Fall Fashion Cravings Under $65


#1 Mint Chunky Knit Turtleneck [$20]

#2 Retro Cat Eye Sunnies [$12]

#3 Leopard Print Lightweight Scarf [$19].. it totally says $12, so sorry! #momprobs

#4 Taupe Studded Booties [on sale for $59]

#5 18K Gold Lariat Necklaces[$36]*fave of mine!*

#6 Dark Wash Super Distressed Skinnies [$58]

#7 Light Wash, Lightly Distressed Skinnies [$58]

#8 Ruffled, Cozy Knit Sweater [$59]

#9 One Shouldered Ruffled Date Night Top [$49]

#10 Quay Black Faded Sunnies [$65] *faves of mine!*

#11 Plaid Reversible Scarf [$26]

On a totally different note, I am going to get my hair trimmed &  balayage touched up [insert praise hands]! Have not done this in FOREVER — mainly bc I don’t really get the time to commit to it since it takes a few hours since I have thick hair – and it’s hard to leave Luke! However, I’m going to a really wonderful hair salon in Fayetteville, AR & my sis lives there so she & the kids are going to help me with Luke so that I can go (it truly takes a village when it comes to kids). Any who, I was thinking I’d do a Q&A of some sort – I get hair questions EVERY.SINGLE.DAY – from what curling iron do you use, what shampoo, what hairspray, what’s your hair color, etc.. Just ab ALL of that is answered under the HAIR section of my BEAUTY tab – BUT I’m going to have try to do an updated post with Kelly, the girl who is doing my hair! You can comment your questions on my latest Instagram post and I’ll try to address them & I will also do some Instastories from the salon!

PS. Attaching a screenshot of what happens when you hover your mouse over the beauty tab!

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19 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Cravings Under $65

  1. This is by far my favorite fashion post, because your girl is ballin on a budget lately.
    Such cute options! You’re the best. Exactly why I check your blog first thing as opposed to work emails… OOPS!! 🙂

  2. Hi emily! I am loving that cozy mint tUrtleneck! Do You have It? Im woNdering what size you recOmmend? Im usually a small but i like my sweaters loose!

  3. I totally feel you on the hair girl. I just covered up all my balayage and went back to my natural chocolate brown ……because frankly i dont have the time to keep going for touch ups. We have 2 kids and they are 7 and 10 so not babies …..but i still can barely find the time to squeeze in hair appts!

    Erica Valentin

  4. Thanks so much for posting these awesome fall finds at afforable PrIces. I added a bunch to my wish list. I’m farley new here and Look forward to Your daily posts. Keep up the Hard wOrk!

  5. Emily, I just want to know I see how hard you work to keep everyone’s questions answered. I can’t believe how many people ask questions without even trying to look for the answer through your blog or like to know it. I can’t imagine how frustrating it is to put in so much time to link everything and then people still ask about products, clothes, hair, etc. You do a great job and I want to let you know! Thanks for being an awesome blogger, mom and style guru!

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