My Latest Make-Up Favorites

Before I share details on my latest go-to makeup.. here’s a quick update:

I’ve been getting an overwhelming amount of questions regarding my make-up routine lately and I try my hardest to keep my blog fully updated. I have YouTube videos w/ my make-up routine/tutorial and if I ever swap a product out I always write a new post explaining what I traded out the product. For example, I used to use Double Wear / Marc Jacobs foundations and recently switched to Giorgio Armani and did a post explaining that I’d switched (e.g. HERE). ALL of that being said, just a heads up that my make up routine is the same routine as in my most recent YouTube video/post (HERE) BUT some products have been swapped out. Also, it is important to keep in mind that I just had a baby 6 mos. ago & my skin has changed pretty dramatically (thanks, hormones.) Additionally, we have been traveling a ton the past few months & that has taken a toll on my skin & made it more dry. Luckily, I have discovered a few new products that have changed my skin for the better! I literally will not travel w/o them – they have totally saved my skin while traveling & brought it back to life completely. If you all are interested in a post regarding my skin care for traveling, I can do something soon! This is just a quick post answering the large amount of questions I get lately ab my foundation, mascara, concealer, etc.

Also, just a reminder that I do at minimum ONE beauty post weekly – sometimes more. I have been including all details ab hair, curling iron, hairstyles, makeup, in outfit posts as well. You can always use the search tool (upper corner) to look for something OR just use the beauty tab and click HAIR or MAKEUP. I always file posts away so that they will be easy to find. [Attaching screenshots so you can see how easy it is to navigate this site!]

Okay moving on to the FUN STUFF [main details of my makeup lately]..


#1 Kiehls Hydro-Plumping RE-texturizing Concentrate || Use this first thing after cleansing – just plumps my skin by hydrating it.

#2 Power Fabric Foundation || I wear this in shade 8 (when spray tanned) & it’s a must if you need full coverage & have drier skin – does NOT look cakey. Just need a little bit!

#3 Dermacol || I saw a ton of YT’ers raving ab this being so so good – and it is.. but it is definitely more for when you are desperate! It’s like stage makeup so it’s thicker & very full coverage – not for every day wear.  I got mine on Amazon – be cautious ab fakes [do your research if you order]! If I am having a lot of skin issues, I will mix a tiny bit of this w/my regular foundation to get more coverage in tricky spots.

#4 YSL Foundation || This stuff is SO good. It’s full coverage and not cakey. However, I would recommend this more so for my oily girls.. 2 years ago before Accutane I was pouring oil – and this would have been my jam! However, lately with all of the traveling, my skin is parched so I am not as oily. If do experience an oily day, this is the foundation I reach for!

#5 COVER FX Primer || This primer is good – nothing to really rave about.. I like it okay. I have other blurring primers (as seen in this post) that you’ve seen in my posts before that I think do a better job BUT I do think this one works. I have lots of pores and scarring so I am always looking for anything to blur those out.

#6 Kevin Aucoin Concealer || If you followed me for long, you know I’m all ab some KA concealer – his stuff is worth every cent. I really like this one- it is very natural & easy to use but it is expensive and doesn’t last as long as the one you’ve heard me rave ab in my previous posts. I have dark under eyes tho so I need all the coverage & help I can get.

#7 Stila Highlighter || I love love love this stuff. Out of the 2 I mentioned, I would probably recommend this one more than the other simply because you get more bang for your buck! This one has the same wet like texture so it doesn’t emphasize dryness but it is not as watery – more gel like.

#8 Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter Wand || I really love this bc it is so easy to use – you just dab it on & blend it in & it has a wet, highlighter look. The downside is that it’s a little pricy for the amount of product you get. I usually just use this for special occasions & the ^^other for a daily, dewy look.

#9 Too Faced Setting Powder || I used to love my LM setting powder & I’m not sure there’s much of a difference BUT I really love this one. I feel like it really sets & mattifies my face & locks down my makeup. If you already have a powder you adore – stick w/it but if you are on the hunt, definitely give this one a shot.

#10 Tom Ford Bronzer || Ugh, this stuff is so expensive but OH so good! I love it. I don’t know of a better bronzer – and I try them all! Also, I love the packaging!

#11 CT Blush || If you know me at all, you know I’m a huge fan of these blushes. They are just good – they are worth every cent. I think I have 4 colors of them & I love them all. They are pigmented & show up & wear well. They don’t look crazy & have a nice built in highlight/glow to them.

#12 FIX+ || This is the one product I think is KEY. I can’t go w/o it – it completes a whole makeup look & also helps make eye shadows pop more. I always set w/this and it makes the makeup look less powdery & more natural.

#13 JH/Morphe Palette || Umm, first – giveaway ends tonight! Don’t forget to enter! Secondly, this is my main palette bc it has all the colors I need for traveling & I can easily get a bronzy/gold smoky eye or just a simple eye look for days where I am not really fully getting ready.

#14 NYX Eye Liner || This is my go-to liner & it is like $6 at Ulta/Target. And it lasts a while! Its long wearing & easy to use once you get the hang of using the brush.

#15 MAC Kohl || This is hands down the one product I’ve been loyal to the longest & works the best. I use it on my lower water line & have not found anything that competes w/it.

#16 Neulash || I get asked ab my lashes all the time & I have for YEARS. I have tried a few different serums to get my lashes growing and my favorites are Latisse & Neulash. Use it nightly until you see a difference and then slowly space out how often you use it so that you don’t waste it!

#17 CT Mascara || This mascara is my jam. It’s my favorite & I keep one in my purse and one in my makeup bag bc it’s the one product that I swear by for lashes aside from the L’Oreal primer.  THIS post is more in depth ab lashes.

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26 thoughts on “My Latest Make-Up Favorites

  1. Love these posts! You are my go-to for Recommendation for makeup and hair products. I’ve gotten So many good products i use everyday from trying them out because you have recommended them on your blog!

    I would definitely love to see a skincare post! I would love to know the products you use, after And even before you Had luke as well because your skin Looked really good (unless it was just bomb makeup coverage)! I knOw you used accutate so you dont deal with acne anymore, so I would love to know which products you use now because For me personally, i Dont have acne (i know im very lucky and grateful lol) but i do have a little texture and OccASIonal blemisheS so thats why i would love to know your skincare rOutine!

    Omg emily im sorry this cOmment is so long lol! Just wanted to let you know why a skincare routine Blog pOst would Be helpFul ??

  2. I have been wanting to try that too face powder but was worried that it would stick to my dry spots. But I think I am going to pick up a sample.

  3. I really suggest you try Rodan and Fields Lash boost! It’s amazing! Its actually the reason i started my rf business. Ive tried them all. most recently nuelash and lash boost just blew it out of the water! If you are interested please email me. we have a 60 day money back GUARANTEE on all our products. We have been publishes in vogue, allure, women, forbes you name it.

  4. I remember you posting on your social media this gold sparkly set of morphe brushes, do you know where I can find those or were they a PR GIFT? I’m obsessed and looking to get them for a christmas gift!

  5. you mentioned in an insta story that you weren’t using neulash anymore because of what a doctor told you about it increasing under eyebags? i freaked and stopped using it (even after stocking up at the N sale!), but now i can’t find any info on that… can you share what your doctor told you?

    1. HI Alison! I would recommend visiting your eye doctor and getting their professional opinion! I am not a doctor and I can’t even pronounce the ingredient she mentioned so I don’t want to mislead you!

  6. Love ThIs post! Which shade are you in GA power fabric when you are not spray tanned? I feel like 8 is so Dark? I will have to check It out! ❤️

  7. Do Have any full coverage makeup favorites that arent wet ? Maybe Like a POWDER and makeup in one ? IE… Mac studiofIx.

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