TOP: Vince Camuto | DENIM: Frame (similar for $64) | HEELS: Sam Edelman | EARRINGS: BaubleBar (more colors HERE) | SUNGLASSES: Chloe  | HANDBAG: Celine (similar  under $50 HERE) | WATCH: Michele | JEWELRY: Julie Vos (+ here)

I am so crazy over this top! Right now, my old clothes still don’t really fit – my stomach hasn’t gone down just yet (11 days PP if you are new here 🙂 ) so I was so thrilled when I got this top in the mail! I got a medium which was perfect because it made it long enough to wear with white pants. (Lol, my pants are buttoned w/a ponytail holder still & girlfriend has to hide that- oh the joys of being a mom!) Anyway, it runs true to size outside of that. Also, I feel like I over-wear these bow heels – but it’s hard not to because the color goes with so much and they are comfy. I don’t feel unsafe walking in them with a newborn in my arms. [I actually got these for my mom for Mother’s day!]

My mom stayed with Luke & me for 4 days while John was working 12 hour shifts and her help was invaluable! When she was leaving I started crying. Honestly, I was a little nervous to be home without her – but it went well! My brother & sister and their families all came on Saturday to meet Luke – and that was really special! My nephew, Baby Bo, wore a shirt that said “big brother” because he said Luke is the closest thing he will get to a little brother, lol! I thought it was cute – it makes me excited for Luke to have cousins that love him and treat him like a bro! 🙂  Okay, I am rambling a little – I feel like I’ve been MIA though!

Hope you all had a great weekend and Monday – I am curious what you are getting your moms for Mother’s day // what you are asking for for Mother’s day?! I did a post yesterday with a gift guide + what John gave me.

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22 thoughts on “Ruffled One-Shoulder Top

  1. Tou so do not look like You were pregnant 12 daYs ago! Go easy on yourself girL. Ps – are You WRAPPIng your belly? I didn’t with My first (so wish i Had) but did with my second and it made the world Of difference…

  2. You look so great in that top! Loving the white and the pop of red in the ruffles. I was telling my friend at work ( who is also in love with you) about how cool of a mom you are letting everyone hold LUke and even letting your younger niece hold him while standing up!! I love seeing moms who are super easygoing!! Looking amazing 🙂
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  3. Love those shoes, the pink henna bow slides finally came back in stock at nordstrom so i quickly scooped up a pair (ordering from canada) I think those sam edelman’s will be next on my list though! I weNt to tory Burch and Bought my mom the black saNdals before you even posted your gift guide for mother’s day! Lol

  4. I am the owner of Tidal Hair Sticks and I have been looking at your gorgeous Instagram pics. I think you would love wearing some of my hair sticks since they help create an effortless chic style that you seem to radiate. I would love to send you some complimentary sticks- just visit the website and let me know what style you prefer and a mailing address. Best to you!

  5. I got my mom the black bow topshop slides. poor thing has such a hard time finding comfortable shoes as she gets older and is usually wearing her nike slides. lol. hopefully these go a little better with her outfits. (I don’t know why this will only type in caps. sorry!!)