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$500 vs. $80… Designer Dupe Jacket


BLAZER: Gap (wearing a medium – this is a dupe for THIS $500 one!!) | TEE: BP (almost identical HERE)  | BLACK DENIM: Frame | FLATS: Chanel (Fall 2017 – still available though.. dupe version HERE& love these!) | BAG: Gucci (similar style) | SUNGLASSES: Quay | BELT: Louis Vuitton (Tory Burch version here!) | NECKLACE: Ettika

Oh em gee! I loooveee finding a good dupe. You guys know – sometimes [depending on the product] I go for the designer version & sometimes the dupe. Truly, it depends on if I believe I will get my money’s worth. When it comes to clothing, I typically go for more affordable clothing – though sometimes I am tempted!! Example: we were in Dallas right after NYE and I saw THIS $500 Military/Marching Band jacket by Veronica Beard and wanted it soooo badly. I tried to talk myself into it but I just knew I wouldn’t get my money’s worth. I am not one to really invest into jackets so I knew I couldn’t buy it. Luckily, a few weeks later I spotted THIS one that is almost identical on sale for $80! I got SO many compliments on it – my sister text me when I post the look on IG & was like “umm can you bring this whole outfit over?”.

People often ask why I have designer handbags/shoes but tops under $100 and under $50 – and honestly I think it is silly to think that if you wear a designer bag you have to wear designer clothing. And that would be SOO expensive. I wear a lot of the same handbags/shoes/jeans/sunglasses over & over so  I like to invest more in those so that they last long andddd because I like to get things I really like! Also, I’ve always been a firm believer that you can make affordable clothing look expensive by the way you style it & present it. Also, if you can find a look-a-like, like I’ve done here, no one will ever know the difference! 🙂

Also, while in LA, I noticed that so many of my favorite spring items that are under $100 are actually exact dupes for designer pieces. I was almost floored – one top I packed for LA was $65? and I saw the exact top in Bloomingdales for $450! Would you all like to see a post all about this?? Let me know in the comments! OH also!! Today is John’s birthday!!! If you have Twitter – tweet at him and say Happy Birthday… he has no idea I’m doing this so he will be surprised! [@johngemma10]


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27 thoughts on “$500 vs. $80… Designer Dupe Jacket

  1. Yes i would love to see a post about designer dupes! I hate splurging on clothes because i get sick of them too quicKly. I just want to say also how much i love your blog and your style. You are so inspiring to me. I am trying to start my own blog and Hope one day it will be even half as good as yours is!

  2. Just ordered the jacket! It is so cute and will dress up my black pants. 🙂 Thanks for finding this dupe!! And I agree– why spend money on designer tops and bottoms when style changes so quickly– I’m the same way…I’d rather spend on designer shoes and handbags.

  3. Wow love this designer dupe! Just wondering, did you get the bayalage taken out of your hair? I currently have bayalage in my hair and was wondering how hard the process would be to go back to my natural hair. Thanks!

  4. Yes!!! please do more dupe posts- i ordered this blazer asap after seeing this on you! also, could you do a review of this gucci bag and how it compares to your other bags like chanel?


  6. Hey emily, so i’ve had a website for about two yaers now but have never been consistent when posting/attempting to blog. Do you have any ideas on what ic ould do as beginner post? it’s not solely fashion, some of it is just sinply my thoughts. i would love a few pointers from you & very much APPRECIATE it.

    thanks love!!
    Hannah lane

  7. Hey girl! I was wondering where you’re getting your vampire facial at in tulsa. I’ve been wanTing to get one but didn’t know where! ThaNks! XOXO

  8. I normally LOVE your styles but today is a bit over-the-top with the designers. Maybe a NEUTRAL belt and not an LV, or swap the shoes for those adorable sam eldmans with the fluffy top.

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