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best bath and body works candle for spring 2017, best candle for gift ideas, baby shower hostess gift ideas, wedding shower hostess gift ideas, tyler detergent review

best bath and body works candle for spring 2017, best candle for gift ideas, baby shower hostess gift ideas, wedding shower hostess gift ideas, tyler detergent review

best bath and body works candle for spring 2017, best candle for gift ideas, baby shower hostess gift ideas, wedding shower hostess gift ideas, tyler detergent review

best bath and body works candle for spring 2017, best candle for gift ideas, baby shower hostess gift ideas, wedding shower hostess gift ideas, tyler detergent review, orb chandelier w/crystals

I feel like this is kind of random, but I am one of those people who suddenly gets stumped when it comes to gift ideas! Almost like you go blank when it comes time to give a gift- right? When it came time to think about hostess gifts for Luke’s baby shower, I was stumped initially and then I just thought about the things I get the most compliments on / or most use out of… I ended up deciding on the following 4-5 items. All of which are crazy popular here on my blog OR just things I constantly get asked about when I am out running errands! Okay, I’ll just jump right in..


#1 TYLER DETERGENT (The bottle in the image is $28 bottle, it has 16 ounces in it.)

I’ve been DYING to share this with you guys for a couple of months now because it is HANDS DOWN the best smelling detergent, ever! No joke, I can’t even exaggerate on how incredible this stuff is! I realize it is kind of expensive for detergent, so initially when I got it, I just washed our guest bedroom’s sheets and towels w/it. Then, I started washing our sheets and towels w/it and then it became a permanent thing. :/ Oops! My friend Hillary was in town from Ohio and she kept talking about how good my bathroom smelt and realized it was coming from the linen closet. She walked into my bedroom and was like “what is on those towels?!” and in the same minute I told her, she Amazon Primed (lol) it to her home in Ohio and also took one of my extra bottles home. I think her mom ended up ordering the large bottles of it once her mom got it, too. I’ll just warn you – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love it. Anytime I wear something that was washed in it, I get tons of compliments on how good I smell. 🙂

As far as hostess gift ideas go, if you are staying on a budget, you can also get the smaller bottle that has 4 ounces and is around $10. And if you are obsessed w/it, like Hillary and me, you can get the 32 ounce bottle! The two scents I keep in our laundry room are “Diva” and “High Maintenance”, but I think I get the most compliments on the “Diva” one!


I’ve been using my leopard print tassel keychain from Providence Story for a couple of years now and it NEVER fails – anytime I am checking out some where and only have my keys and wallet w/me, the person (if it is a girl!!) always asks about that keychain! First of all, I know $30+ for a keychain seems kind of pricy, but these keychains last. I think it is the material they use to make them, and the quality of the work used to make them. I have used the same one for two years! Personally, I like the leopard print best – but my mom keeps a coral one on her keys and she says she likes it because it is easy to find in her purse bc of the color!

Sidenote – they also come in a mini size for $27 AND I am obsessed w/her clutches and pouches. I use one of her small pouches for my jewelry when I travel.


You guys know I am obsessed w/all of The Styled Collection’s jewelry right?! I wear it daily. And I have noticed many of you are loving it as well. The piece I wear almost daily is THIS bracelet. I have mentioned before that I purchased a bracelet similar to this last spring that was over $200. I was so frustrated bc the screw wouldn’t stay in and eventually fell out and I lost it for good! So then I could no longer wear the bracelet. I was so thrilled when I saw that they had made the same bracelet because it is only $34 AND the quality is so good. I wear mine almost everyday and haven’t noticed much wear or tear on it!

For some of the gifts, I included THIS necklace. I loved the dainty, layered look of it. These necklaces look so cute w/a simple white tee and jeans – it gives it kind of an edgy, cool vibe.


Okay, I feel like giving a candle is the most traditional hostess gift idea. I kind of wanted to steer away from the idea, but I always pay attention to what people say when they are visiting my house. For example, Elle’s mom, Robin (who hosted the shower at her home), was at my house the week before and kept asking what candle was burning in my kitchen. I always always burn the Limoncello in our kitchen – almost daily there’s one going. It makes your kitchen smell clean and fresh and warm! I just can’t get enough of it. That being said, I included one of my two favorite scents from B&BW in the package as well. The cactus blossom scent is what I use throughout the rest of the house. It’s nothing crazy, just refreshing smelling.. (if that makes sense!)

Now, if you are wanting to do a candle alone as a gift – I would recommend one of THESE. In fact, while pumping last night, I was reading People Style Watch and a celebrity had talked about how the “Bais” is the best candle to burn in your home. These are little pricy but I use them to hold Q-Tips and lip liners after they are done. I only burn mine on special occasion really – but I do love how they look being used to store things!! (I also really like the Joe Malone room sprays – we use the ‘Red Roses’ scent in our home!)


Hope this gifts you some gift inspo for anything you may have coming up! I’d love to hear some of the best gifts you’ve been given that you really loved and used a lot!

ALSO, I’m linking my little breakfast nook area in the widget below in case you are looking for something!

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28 thoughts on “Hostess Gift Ideas

  1. Ah! I love the smell of the Tyler detergent, but sadly, I am super allergic! When I first tried it out, I couldn’t fall asleep because of how itchy I was!! It was insane! Gotta say though, it does smell marvelous!

    P.S. I LOVE those bracelets! I must get one!


  2. The link for the detergent isnt working. Its taking me to a top at NORDSTROM 🙂 DEFINITELY going to try some thoUgh! And i ordered a few of those keyhains as giFts and one For me too. Thanks For sharing!

  3. Hi! Your detergent is linking to a blouse on Its a cute blouse dont get me wrong, lol but need to try this detergent!

  4. Awesome post. would love to try the detergent. The link does not work thought…it takes you to a shirt from nordstrom :/

  5. What nice gifts you Came Up with! I ordered the laundry soap to try and i think i will get the limoncello candle Once our kitchen reNo is finished. CongrAts on baby LuKe! He is aDorable.

  6. I have the leopard Key fob and love it! I found The etsy site through instagram. The detrrgent sounds amazing! Cant wait tO try it!

  7. Now you got me going on this detergent but the Tyler Detergent is linked to “Lovely Day shirt from Free People” Nordstrom’s website…??

  8. If you love the tyler detergent, have you tried their candles? (and other home products) but especially the candles! I used to live in Tyler, tx (home of this company), and I become addicted. every scent is better than the next, impossible to choose just one!

  9. HI THERE! I love your dining chairs!! Where did yours actually come from? They look a little different than the Wayfair ones. Love all your gift Ideas as well!!

  10. ok, I have to try this detergent now!! This is the perfect post for me right, thank you! I am leaving my long loved job and I want to get all my co-workers a little gift on my last day, this is so helpful!!

  11. I use the Tyler Diva detergent also and always get so many compliments from friends and even strangers like the grocery checkout lady 🙂 I haven’t tried any other scents, so I’ll have to give High Maintenance a try.

    Fun tip: One way to stretch your budget with this is to use this in combination with scent free detergent. I pour just a cap full or two in the wash and rely on the other detergent to do the cleaning and let the Tyler solution make everything smell incredible.

    congrats on your precious baby! You are a super mom to be blogging with a few day old newborn 🙂

  12. i am interested in purchasing the detergent. I looked on Amazon and read some of the the reviews. I have a few questions. how much do you Use with washing? I.E. capfull, half cap etC. Lots of people warned to not use too much because the scent is too strong otherwise. Also, can you describe what Diva vs. high maintenance smell like? I would prefer something more fresh smelling versus floral. Does john like it? Worried about my husband saying it smells too floral. Not that i would wash his clothes in it but iF it lingers on our Blankets etc. could potentially be an issue. Thanks!!!!

  13. Hey girly, that detergent link is going to that gorgeous coral top you wore the other day (which I loved btw)! Thought you’d like to know!! 🙂

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