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My Summer Time Wish List

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Just checking in and sharing a few summer must-haves // items on my wishlist… with a cute baby doll by my side! Luke is sitting [sleeping] right here next to me as a type this.. cutest assistant ever!

Now that I’m no longer expecting, I’m on the hunt for new summer clothing so I thought I’d share what I have my eye on or what I am ordering. AND, at the end of this, I will also link a few of the items from my snaps recently! 🙂


#1 Oversized Sunglasses

I’ve included these in my posts a ton (:o) & I think I’m about to just order them. I love the gradient lens and oversized shaped for summer time!

#2 Chartreuse Off The Shoulder Eyelet Top

This is easily my favorite color, ever! My mom and I both adore it – and we have totally opposite coloring! I think it is fun for summer and so different!

#3 White Distressed Skinny Jeans ($58)

I wear white skinny jeans ALL summer long! These are so cute – especially with the rips AND the price point!

#4 Chloe Ring Bag

I’ve been wanting this bag for a few months now.. but I just don’t know I can pull the trigger! It isn’t super practical having a newborn and all. I think it is one of the cutest handbags out right now though!

#5 Every Day Criss Cross Wedge

I am ordering these – simply to wear daily! They look like they’d be comfy and go with absolutely every outfit!

#6 Mixed Metal Watch

I love my Michele watches – but I really love the mix of metals in this one!

#7 Marble Sunglassses

I can’t believe these are only $14! Quay made the same pair last summer – and I loved them so much! The marble makes for a cute statement!

#8 Tassel Earrings

I’ve been loving this style of earring for a while – I am SO glad there’s finally a great dupe for them! I just ordered these baby pink one w/the gold detailing!! I can’t wait for them to get here!

#9 Embroidered Dress

HOW perfect for this Friday!? [Cinco de Mayo!] I’m already making plans on what Luke will wear and I am thinking I may be ordering this dress – it would be cute all summer long!

#10 Grey Knotted Top

Obsessed. I want to order this SO badly but I am not so sure it would look great on my body right now! If you get this and wear it- tag me in a pic so I can live vicariously!

#11 Gold Bar Bracelet

I have a few of these and have gifted them to friends and EVERYONE is obsessed! They are the perfect every day stacking bracelet! (They are like $34?!)

#12 My Fave Gloss

Every time I wear this  gloss on Snap I get SO many questions! It makes your lips look full and puffy (but it isn’t a plumper!) and it looks good on top of lipstick or alone!


The eyeshadow I’ve been wearing a lot is HERE in the shade ‘Kitten Karma’. It is always sold out EVERY where so I had to wait a couple of weeks to get my hands on it.

The little thing Luke was strapped into on my bed is HERE. The brand sent this to me and honestly I didn’t know what to expect – it looks.. uncomfortable but oh em gee. He loves this thing!!! I think bc it is so tight and cozy, he just feels secure. I highly recommend it! (It’s referred to as the ‘worlds safest swaddle’!)

My eyeglasses are by Tom Ford, style # 5372. I use Harrel Eye Care in Tulsa.

My last bumpdate has a TON of info on random things you are seeing – like car seats, strollers, etc.

The floral robes I have been wearing are for maternity/nursing but HERE are a few similar!


Okay hope that helps!! <3

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15 thoughts on “My Summer Time Wish List

  1. Love these summer picks! I am obsessed with over-sized sunglasses right now too and it’s bringing me back to middle school when I would always wear them and people thought it was so weird haha! also love EMBROIDERED dresses!

    Lauren Lindmark |

  2. Thanks for sharing the info on the sleeper! I can’t wait to get this for my little one!!

  3. Love the marble sunnies and the yellow top..and cinco de mayo dress hahaha. I don’t know that the dress would arrive on time for me though hahaha.

    Love all the snaps and insta stories you’ve be sharing…it’s so sweet. When your friend visited and she was like “oh he smells so good” i laughed. Babies DO smell good

  4. You are just so stinking cUte!! I love everything you share with us. I Am so ordering tHat free people top and tassel earrings. Like You tjay chloe bag will remain on my wish lIst but ghe hubs did just spOil me wiTh a super cute and unique vIntage louis tHat i am in love wIth! Anyway just wanted to send a note to let you know how much i enjoy your blog and insta stories! ?

  5. Love these posts that include baby goodies! So helpful while expecting and working on my registry and nursery myself. Congrats on baby Luke, he is adorable!

  6. Congrats!!! your baby is beautiful. I’m so curious about how your labor went?? Will you be doing a post or sharing any details?? I’m 13 weeks pregnant now and following your pregnancy journy has made me so excited!

  7. Thank you for making a more afForDable post!!! EveryThing is so cute and im glad i can actually get alot of It 🙂 so excited, love your bLog!!

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