Holiday Pajamas For The Whole Family


I mentioned a couple of days ago that I would be doing my own version of ‘VLOGmas’ [BLOGmas] and thought my first post would be all about Christmas pajamas. Since I was in college, it’s been a ‘thing’ to have Christmas pajamas with my girlfriends or just the girls in my family. Each year during Christmas break I would go stay with Elle (@elleharper) and we’d go to Old Navy/Victoria Secret and get matching pajamas.. and it was SO cheesy. We are 5 years apart so she was like 15 and I was 20 and we would get these ridiculous pajamas and have her mom take photos of us! #embarassing I remember one year we got these pajama dresses that said ‘New Year, New Boy’ (bc we are so mature) and that is probably the most mortifying photoshoot haha! :/

My mom, sis, & SIL and I always wear wear matching PJ pants too on Christmas Eve/Day!

All of that to say that we have SO many holiday PJs in our house – even Fitz has like 3 different outfits!! This is kind of a fun tradition to start – you can find the PJs cheap a lot of times or even on sale. It is such a fun photo opp for the holidays and for your entire family. Also, it takes out the pressure of having to dress up or think of what to wear, lol! I love love love super soft sweatshirts that say cute funny phrases and I found a ton of REALLY cute ones this year – I am going to link different categories below so you can shop different PJs for your baby, toddler, husband, dog, & yourself!

My favorite sweatshirts are HERE, HERE, & HERE. This one is not Christmas but I still LOL when I saw it – I showed it to John and he rolled his eyes!







My ‘GREAT INDOOR’ sweatshirt is HERE.

My white furry slipper/socks are HERE.

Johns [mine!] plaid pants are HERE.

Luke’s PJs are HERE.

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17 thoughts on “Holiday Pajamas For The Whole Family

  1. you two made a gorgeous baby!! Love the pics- so festive & cozy and you can see the love in that family! Fitz is so cute in his pjs!

    you just gave me a great idea to only order PJS for us girls- my mom, myself and my daughter 🙂 just ordered one your recommendations.

  2. Adorable!!! Do you mind me asking where your black & gold painting Came from?! Looking for a piece of modern art like that for my living room! Love your sTyle!

  3. OMG!!! These pictures are so so adorable and perfect! I absoutely love the ones of fits and luke together, you have two very photogenic boys 😉 i cant get over how cute these are of all of you! if i got this on a christmas card in the mail, i probably would Put it on my fridge—which is a first! Haha ? so cute and love your blogmas iDea!! I bet alot of others wiLl definitely follow in your footsteps in the future ??

  4. would you mind sharing where you got your black, white & gold art from? I saw the other one in your fall home decor post and love it! looking for something similar for my home. thanks!! love your style!

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