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John & Luke Takeover


ON JOHN || SWEATSHIRT: Nordstrom Men’s Shop | BUTTON-DOWN: Mizzen + Main | CHINOS: AG Jeans | WATCH: Jack Mason | SHOES: Cole Haan | SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban

ON LUKE || TWO PIECE SET: Nordstrom 

Okay, I (Emily) am popping in first because because Nordstrom reached out to see if I’d like to collaborate on a Men’s post. John does all of his shopping at Nordstrom so it was a no brainer for me, PLUS, I get most of Luke’s clothing from Nordstrom as well. We were in Dallas last week for a few days and John was picking up some new work clothes. He works at a hospital but he does not wear scrubs. He discovered the Nordstrom Men’s Shop and really liked everything in that section… and I’m not going to deny it – I did too. That gray sweatshirt he is wearing ended up being what I wore on the car ride home from Dallas because it is SO soft! It is a sweatshirt material but he likes to wear it with button downs! As for Luke, I got him this two piece outfit while in Dallas because his skin is dry so lately I’ve been dressing him in comfortable, soft pants instead of jeans/khakis. I love Nordstrom’s selection of baby boy clothes.

Alright I’m off to get ready for church and John is going to take over..

John here, taking over Emily’s blog for the day with the assistance of baby Luke.

She asked me to pick out an outfit for her blog. Fashion is not my “thing” as Emily has mentioned to you all in previous posts. (I know she shared with you all what I was wearing when we first met in undergrad-a very shrunk up Hollister shirt!) But now I consider myself somewhat fashionable or really, I just care more. Emily gets most of the credit for that. I knew when we started dating that if I was to be seen with this girl, that was WAY out of my league, that I would have to step up my game. So, over the years my wardrobe has greatly improved. Even to the point where people ask (more times than I am willing to admit) “did your wife pick out your outfit today?”.  I understand why they ask, I mean, I am married to a style blogger, but the reality is that..

  1. I can dress myself! (and she is still sleeping when I leave for work!)
  2. She doesn’t care as much about mens fashion.
  3. Being married to Emily and her love for being put together has rubbed off on myself.

So this got me thinking about other things that people may not know about Emily!

NICKNAME: Many of you refer to her as “The Sweetest Thing” or “Emilyanngemma”, or “Emma Gemma”  But what myself and her family usually call her is “Emi” or if she is being extra spunky “EM-DAWG.” (You all will have to ask her for the story on how she got that nickname.) Thinking about it now, Luke is Luke Bear and Emily is Em-Dawg, but I don’t have a animal nickname!


PERSONALITY: Around her close friends & family, Emily is very goofy, fun-loving, & silly really. But over the years as we have traveled and met many readers, I’ve noticed that many people are deathly afraid to come up to her! I think that is because she takes her job seriously and you don’t always get to see her silly side. Well, unless you have watched her Instagram lives with her sister, Elle or her mom. Now that is where you really see her personality come out. Anyway, when we meet readers she usually hugs them first thing and always walks away telling me she felt like that was an old friend she hadn’t seen in a while! This may embarrass her but the first time she was ever stopped by a reader, she got nervous and froze up. When the girl walked away I asked Emily why she got so quiet and she said she got so nervous she started sweating and couldn’t think of what to say.


FAVORITE MOVIE: If you had to guess you would pick something like: Sweet Home Alabama, Mean Girls, Legally Blonde. No, No, and NO. She made me watch her favorite movie when we were dating (actually I think we watched it with her parents). She LOVES Cape Fear! The old movie from 1991. Her favorite quote is, “But Professor Do-Right!” With some poetic justice it turned into Dr. Do-Right when she is talking to me.


HIDDEN TALENT: I’m not sure if this is a talent, really but it is a fun thing about Emily. She has 6 nieces and nephews on her side of the family and when they were growing up they would all come over to spend the night. (This was when Emily was in college and before we were married.) She would stay up all night with them and they would beg for Emily to tell them scary stories! Emily has a crazy imagination and would have the kids crying-laughing and sometimes crying-scared! Once she told them a story about witches (they always asked for witch stories for some reason) and one of the kids ran to his parents room and slept there for the night. I will see if she will share a  funny video she recorded one night about 10 years ago about witches on her Instagram story.


HIDDEN UN-TALENT: If you have come to know Emily over the years, you’ve seen she can DO IT ALL! Mother, wife, blogger. Is there anything that this girl cannot do???? Yes… Emily is horrible at directions and geography. Luckily this is one of those situations where one of her weakness are my strengths. We have lived in Tulsa for over 3 years and she still does not know her way around. Take my word for it, don’t ask Emily to give you directions, thats what Siri is for and if you ride with her somewhere expect to be late because she got lost.


VALUES: Its easy to share all the embarrassing, silly, fun things that you don’t know about Emily. But one thing that people don’t see or know about her is her altruistic, giving spirit. She would prefer to keep this part of her out of the public eye so I don’t want to say much but it is truly one of her core values and something I admire about her.


There you have it, my first blog takeover. I still have nightmares about writing essays but writing this blog post only took me a few hours! I hope you enjoyed seeing Luke Bear and me as well as learning more about Emily.

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring todays post.

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81 thoughts on “John & Luke Takeover

  1. Excellent work! Very interesting,Entertaining, great content and. I love fhe photos! Uou deserve an A+!!??❤️??????

  2. Love that you shared such sweet (and funny) thoughts about your wife with the rest of us! It’s neat to get an insiders view on her 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  3. It was sO much fun reading this post ! It’s so wonderful to see such warmth within a family . You guys are great!
    Thank you for sharing! Smiles and all . Xoxox

  4. Love This so mUch! Your family is one of my favorites to fOllow!❤️ And oh my goodness?luke is So stinking precious. I love seeing You share Your sweet family in Your stories!

  5. Loved reading this post! It truly has been the sweetest thing following along and seeing yOur lovE for family, fashion and life in general shine through.

  6. Hi thanks so much for sharing. Love That you took the time and wrote such thOughtful comments about her. That says so much about you too. Your family is so sweet and it always brIngs a smile to my face to see you all interact. Love all the style content so much and im always inspiRed by it. Thanks so much for both Your efforts ❤️❤️

  7. You guys are adorable. Enjoyed reading this, John, You did a great job. :). Love how you are so supportive of Emily. It’s been sweet seeing you guys go through your different seasons of life. And that precious little boy. I can’t get enough of him. Being a boy mom myself….well, you’ll see. there’s a special bond between a mom and her son. Blessings to you all.

  8. Sweetest bloG post everrrr! It was niCe to read about Emily from her hubby’s point of view. You guys are the cutEst! Xoxo

  9. this was the “Sweetest Thing” (no pun intended) Ever!!!! Love learning more about you and your little family and hearing John’s side Too!!

  10. Loved this blog… i always admire when a husband/boyfriEnd cAn put into wOrds how they trUly feel towards their lAdy. Emily, you and i have Something coMmon other than love for fashion! Lol… i have lived in houston all my life and still manage to get lost all the time.

  11. This is my first comment ever on your blog. Also, I am in my 40’s and even though i know you guys are younger, i still enjoy your posts and instagram stories. emily, you help keep my spirit young. i know 40’s is not old, but i hope you know what i mean. I felt a need to comment because i think this post was one of the sweetest things i have read. it wasn’t just him saying how much he loved you but telling us why. you don’t hear that much anymore. Anyway, just thought i would share. good job did great. luke bear is my fave, though 😉

  12. LoVe the post! I can relATe so much to john because though im the female i am the one with lirtle fashion sense but slowly imp thanks to my fiance

  13. Omg! I thinks this has been one of my favorite post! ITS SO CUTE TO KNOW HOW YOUR HUSBAND SEES YOU AND WHAT HE THINkS OF YOU.LOVe IT and you have such a beautiful family!


  14. Emily… this was the cutest post ever! Im so glad you let the “boys” take over anD share a little about you. They are so sweet And remind me Of my Guys. My hubby had no INTEREST in fasion at all before me… like didnt even own a single pair of jeans! please let john and luke sneak another post in again. Maybe mothers day!! ?


  16. Great Job John (& Luke), i enjOyed reading Behind the scenEs about Emily. AlThough seeing Emily’s posts and blog tells She is a truly a special person. I hope to meet both if yOu one day. Thanks for letting us share in your daily lives.

  17. John, this was really cool to hear from you since you are always behind the camera. My cousin married a doctor from Ohio, and they have lived in Chardon (a few hours from Cleveland) for years now. Great Place. I’ve only been following Emily about 2 years. I was drawn to her blog actually because of your “story” of meeting and then marrying. It was divine!!!! You are both really young and it’s so great to see how God worked early in your lives and showed you His plan you both were willing to follow. He’s blessed you both. Thank you for sharing about Emily. yes, definitely from the videos you can see another side of her. But, I love her willingness to share details about her Fashion, Home, and especially travels. You two make a great team! 🙂

  18. Hands down, one of my favourite blog posts on your blog!!!! First, those photos of Luke and John were so cute and sweet. What a pair! And his part of the blog was also amazing. It’s so nice to get an inside into what a person is behind beautiful pictures. Already loved your blog and Instagram, but now I can say I love it a little bit more!
    Hope these posts happen more often! Lots of love and blessings to your family!!

  19. Thanks John for doing a take over post. IT was so fun to read. It is apparent that you are a great support to Emily and her work. Great job!!

  20. Good job john and luKe! What lovely words about your wife. You made us love her and her sweet personality even more. What a blessing for her to have a hubby who Knows and praises his wife’s qualities. adorable Luke Bear your Fashion pics with daddy are so sweet. Thanks for always making us smile with your sweet little face! So John said he didnt have a animal name and i have two suggestions. You Could be “Deer John or John Deer” (the later is more manly sounding like the tractor haha) Since as Em Dawg lol has shown us you seem like such a “dear” Loving husband and dad. Plus, that would go with Emily being the “sweetest” thing. You could be the Deer/“dearest” thing. Second Suggestion if you want a more guy, cool animal is “J-wolf.” You know cause you are like a wolf pack leader. EspeCially when you Are your family’s GPS to keep you and Emily from getting lost. ? plus “dawgs” and wolves are descendants/family right? just a thought. Enjoy 2018! Hope it is fillEd with blessings!

  21. LOVE this!!! ?❤️ Thank you for sharing These fun Things about Emily! What a fun read! You guys are the! ????

  22. One of the best blogs i’ve read in a while, not because of the fashion, but because I really appreciate the personal insight on what a great person Emily is, and her personality. I live in oklahoma too and have been reading her blog for years. I love it and love seeing her family!

  23. OMG, this was incredible 🙂 thank you for letting John take over and share more about you! love getting to know your amazing little family <3

  24. Oh my, Loved the post! I Really eNjoyed the pIctures of you and Luke. However, my favorite Portion of the Blog post wEre your descriptions of Emily And how you described all of her amazing qualities. I Have known Em for a long Time; i was one of her high school teachers. She is a Truly a Wonderful Soul. I am so happy for her and the success she has accomplished.

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