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Easy Way To Wear Winter White Denim + How To Keep OTK Boots Up


SWEATER: BP (also love THIS & THIS- size up in these to get tunic fit!) | DENIM: J. Brand (my favorites) | BOOTS: Stuart Weitzman (on sale!!) (dupes HERE & HERE) | HAT: Topshop (similar HERE, I love THIS chunky knitted slouchy one!)  | HANDBAG: Louis Vuitton (Neverfull GM) [buy it pre-loved HERE] | SUNGLASSES: Gucci | LIPSTICK: “Spoiler Alert” | BELT: Gucci

I love love my Stuart Weitzman OTK boots SO much – I have them in black and also cream and I have worn them for the past several winters. They hold up so well and I don’t really do anything special to care for them. However, the past two falls/winters there have been SO many great dupes for them — they are a fraction of the price, too! If I didn’t already have mine, I’d opt for the dupe version I think. The only downside to the more affordable ones is that they don’t stay tight at the top. I get asked SO much how I keep mine up and it is mainly because the SWs tie & just have more structure. But, I have good news! I just saw THESE online and they are made to keep your boots tight at the top! I’ve never used them so I can’t tell you much – all I know is that it is genius. It is kind of like a belt for the interior of your boots. 🙂

I’ve worn this tunic so much this past fall/winter. I added a video to my IG story all about it in early December and I got so many questions regarding it. I always size up in sweaters just so they are little longer and looser. I feel as if that gives you a chance to pair them with leggings. 🙂 The similar versions I linked are wonderful too! I have THIS one in a few colors – I wear it in a medium and LOVE it. It is SO soft and I always get so many compliments on it.

Also, I get asked about Gucci belt sizing SO frequently. When I went into the Gucci store the sales associate asked me what jean size I was and I told her 27. She said “okay that is good because we have a 90 in stock!”. I do like the 90 but I wish I had an 85.  Honestly, I’m not sure if that was correct because many people who wear 27 in jeans wear 80 & 85. I got my mom one for Christmas and she is a 27 and the 80 fit her perfectly. If all sizes were in stock and I had all the options to pick from – I’d like the 85. One thing to consider is where you wear your jeans – as in do you like high waisted or lower waisted. I wear both and I notice in my high waisted denim the belt is way too big.

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22 thoughts on “Easy Way To Wear Winter White Denim + How To Keep OTK Boots Up

  1. Hi Emily- i love my sW OTK boots too but find that the ties are constantly coming undone. Do you do anything special to keep them tied?

    ALso, do you have any tips for shopping pre-loved bags? I’m on the search for a never full but whenever I check the site you recommended, nothing is ever available. what do you recommend? thank you!!

  2. Hi emily! I adore your blog AND ready it every morning! This might be a super dumb question, but how to get your Otk boots up without your jeans getting all bunched up?! Thanks!!

  3. I have the black steve madden dupes and i absolutely love them! i don’t have any trouble keeping them up. I got them for $65 at nordstrom! 🙂

  4. love the color of your boots! I have one pair of OTk boots that always slide down and you can actually make Your own boot bra So easily! Youtube has plenty of tutorials and it literally cost me about $4 to make mine!

  5. OMG I love this look! There is something so chic about tan & white – and this outfit is definitely chic!

    Your newest breakfast obsession is easy, delicious and gourmet! Check out my newest post now… Blush & Bordeaux

  6. Hi emily!

    I am very interested in your snAPchat handbag sale. When i go to add you on snapChat, your user does not pop up for me and im definitely typing it in The same way as on your instagram. “Emilyanngemm”. My snapchat user is “scsatterwhite” if that hElps.

    Thank you ??

  7. Hi! I have been reading your blog for a long time. I really do not comment, but love you!{all these caps are driving me nuts} anyway,,,,when john did your post he mentioned that you are always “put together” and that has rubbed off on him. I would love a post telling us how you do that. I feel like i am 3 days a week, and i would love to see how you do it, as i am sure others would to.

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