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Feeling Like Fall in Seattle


SWEATER: H&M | DENIM: Topshop (go up a size!) | PUMPS: Manolo Blahnik  (dupes under $100 HERE) | CAP: Brixton | BAG: Louis Vuitton ‘Pochette Metis’ (buy used HERE) | EARRINGS: The Styled Collection | WATCH: Michele 

LUKE || ’Tiny Explorer’ SHIRT: Peek | DENIM: Hudson | LOAFERS: Kenneth Cole (similar) | BEANIE: Amazon 

I found this sweater at H&M and serious ADORE it – it’s the perfect camel color and something I know I will wear a TON this fall! Camel & fall are my thing – I adore both & try not to over do it but, oh well, I am sure that will happen anyway! 🙂 A couple of trends I’m loving this fall as you all are already aware are the cadet caps & the funky cropped, flared denim — it’s so different & such a change. However, my mom took my pants already – literally swiped them right off my messy bedroom floor! I am still unpacking from Seattle and saw her walking around in them and they are WAY cuter on her so now they are hers.. lol. They are $80 & very comfy & flattering – they kind of suck you in which is nice. I like the price point too since they are more trendy – you don’t want to spend too much money on them! 🙂

Today, John has a long day at work so mom and I are going to church, lunch, and I have a lot to do around the house. My mom made this ‘crack chicken chili’ and my house smells AMAZE right now.

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23 thoughts on “Feeling Like Fall in Seattle

  1. Looooovvvvve this look so much! I just bought my first cadet cap (bc of you!!!) quEstion thOugh aboUt brixTon, what size do you wear? And How do you find they run?

  2. Luke’s LIL loafers im dead. I cant deal. I’m legit dying for another baby because of him! Too bad I shut down the baby factory already!

  3. I thought you were crazy the first time you mentioned cadet caps, but you totally just won me over!! obsessed!
    P.S. The editing of these pics is everything!!

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