – I thought why not?! Well, they quickly became a go-to of mine because they are so comfortable and easy to walk in. I ended up buying the taupe perforated ones & the ‘Annie’ style. (I wanted something a little different than the Chloe since stye were so popular.) They all three fit the same on me and feel the same. I wear my regular size in these – so I would say they are true to size.


I am a crazy Valetino shoe collector – I absolutely love them. The sandals are actually my favorite and I wear them ALL summer long. They are simple enough that they go with everything – but are so beautiful that they can dress any outfit up. I always size up half a size in them. I will say, the pair on the right that has the block heel is my least favorite. They are very cute, but they really hurt my pinky toe. All of my others are comfortable and feel great!


I should’ve taken a photo of how many of these sandals I have-  I love them! I think I have 5 styles of them! They are under $100 and literally go with everything. I love how they dress up a pair of boyfriend jeans. They are a staple sandal in my opinion because you can wear them with all of your dressy outfits and for all special occasions. They elongate your legs, too. 🙂 

I buy mine true to size but it wouldn’t hurt to go up a half size. They take some time to wear in – that’s for sure. I always try to really break mine in before I actually wear them out!

The color above is a new color and I almost died when I saw that it was available! Last season, I saw this color in a designer style but they were like $800 and I couldn’t do it. In Dallas on Wednesday I saw these and didn’t even hesitate or try them on – I got so excited. 

Buy these HERE.


This style actually became popular two springs ago! I loved them from the get-go but felt like everyone had them. Last July I found them in a tan color and caved. Mainly because they are so comfy and are seriously TOO stinking cute! I get SO many compliments when I wear them! They are easy to walk in and look good with even the simplest outfits. I wore them with cutoff shorts a lot last summer – they make your legs look nice and long :):). 

I find they run true to size and I stick with my normal size!

Buy these HERE.


I also snagged these while shopping in Dallas on Wednesday! Being totally honest, I love a good, easy slip on shoe these days – I really can barely bend down. It’s so embarrassing!! Any shoe that just slips on is a win in my book right now.

I would say these are true to size – but I wish I would’ve gone up a half size. Not sure if my feet are swelling or what but I think I could’ve used a little more room! These look so cute with dresses and jeans alike.

Buy them HERE. (My color is Alpaca Suede but I love the nude too!)


With the weather being 80 some days and 60 the next, I really like having a pair of good spring booties on hand. These are great because the holes in them make them super wearable for spring (they don’t look hot) and they aren’t an open toed sandal so they don’t look too cold. 🙂 I went with my regular size and found they are true to size!

Buy them HERE. (Mine are ‘Blush’… the picture online is not the best representation of the color – they def are more blush than tan!)


I’m a mule lover – and I already explained why in yesterday’s post. These basically go with everything and are so comfy. there’s not a lot I can add bc I feel like I keep repeating myself haha! I basically like practical shoes that are comfy, cute, and go with lots of different outfits!! 🙂 

These do run TTS!

Buy them here

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    Everything looks so cute just had a quick question reGuarding your shoe shelves in your closet….were they exisitng or did you pUrchase from sOme where?

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