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My #OOTD for Cinderella’s Castle


TUNIC: Madewell | DENIM: H&M | SHOES: old but the brand is ’See By Chloe’ – these are similar and so fun! | BAG: Louis Vuitton ‘Pochette Metis’ [buy one pre-loved here!] | RINGS: Cartier, Five and Two | LIPS:Naked’ + ‘Undressed’ | BRACELETS: The Styled Collection c/o (+here), Hermes | EARRINGS: Shashi 

ON LUKE || ONSIE: A family friend made our shirts for this trip – send me an e-mail if you’d like her e-mail! | DENIM: H&M | SHOES: not sure but they are supposed to look like THESE!


Hope you all had a fun Easter weekend!! We went to Northwest Arkansas to my sisters and my brother & parents all drove in as well. We went to my sisters church and then back to her house and had lunch AND a very exciting Hoverboard Competition. 🙂 The adults in my family were all convinced it was ‘so easy’ and then they all tried to do it and couldn’t do it as easily as the kids so it became this competition and it is hysterical. The first time it happened John was not w/me and so when I told him about how it was so hard to ride one – he was like ‘oh I can do that – that’s easy!’ and Iw as like ‘uhh.. sure!!!’. Anyway, of course it was not as easy as he expected. I am flat out terrible at it!

I am working on a post ALL about wedges for spring – so make sure you check back in the next couple of days because this post is almost done. We have had non-stop rain and dark weather the past week or so and it’s hard to photograph them all w/o good lighting! BUT, I am determined to get it on my blog in the next couple of days. I basically ordered a ton of wedges that would be great for ‘daily’ use and I am going to be reviewing their comfort levels, heel, size, etc!

Speaking of… I got these wedges right before we went to Disney and I didn’t test them out for comfort and the last day we were there I wore them and quickly learned that they are NOT comfy! :/ Anyway, I did a post last week [HERE] on another popular Disney look – so if you are looking for inspo definitely check it out.


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11 thoughts on “My #OOTD for Cinderella’s Castle

  1. I really don’t think that high heel shoes are appropriate for a day in Disney. There is way too much walking for those shoes. Not practical at all

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