What I Got For Christmas (From eBay!)

You all know I am a major coffee lover – major! I have mentioned before on Insta-stories that when we travel we try to stay in hotels near Starbucks/coffee shops so that I can easily walk over for coffee. We also have a section of our home that is dedicated to coffee making. I’ve shared before that my parents are the same way and my BIL & SIL. (Oddly enough, my brother, sister, & John don’t drink coffee!!) Anyway, In the cabinets below we keep all different flavors of K-Cups, including hot chocolate because my nieces & nephews loooovveee making hot chocolate! I mainly just drink Breakfast Blend but everyone in my family has a certain flavor/roast they prefer so I try to keep it stocked.

Anyway, over the past year or so, I’ve noticed that many hotels we stay in have Nespresso machines and I really, really love them! I actually mentioned to John that I would be interested in getting one down the road. He mentioned a couple of weeks back that he was considering getting a Nespresso machine for my Christmas present [he’s not great w/surprises!] and I wasn’t so sure that it was necessary since we have the Keurig. He found this Nespresso Essenza Mini in white (I love white!) on eBay and it was new, in box – but it was $20 cheaper than all of other stores online & it had free shipping. So I told him to go for it! I am not going to actually use it until Christmas when my family gets into town so that it has the true Christmas effect. **Note: the white Keurig/Nespressos are harder to find, thus may be a bit more pricey than the other colors!**

I’ve actually ordered quite a bit from eBay over the past year or so simply because the site has changed quite a bit. In fact, my initial eBay experiences were all about bidding and I remember setting alarms to log-in and bid on things when I was in high school! It was actually kind of a rush, lol!! Now, eBay is totally different.. did you know that 81% of the merchandise on eBay is new & 88% of the items listed are ‘Buy It Now’ – so no need for bidding. Also, I’ve only ever had positive experiences with eBay. In fact I’ve ordered [and re-ordered] one of my favorite lash serums on eBay probably 6x over the past 4 years. (I kind of cycle through my lash serums!)

Okay, last thing – I am thinking about ordering THIS to store the little capsules in – do any of you have this?! What would you recommend?! (I like the look of the tempered glass on top!)


Leggings: Stateside | V-Neck Sweater: H&M (similar HERE) | House Slippers: Ugg

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30 thoughts on “What I Got For Christmas (From eBay!)

  1. I PULLED THE TRIGGER AND GOT A NESPRESSO FOR MY HOUSEHOLD ABOUT 3 MONTHS AGO AND I DON’T REGRET IT ONE BIT. THEY ARE TRULY AMAZING AND THE COFFEE IS SO AMAZING AS IF YOU HAD A BARISTA MAKE IT!!! and the milk steamer is my favorite with a little gourmet caramel drizzle on top, to die for. enjoy darling! Happy holidays!

    p.s. my guy is terrible at surprise too. He got me a giant le’crusset that iv’e been wanting for years but never could shell out the $$$ for it. he gave it to me the day it got in and was like “merry christmas, i love you!” this was November 1st, two months away from actual Christmas hahaha.

  2. Love love love my neSpresso machine!! You have to tRy the “caramello” capsules they are caramel heaven! Didnt get on the with drawer thpe holder myself and ended up buying a cute wire stacking rack (much easier to restock and easily grab a capsule!) have a happy holiday!

  3. Those pj pants are so cute. The white LOOKS so elegant and my hubby doesn’t drink coffee nor does he understand my need and love for it lol. The pods holder is cute but I’D be worried about it taking up so much space.

  4. I am obsessed with my Nespresso machine! (I have the LatTissima Pro) I like the glass-top storage rack, I just have an all black one but may switch it out. My favorite pods are Arpeggio, Dharkan, Rosabaya and the Intenso on Ice 🙂

  5. I LOVE my Nespresso machine! What a great gift! I bought a glass jar with a lid from crate & Barrel and i use that to storE my pods in. Its really cute!

  6. I have the tempered glass drawers for both my nespresso machines and love them. It’s perfect to place underneath the machine!

  7. Hi I just wanted to say I love your blog. And you are so kind hearted. Also your baby is super cute and you are a very pretty naturally beautiful lady. I think it’s nice sometimes to hear a COmPliment. Hope you and your family have an amazing Christmas xx

  8. Girl, nespresso is the best! We’ve been using their machines for 7 years and you will not be diSappointed. My favorite flavor is dulsao but make sure you order the started pack tk tey them All! Merry christmas ?? ☕️

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